CIA Physical Training 4

do CIA officers continue to be physically fit after training no I would say that the average CIA officer probably has a bit of a ponch is not particularly physically fit and this was kind of a hypocrisy that bothered us as trainees that we were held to this very high standard and expected to be very physically fit something that was good for us and that we all wanted but then we would look to our superiors our instructors and they were all incredibly out of shape and so it was kind of a dismal view into our future as to what was going to happen to us


  1. Being out of shape, an excellent cover albeit a dangerous one if being able to fight a better trained more fit opponent hand to hand with no improvised weapon, or escape and evasion became necessary. I guess a good agent would likely not find themselves in that type of situation being a strict adherent to their trade craft and so on.

  2. The CIA Needs a drill Sergeant like in the U.S Navy Seals,the real elite of the Elite's.

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