Chul Soon Natty or Not?

hi everyone today we are here to ask an answer one simple question is chul soon neti or not and the answer is no he is not a tea he is on very high doses of anabolic steroids for those of you who don't know chul soon he is a South Korean bodybuilder and fitness model and he's been involved in this fake natty controversy lately because he uploaded this transformation photo on his Instagram claiming in the hashtags ful natty and it's pretty obvious that this is not a natural transformation it's even debatable whether or not chul soon was natty on the photo on the left but regardless think it's obvious to everyone that chul soon is currently on high doses of anabolic steroids that's the only way he'd be able to get that huge so this video isn't really about whether or not chul soon as natty it's about why he's lying about being natty and there's a lot of reasons why somebody might lie about being natty in Simeon pandas case it's probably because he's a selfish lying asshole I think simeon panda lies about being natty because he thinks it helps his brand probably he thinks it'll help him get better sponsorship deals and he might even be a bit delusional he he seems like the kind of guy who'd believe in his own lies to some extent and I've even met some of those people personally I used to train at a gym in Toronto where there was a personal trainer there who was a bodybuilder and he'd compete occasionally and he'd claim full natty hundred-percent never takes any drugs but then I literally caught him in the change room one time buying drugs off of somebody and he said oh well you know I only take him 8 weeks before competition so you know I'm still full natty there are those people now I don't think chill soon is a lying asshole I don't think he's doing this for you know fame attention whatever I think there are more practical reasons why he'd be lying as I mentioned before chill soon is from South Korea and I'm not too familiar with South Korean drug laws but apparently they are pretty strict at least more than in America so if she will soon were to be caught with illicit substances like steroids he could face some pretty harsh legal consequences in South Korea maybe spend quite a few years in prison so that might make him more inclined to claim fake natty online but that doesn't really tell the full story it's not like he's rich Piana where you know he just openly admits to using drugs and even like admits to what type of drugs he's taking and what doses that would catch the police's attention that would be enough to make the police think oh shit this guy is getting illegal drugs we know how much he's taking we can like figure out where supply isn't bust him he's not doing that so all he'd really have to do is just not talk about drugs at all like most bodybuilders do online most bodybuilders are aware that there are legal consequences to taking these drugs and getting caught by the police so they just stay quiet about it they don't mention that they're taking drugs they don't talk about being natty or not natty they just don't talk about it at all just to avoid getting attention drawn to themselves chill soon isn't doing that he's not staying quiet about it he's saying he's natural so I think there might be something else going on and what I think is a possibility is he might be on the police's radar already for possession or even drug trafficking and dealing he might have had some run-ins with the police before and I want to refer to a statement Gregg Valentino made about steroid use and drug dealing according to Gregg Valentino pretty much every steroid user has at least sold drugs at one point this is a bold statement now that there's not a pro bodybuilder on this planet or a guy to take steroids who hasn't sold steroids either they may not be heavy-duty drug dealers but I I can't imagine anybody builder who trains in a gym who takes steroids specially on a regular basis who hasn't at least sold a bottle or two to his friends or two other guys in a gym so what might have actually happened is that jewel soon was dealing some of these steroids and somebody might have reported him to the police and the police might have like told him like okay you know what we're monitoring your social media we're watching you like a hawk we're gonna make sure you're not doing any of this and then after that Jewell soon just started posting on social media 100% full nattie to like tell the police oh no I don't do any drugs I don't deal any drugs so you know it's all good and this would make sense especially considering how huge he is a lot of these really big bodybuilders in order to afford the steroids they're taking especially if they're taking a lot of like exotic substances they might actually have to deal drugs to be able to afford some of these steroids and again I've known some people personally who do this I knew a guy who's taking growth hormone and he was also taking this other drug that prevented him from getting gynecomastia those two drugs were really really expensive and the only way he could afford them is to deal these steroids himself so that's actually what got him into steroid dealing to be able to afford some of these drugs that were that allowed him to get so huge so that could be the case with tools soon I don't really