CigarObsession Final Third Cigar Review

the cigar bession final third hi guys I am very proud to bring you this final in the cigar obsession cigar series and yes it was originally going to be a 5 cigar series but thank you FDA there is no time no time possible to blend number 4 and 5 everything has to be done by August 8th so that's just a few weeks away number two and three were in the bag and I have a very cool story to tell you about this number three and why it is so special and truly near and dear to my heart but let's get into the review so I can start enjoying this you have no idea but you'll understand by the end and tell you guys all about it and of course stick around to the end I've got a special offer on how you can get some right now haha all right first of all dark chocolate in appearance very soft buttery soft feeling wrapper slight oil sheen minimal veins tight seams you can barely see them there's just a little color difference down the leaf its just aesthetic very tight looking triple cap firm even pack just a little bit of give to it and a softbox press this is a six by fifty four I don't remember if I just mentioned that very musty damp cocoa aroma very nice smell alright it's going to get a cut up and start toasting now the story about this this was actually a surprise and I didn't even remember this happen but apparently over a year ago when I did the video for the first third I made a little comment and it words to the effect of I don't think Dave could blend a padrone killer yeah fair enough it wasn't a dig on Dave well he got a little butthurt about it and took it as a personal challenge legitimately well since then he found out what my all-time favorite cigar was the padrone 50th in natural legitimately absolutely love that thing there's nothing negative you can say about it in my mind he wanted to make me one he wanted to make me his version of a padrone killer and he wanted it to be the CEO final third now if you're new to this whole cigar obsession cigar series I don't make a dime from these I have no monetary involvement this is purely for marketing it's just to for fun for me just pure enjoyment and to bring you guys really good cigars that I love right away a perfect draw I'll talk about that in a second this is the second one I've had total medium to full-bodied oily creamy textured little bit of a black pepper flavor long through the finish is a toasty tobacco on the draw just a slight sweetness very long finish almost has a a charred wood flavor to it just lingering here might go away very soft just now starting to taper off so a great start okay that being said he wanted to bring me my new favorite cigar he wanted something that the common man could compare to an ultra premium rare cigar at a huge price point and bring that price point down obviously it can't be a direct copy it's not the same tobacco it's a different company but any great cigar blender will tell you there are more than one ways to skin a cat there are more than one ways to get the same end results and the end results are all I care about how does it burn what are the flavors that's it ah I'm not gonna spoil what it tastes like is like I said I've had this already but the son of a gun did it he really did it's freaking amazing okay so I'm gonna let it heat up get in the first third continue on with the review I want to tell you all about it but I'm gonna wait and I'm gonna do the normal review for Matt I love this guy ten minutes in flawless construction perfect draw just a little bit of resistance putting off plumes of easy smoke still medium to full-bodied thick smoke not quite what I would call chewy but very flavorful pouring off the foot smoke burn is almost razor sharp nice short stacks on the ash it's burning slowly physically so very good time so far flavor-wise this is why I love it this is this is why I'm calling it my padrone color all the desert flavors I love it's got a sweet caramel it has a distinct caramel flavor sometimes the sweetness is just generic like sugar and then sometimes it'll morph towards something specific like something fruity cherry is very common natural cherry or caramel it's got that it also has a creamy component not just the texture but cream flavor one of my favorite flavors in cigar kind of rare but when it goes together with something like caramel and its next flavor coffee it's to die for a rich coffee not a dark black deep roast coffee though very neutral just that morning creamy sweet coffee those three are all coming together absolutely perfectly all of them are staying through the finish there's a little bit of that pepper that joins in but it's just on the background it's not a pepper bomb nothing like the first third that's going to be the only one out of this series that really has a predominant pepper flavor the second third this final third don't it's just there in the background adds to it nice long finish that's it so back to the story time he didn't tell me the specifics but he said the first thing I noticed when I had one of these was this draw is phenomenal it's it's just a tiny bit of resistance and that's what I like that's perfect and that's what the padrone 50th had and most patrones and he said it had had to do with the physical way that they bunch the leaves and they don't normally do that in his line I told him straight up do it because it makes a noticeable difference I enjoy it so he said he'd think about it but it really does have a perfect draw anyway he wanted to bring me a new favorite cigar he said look I heard what you said in that first video and I laughed I remember saying it and he legitimately wanted to know you know if I thought he could do it and after having the first sample I said yeah you did this is just absolutely knock my socks off awesome so that's it I mean it's really nothing left to say you guys know I don't BS I'm not trying to sell you guys this cigar you guys are going to get this cigar and it is very limited release think we only did 5,000 of these so you know very low numbers they're going to sell out a lot sooner than the first third did that's for certain probably sooner than the second third we'll see though anyway the point is you guys are going to get these you you guys are going to do your own reviews you guys are gonna have the feedback and other people are gonna listen to you more so than me about these particular cigars out for obvious reasons I have no reason to make anything up about this the flavors I'm getting are the flavors I'm getting that's it so I am really excited when you guys start smoking these and I start hearing the feedback and Dave starts hearing the feedback I know he's got to be excited to see what people think about this it is phenomenal anyway enough jibber-jabber about that on with the regular review I'm going to get into the second third see what kind of transitions we get 35 minutes in almost to the halfway point solidly into the second third here obviously you can see however they rolled this it works it's not just a gimmick the perfect draw the ash holding abilities it's working all right no BS you can see it's putting off tons of smoke the flavor is still there perfect combination sweetness caramel coffee cocoa cream not just texture but flavor all of it carrying on through the finish still with that just slight little black pepper tingle no spice not a pepper bomb and there is some strength coming in I'm going to call it a mild to medium strength it's just been slowly ramping up since about the last 10 minutes or so wasn't that in one spot where you know that starts a hit here anything like that real subtle it's amplifying the flavors it's like I say a little bit of strength in a cigar is like salt in a dish it just brings out the flavors more that's it I'll keep going we'll see what happens in the final third of the final third one hour twenty minutes in see the ash hold on for a nice second solid chunk it's just now starting to go warm this is where I will end it course if you like your smoke warmer you can keep going get at least another 10 minutes of this guy fantastic burn time perfect construction there's absolutely nothing else to say flavor-wise the profile has remained the same since the last update but everything's gotten a little bit smoother still medium to full body still a ton of actual flavors there same long finish but they're melding together just a little bit more it's hard to pick one of the flavors out they all kind of just keep hitting you it's really nice strength has come up just a little bit mild to medium medium at the most just kind of wavers back and forth there that's it so it's not a big strength bump and of course Dave knows that's what I like and he delivered I mean if you love like I do the padrone 50th in natural you're going to love this that's all there is to it there's nothing else to say the end results I don't know if you could tell them apart I really don't they appear slightly different physically looking at them because they are different wrappers but that's about it of course this one's bigger this one's a Toro even more smoke time now get this if you love the padrone for the reboost oh you're paying 25 to 40 bucks depending on where we are if you can find them these guys are only 15 this is an ultra premium cigar so I know some people are gonna say to how are you gonna think you're gonna get fit number one I'm not selling these how do you think it's worth fifteen dollars because of the flavor profile especially what's compared to and how it smokes and how much time you're getting out of it in my book it's worth every single penny now as a launch special right now the first 10 people because we have 10 5 packs ready to go right now as a launch special 12 bucks apiece so we've got 10 5 packs available right now for the first 10 people to call in blocko you can get a 5 pack for 60 bucks the band's for these and the second third are being printed right now I will have a separate announcement when they're up on the Blanco cigars comm website so you can purchase them online right now you just have to make a phone call go to Blanco cigars comm numbers right there and for those of you that are asking I got a couple of comments all the time do they open they have this thing called voicemail just leave a message that's what everybody did so there may be a slight delay I think they only have one employee left back in the office right now because the shows going on and of course the crew is all out in Vegas right now working but they will take care of you so there you go thank you again Dave I really can't express my shock and awe at what you did for this this is just an absolutely fantastic surprise I know everybody is going to love this and I love it too we did like I said a very low production number of these and I wish I could just back my car up and take the few crates we made and be done with it but you guys get to enjoy them that's it thank you very much for watching I'm going to enjoy maybe a couple more puffs out of this guy I don't want to put it down to see the last one I'm going to have for a while last one I have here period don't forget to subscribe give me thumbs up we'll see you next time


