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I've been a big fan of CI MT I've done several videos on it already and actually have hi gosh probably have about eight more coming out over the next few weeks but one of the things that here's the thing that a couple of concerns the first one is getting a company that or a provider that can provide reliability and replicability that's a big thing with in this specific test there so there aren't a lot of providers out there that do that most of them just do the what we call the the B mode or the ultrasound itself the flow we don't want to just see flow we want to see whether or not you have plaque some folks have been able to find it Allen Metz for example old Alabama gardener but many others haven't so I was meeting with tide and David mites Todd runs the the company cardio risk again probably the highest quality provider out there for this and David's probably done more of these CI MT events than well certainly in anybody I know we came up with a plan and you'll see that it's the we didn't plan the video very well but we're in this video we're asking you to help us so let me just cut to that video rolling so Todd Eldredge and David mics and I were just getting together and talking about there's a big problem in terms of providing good access of CMT see IMT to our YouTube channel viewers so we actually have a very interesting idea I'm gonna hand it over to you Todd and let you talk about it for a minute yeah we get people thousands of people nationwide that they're their number one problem is well where can I get a cardi risk see IM t-test and and many of the doctors even though we have doctors in the city nearby them they're not taking new patients or they they only want to see that the person if they are their patient and and it causes challenges for people trying to get their exams and some of these other life-saving tests that we're talking about and so Ford and David and I have been talking about hosting a live event in in a city near you where you could get the education behind some of these life-saving events and heart attack and stroke prevention but more importantly it makes it logistically easier for us to bring these technologies close to you and and and and actually do the testing either at the event or within a few days or a few weeks of the live event and so really all we're looking for is to understand we'd love you to raise your hand and say yes I'd love to come to a live event I don't know if there would be a cost of this or it would be a free event we are in the business of making these things available to you and really what we'd like right now is if you'll just go out to car nearest us Ford / Ford fo Rd car dearest us Ford / Ford and there's a little button there you're gonna push and you just say yeah I'd be interested and and we're just gonna ask you to put a city and state and nearby a large city or state that that you'd be willing to come to for one of these live events and then that lets us know that we have if you know if we have 50 people in the city we're gonna come to that city and and hold one of these events so right now we just hope that you'll go out to car dearest us for its last forward and raise your hand if you'd be interested in coming to one of our heart attack and stroke prevention clinics or live events where we're gonna teach you about how to keep how to stay heart healthy so Todd thank you and I would ask that we go ahead and put as we mentioned before also get our zip code in there because that can help us from a logistics and planning perspective what we're planning to do is I will come out David will come out Todd will come out give a brief presentation on CI MT and heart attack and stroke prevention and then we'll have it set up where Todd can send one of his CI MT techs we continue to get a lot of questions about where can I get this last one was can I get it in LA can I get it in Florida can I get it and again Todd doesn't have a global staff there are several other providers in the country that do provide CI MT is I've mentioned multiple times I rarely use them just because of the some of the the needs in terms of quality and Todd's background and ability to provide that we need to provide any other information for this video no I think down at the bottom of this video hopefully Ford's put the the address and listen we're not going to market the crowd out of this we're just if you'll just raise your hand and say I would be interested give us your name and and the city and state and the zip code then we will as soon as we get a mass enough people there we'll make sure to make CI MT in these other life-saving tests available to you either subsequent to the live event or during the live event but we want to make sure this is available to everyone you know I would just add for those of you that are watching that I'm going to send out to my list of many of you have asked for the CI MT as well and you know that we have the Orlando event the healthy life summit just recently but a lot of you couldn't make it to that so now you have an opportunity if you've been following me for some time we can actually hopefully come to the location close to you as well so all three of us are kind of coordinating our followers to to maximize the exposure and the opportunity that you have to get this potentially life-saving technology close to where you live very good no I just say raise your hand go right now to Carr dearest us board / board and just give us your name and the city and state and zipcode that's that's close to you so that we can plan these events near you very good thanks and I'll put it under in the description underneath the video all right bye everybody so again a few people have been able to find it but a lot haven't I've had folks viewers from LA to London ask and comment about well where do I get a CI MT and by the way if you're from London I know what you might be thinking and this is very us centric well unfortunately it is but here's the thing I'm not convinced that we can't provide this internationally if you don't mind go ahead and and click on over to cardio risk dot us forward slash forward fo Rd I'll put it underneath the video in the description again we've had requests from Australia to Israel to London to several other places thanks for your interest


  1. I used to do Carotid Duplex scanning 35 years ago which is similar to CIMT. These ultrasound tests are very technologist and physician reader dependent in terms of there outcome, but there is no better test to evaluate for stroke or heart attack risk.

