City Lights: Fitness & health tips with Squire Barnes and Culver City Salads

hi everyone I'm Natalie Langston we are hitting up the courts here at Holly burn country club with global bc sports anchor and local TV personality Swire barnes we will show you why tennis is such a great workout and what make someone of squires favorite sports later on in the show we will find out about a new local company that has salads to go let's get started we're going to warm up and we're going to rally just from the service line which is be called mini tennis and as we do that you're going to be hitting and always recovering back to the center the constant movement always ready for the next shot back Oh where did you learn how to play progress I'm just as kids we used to go out and burnaby and whack the ball around I mean we never had no one ever gave us a new lessons we didn't even think lessons to us for like you know serious kid we just wanted to bang the ball have a few hours do you play casually or do you get really competitive no I same cat yeah to me you know with tennis like always the best thing about it is we just play with someone who's at your level you're gonna get a run around the matter what that's the beauty of the game so you just find a partner that sort of evens up with you and you'll have a good time so that's one of the reasons why you think kind of such a big workout yeah because of you find somebody you can even hit the ball back and forth with you will break a sweat so now is this the way that you stay in shape between you know it's a global oh yeah because i am in tip-top condition of course we look for any oh just kiss your spell it doesn't mean you're in shape don't ask you to run very far I probably should be in better shape than I am ah so come y'all yes well some more than others alright completely burnt out now we just finished our tennis match and although Squire had to hit the road to get back to global I'm feeling a bit hungry so good things salads to go just arrived in time and the best part about it is that they come to you wherever that may be Christina Culver is the brains behind this local company now Christina tell us what you brought for us today so i brought us some vegan salads their protein packed their organic we source as much local produce as possible they're always different so mine has yams and quinoa and a bunch of different kinds of greens very colorful colorful we sort of lay out a list of all of the ingredients that we potentially use our whole thing is we're trying to keep it as 0 food waste as possible and as sustainable and all of those kinds of things so what I do is every day kind of check what we have in terms of produce and makes the fellows based on the freshest ingredients that we can provide so it's kind of like a surprise there's no menu specifically but there is a list that you can go through and decide whether or not you want certain things in your salad or give allergies and then we've been working with the juice truck guys that are down on at it and part of out and make like fresh pressed juice these movies so they have been selling the salads for a whole weeks now and that's been really helping spread the word as well there's welcome I love lettuce and carrots it's like I'm a rabbit oh why really gave me a run for my money today now check out Holly Brent org for details on how you can book a court or schedule a lesson with one of the tennis pros and be sure to follow christina on twitter to order your neck salad on the go thanks for watching and we'll see you guys back here next week for Nova Stevie I'm Natalie Langston

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