want to make accusations like again I'm just saying this is a possibility I don't want to accuse tool soon of any illegal activity because I don't know what's going on but I'm just saying this is a possibility what's also interesting is that this whole fake natty natural transformation drug free lies that he started making up started July 3rd 2018 on his Instagram before the state he never claimed on Instagram that he was natural so if you go back before July 3rd 2018 so here's a transformation photo he posted there's nothing about him being natural anywhere and you can scroll down again we can find like another transformation thing again he doesn't mention being natural anywhere he just says 20 years transformation scroll down a bit more so this is May 15th 2018 over 15 years of bodybuilding transformation Tuesdays nothing about him being natural and I've checked his entire Instagram before July 3rd he never claimed natural before the state of July 3rd 2018 so that makes me think again something happened around this time possibly with the police where he got a scare and he started regularly posting this natural transformation stuff but again this is entirely speculation I don't want to like accuse him of doing something illegal that he's not doing but this is just speculation the story seems to kind of fit together pretty well and lastly I think the only other reason he'd be lying about you know being natty online is because he's just trolling this is a very real possibility and I think it's probably even more likely than my theory about him being worried about the legal ramifications of the cops finding out he's taking steroids Jewell soon seems to have a pretty healthy sense of humor so he's made a bunch of these fake transformation posts you know 26 to 32 years old obviously a joke he also made this joke you know 1996 to 2018 this kid isn't him so again just a joke he also seems to be really into video games and anime so hearing aid the joke subzero from Tekken kamehame ha obviously sub-zero isn't from Tekken he's from Mortal Kombat and he's dressed up as Ryu from Street Fighter he made another similar joke about a you know anime says he wants to dress up as Naruto from yu-gi-oh Naruto ISM from yu-gi-oh and that's you know Dragon Ball Z character and he just seems to be kind of a goofy guy he likes to just have fun mess around so I think the reason why he started like one of the reasons why he might have just started doing this in July 3rd 2018 is just because he discovered this meme he just heard of like oh the fake Nattie thing is a joke now so that might be why you only see him making posts about you know fake being a fake Nattie from July 3rd 2018 he might have only just discovered the joke and then just kept going with it because he thinks it's funny so in conclusion truehl soon definitely isn't natural but that wasn't really the point of this video anyway I think it's pretty clear that we'll soon is lying about being natty online possibly to avoid the legal consequences of his lifestyle and it's even debatable whether or not he's lying I think in all likelihood he's just you know doing this fake natty thing online to troll people to give everyone a laugh because you know this whole fake natty thing has become a meme and I'm not getting the feeling that he's doing any of this with ill intention it seems that he's doing this for very practical reasons either you know just to avoid legal issues or to just give everyone a laugh so I'm not offended that he's posting this fake natty stuff online I think chill soon is very well aware that everyone including his fans know that he's not natural with somebody like simeon panda on the other hand it's very clear that he's lying just for stupid weird egotistical selfish reasons but chill soon seems like a pretty cool dude doesn't seem like there's any kind of ill intention behind this you know fake natty posts so I don't really have a problem with it and if you liked this video maybe consider supporting me on patreon or through my website I have some funding perks you may find interesting if you're looking for clothing then check out the vegan gain store also if you're looking for online coaching check out quality gains he offers customized diet and training plans and you can get 10% off by using the discount code vg-10 all links are in the description down below and as always keep making those vegan and natty gains complete and


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  18. Pro tip, virtual 100% of professional athletes, fitness models, etc. are now or have in the past used performance enhancers like steroids or blood doping. We're talking about vegans, carnivores, omnivores, actors, models, cyclists, runners, fighters, bodybuilders, crossfitters, strong men…even Olympians. And the hard truth is that it's the right thing to do considering their entire livelihood rests on their ability to perform and appear "better" than humanly possible. It just pisses me off that it's treated like some kind of inside joke in the industry and that very few people are honest about exactly how they got to where they are now. Then they add insult to injury by offering up nutrition and training tips while being dishonest about their gear regimen.

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