  1. In other news… VW has just essentially created a Zonda for $29,995.

  2. Not a Padron fan but not tried the one you mentioned. I am just watching this now cause I bought some and waiting to try it. It is cool they made your own line so to speak. Man good for you!

  3. In mexico we are going to enjoy this Cigar?

  4. Need to get me some

  5. I would love to see you age one of these 3 years and try it again. Or do it in year increments

  6. that was incredibly frustrating watching you toast the cigar moving it away every 3 seconds holy fuck

  7. These are exquisite. They get better each time I enjoy one brother.

  8. I'm so jealous…I live in Hong Kong πŸ™

  9. One year later. Can I still get this???

  10. are these still aviable ?

  11. Smoked this while watching, still can’t pull all the flavors, still a great cigar.

  12. Just ordered some of these from Atlantic! Excited.

  13. I just ordered a 5 pack in torpedo from cigarandpipes. I have never had a Padron 50th, too many kids to foot the price tag. I plan on letting these sit in my humi for 6 months before I smoke one. I will check back then.

  14. I just really started with the cigars. My son in law and I enjoy them and I enjoyed Holt's in Philly recently. I am completely mystified as to what cigar he's talking about. Usually he identifies. Am I missing it?

  15. Kills me I can't buy any, doesn't ship internationally.

  16. You get no monetary benefit eh? I'm betting you won't run out of CO cigars any time soon πŸ™‚

  17. am I still able to buy this cigar Brian I'm from Australia and I can't find it

  18. Just ordered my 5 pack in Robusto

  19. 🏍

  20. so i will be the first to say outloud that i thought maybe there was some over embellishment on the flavor profile of this one but i just had my first one and it was super off the truck and blew me away if i could affofrd just the final third in all different sizes that would be my absolute go to great job david and bryan ive had all three and none were bad but the final blew taste buds away with flavor

  21. now that you like creaminess by also mentioning its rare then smoke Cuban!

  22. Dave Blanco said all 3 CO cigars will be available worldwide in all sizes (12 total) eventually. That is the plan.

  23. any idea when these will be back in stock??

  24. any chance you will do another production of your line?

  25. These things sound amazing.

  26. awesome….can't wait to try them…

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