Cigar Industry Files Lawsuit vs. FDA

this is the general with breaking news the three cigar industry trade association groups the cigar rights of America thieves in our association of America and the International premium cigar and pipe Retailers Association have just filed suit against the FDA in the DC District Circuit Court asking for a declaratory injunction to vacate set aside and enjoin the enforcement of the final cigar deeming rules because it violates numerous federal statutes as well as the federal rulemaking process I have just received a copy of the lawsuit I'm reviewing it I will have full details and analysis for you here at on our Twitter Facebook feeds as well as on tomorrow's cigar Dave show bird coast-to-coast


  1. fuck the FDA

  2. I just renewed my CRA membership for two years and donated to them as well. I hope we win this.

  3. Great news!

  4. FDA can go screw itself with a red hot poker

  5. Awesome news, please keep us updated.

  6. This is fantastic news.

  7. hopefully they include pipes, and pipe tobacco.

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