  2. Good news. Having told me they don't do it 6 months ago – a new inquiry informs me that a local imaging group they do do a CAC scan. Simply requires a Dr referral, but have to pay full cost. However cost is $300AUD Since i have already had a EKG and echo cardiogram without issue. Might not bother – given that if they did find something the answer would be doing what I am already doing.

  3. The best i can do in Aust. is that I have a CT abdomen on disk, that starts from the middle part of the heart down. however can note some limited number of areas of some calcification of the descending aorta. so if i ever have another CT abdomen…….

  4. Here’s the hard part. The Orlando event this last march. Cost $4000 to attend, no accommodations included, which would have been several hundred dollars a day more! testing costs extra, (probably $1000 more?) no support for coordinating with insurance. My insurance will pay for tests ordered and preauthorised by a dr. But wont pay otherwise. So I wouldn’t have had any support for insurance. Didn’t attend. So who is the patient base for this? It’s retirees or middle age working people who don’t have the resources! I’m lucky, I’ve had over $400,000.00 in life saving medical services in last 6 months at a cost to me of less than $2000.00. Great insurance! But i cant drop $4000 on my credit card for one series of tests. I guarantee 99% of viewers here cant either! Please keep this in mind! Financial issues are a very limiting factor in all of this! With administrative insurance support many of us could get reimbursement and can afford $200-$400 copays, but concierge and telemedicine docs, you included, don’t offer that support. So this creates a block to getting the services that we cant overcome!

  5. I just drove 2 hours each way to get a CIMT with one of CardioRisk's techs, so I may be looking for a follow-up in 6-12 months.

    I would think that many of us would travel 50-100 miles for such an event. Listing just 1 city won't include all the other cities within 50-100 miles. Maybe plot a 50 mile and 100 mile ring around each home zip code and then lookup for overlaps.

  6. Cost is an issue here. I am interested but I have financial parameters I have to work within

  7. Fantastic! Could I do more?
    I am insured Kaiser Senior Advantage of Northern California. I will ask my doc how I could get CIMT through Kaiser, or be used in my care. Current practice is to prescribe statins as per guidelines without mention of CIMT option. I may have to dig through policies and become patient advocate. I worked for Victor Rodwell (Harpers Biochemistry editor) UCSF Med Sch; Melvin Calvin UC Berkeley, biophysics NMR, so I should be able to learn enough to argue technical issues, standards. I noticed Kaiser Oakland involved with research study using CIMT, don't know quality, but there is some Kaiser involvement, but no general patient offering. First step could be a workshop for the docs that motivates use of CIMT offering as option for patients. Second step could be patient option.
    Personally, I am IR, obese, doing fat loss ketomhave lost 45 lbs, 73 to go; pant size minus half height from +7 to 0, goal -3; A1c 10.5 to 5.7, goal 5 or less; 2g/d niacin increased HDL to 49, expect further increases, lipids in normal range, ratios to HDL OK getting better. I want CIMT when I reach weight goal in 18 months, and now to motivate fasting, the remaining treatment to add.
    If this were an insured benefit, it would cost me $30 for lab, and $30 for doc visit for interpretation. So $60 for both would be break even. An afternoon session to interpret DNA file from 23andMe with expected advance read of "Beat Heart Attack Gene would complete great adjunct to care!

  8. Last month I drove to Salt Lake City to have Todd perform the CIMT. It would be nice to have future, follow-up CIMTs locally available. If there is enough critical mass, perhaps Todd or David could do an annual tour providing CIMT to both first time and to repeat patients. As Dr. Brewer pointed out, it is critically important to have consistent and reliable readings over time. Otherwise, the patient cannot accurately evaluate their progress. Keep up the good work. Another great video. One last thought. Has anyone ever approached the American Heart Association (or similar organization) to persuade insurance companies to cover the cost? It may be one way of expanding the market.

  9. This is so interesting because just yesterday I was talking with Heidi and we were discussing where I would get a follow-up CIMT. As you already know I believe it is one of five super important tests everyone should be getting done, that is of course if they are interested in being healthy and living a long happy life.  "I wish I could share this with you!"

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