Chuck Woolery – The Oppressor – Episode 425

it's show time people should not be afraid of their governments government should be free people you know the right to bear arms it's because that's the last form of defense against tyranny Washington is fundamentally corrupt there are more words in the IRS Code than there are in the fight made in America heard round the world you listening the blunt force truth I'm Chuck Woolery along with my co-host mark young you know I sent out a tweet the other day and I said it is so it is so nice to know and I believe this is true that the American people are nothing nah I mean absolutely nothing like the media describes us correct I even got some statistics here to back that up oh of course you do in fact just to answer that really quick a new poll finds that eighty-one percent of Americans say people are offended too easily welcome to the show everyone so today on blood forced truth we're going to find out how big of an oppressor is Chuck Woolery in fact I think we're going to refer to you is now Chuck the oppressor from the sir everybody knows that's true well okay so what how are you gonna find this out all right so what we're going to do here Chuck is we're going to find out what your intersectionality score is now just in case you don't know folks what intersectionality is this is the theory that you all know after you hear the theory that the overlap of various social identities such as race gender sexuality contributes to the systemic oppression and discrimination experienced by individuals in other words you're a bigot so we're gonna do this quick test here Chuck and oh my god Caston ought to be fabulous and once we get the test done we're gonna find out your score and then we're going to give you tips on how to improve your score okay so you can find this folks in case you want to do it for you and your friends and loved ones had nothing to do with setting this up folks nothing you can go to the interest Section ality score comm okay number one question are you white yes are you straight yes are you a male yes are you cisgender yes you would be I know you don't even know what that means what is cisgender what does that mean it means you're not transgender okay I'm anti-transgender I believe that are you rich yes yes we're gonna say you are older yes are you able bodied yes yes English your first language yes born in the USA yes educated yes Christian yes not a Muslim no and not a Jew no okay so this is a sliding scale Aibileen fo being a Christian you have Jewish roots because we embrace both the Gospels your intersectionality score oh you've got an after all after just that that's you know you know who I am after just that yes okay hey now remember the higher the score the less of an oppressor you are okay your score is two means it says you are more privileged than a hundred percent of the world I don't know how you get more than a hundred percent I don't either more than a hundred percent of the world that's like is a hundred and two hundred and fifty percent of the world you are an oppressor of people who are not even born yet that's how you have done that now let me give you the tips on how you can improve your score Chuck you know here's how you can improve your score you can convert to Islam mm-hmm that won't happen you could donate all your money to charities that's not gonna happen either or you could become gay it says well that's not gonna happen what you're not doing anything to help here no I'm not I'm sorry now I am Who I am I am what I used to say yes I am what I am I am lady says that you could champion the intersectionality of marginalized friends what does that mean marginalized friends well if if I qualify as your friend my score is the same as yours so who is it really yes so so we are oppressing the world together here on blunt force truth maybe we should call this blunt force oppression instead of where it's true it's amazing the kinds of things they come out with and and I'm sure that somewhere in a college class they've got this up where everybody takes the test and they talk about things like are you male yes we can't do anything about that are you white yes can't do anything about that I mean all of the questions we heard of things that you have no pretty much no control over but you're dinged for them so you can't help any of it it's just who you are well exactly think of this I mean how many people are transgender in this country what's the percentage oh it's it's like 0.02 or something it's I knew so what is that I mean how can that possibly be a marker for anything what I mean look at the stupid stuff are you white ok so if I change if I just shift your score from white to make you a person of color yeah and no and change nothing else your score becomes 30 if I make you gay let's make you gay your score becomes 40 and if I make you a female your score just became 55 if I take out able-bodied you're up to 61 so if you want to have a killer score here Chuck you need to be a black female transgender who has no education is poor and has one leg yep so so who made this up who decided that this was going to be the gospel of the future or you know the present it's this is the intersectionality Defense Fund what they have a defense fund where they defending against you and I beep they argue and yes defending against us Chuck the oppressor so you know the funny thing about this is intersectionality it's kind of a buzzword yeah now and so it's a buzzword by the media it's a buzzword from the left's and they control the media so everybody's you know run around with these buzzwords as if there's some kind of genius this is the most ridiculous thing I've ever heard in my life that's just me did you have a choice in being white no being male no being straight no your age no being born in America no English is the first language no okay nuts right almost nothing here you have a choice in oh but that's the world we live in today isn't it I mean we we discuss people of color we discuss people of no color as if it's some kind of sin one way the other went in fact you have no control over that you're done for ding for or whatever you want to call it and there's nothing you can do about it it's just who you are but you've got to make up with the left somehow you got to you know you've got to swing to their side somehow I just find it utterly and incredibly stupid if you were to watch television in the media you would believe that white males are now a minority well if if you look at commercials let me give you an example of a commercial that is just so far out of the it's insane and it's a Subaru commercial so you have a black family in a Subaru okay let's be honest folks yeah that doesn't happen all right Subaru the most stolen car in the world I mean you know it's TV so are you saying the families stole the car no no I'm just saying it's the most you are Chuck the oppressor super one time was like the most o or the pardon me not the most the least stolen car in the world is like nobody wanted a you didn't want to steal one you don't you know I agree you don't really refer to your Subaru as your whip you know it's just no I mean come on on its and yet they do this all the time and expect us to believe that they're either well it's like this test it's like they're competent they're overcompensating for something with something that isn't real at all but they want to make it look like it's real so we we deal with this everyday in commercials in in comedies everything he comes out of the media I mean I I grew up in a time in Hollywood where every woman was saying this can you imagine what it is every every actress out there was saying well I have no idea there are just no parts for women huh no parts for when we can't find a job well my god now they want to turn James Bond into a woman they want I mean if you look at Netflix I dare you or challenge you just to go on Netflix and look at all of the all of the series every single one is led by a woman without very with very few exceptions so now they've swung clear the other way men are having a hard time finding a job but women have all the leads the new James Bond they're talking about making a her a woman or him a woman so so last night we went to see the new endgame in game what is that is that the Avengers the Avengers and game I don't wanna give it away for anyone but there's a scene in the movie where they're in a big battle and all the superhero warriors that that fly to the front line of the battle are all women yeah I know so so what's going on here what's happening I mean this is not reality obviously that's not to say that there's some women who are brawny and bad and all that kind of stuff but generally speaking that is not true your wife can benchpress that Subaru so that's that's I agree with you be one of them I'm literally married to one but the point is it's not reality it's not the overwhelming consensus of opinion that women are stronger than men that you know where is this coming from and what's it leading to it's it's trying to balance the power see the you don't understand this is because you're infected with toxic masculinity of course I am it right it's very toxic and it's poisoning your brain it's one of the reasons why you are Chuck the oppressor I'm not whining about it I don't really care that much about it frankly it's just something I noticed like I noticed you know when when a judge walks into their chambers and you see a bobble head of Hillary or Ruth Bader Ginsburg well this involved this first stuff check this ties when you look at the intersectionality it's a hard word to say fast isn't it it's a hard word to say slow yes intersectionality when I that together sounds traffic oriented well when you tie together it ties it ties together with the victimhood of America what is that again this whole media thing about everybody's a victim I mean I was watching Joe Biden talk about tax cuts and the rich got them and everything else and and you're saying did you notice you get it did you get a tax cut did you notice everybody nodding so no I didn't notice anything of course they did and we know that they did it's a false narrative every that's the thing that really drives me nuts is this continuing false narrative as if it were true illusion is still going on you know well the Russian collusion they've they've now opened up this Pandora's box of the Obama administration inviting a bunch of prosecutors from the Ukraine into the office prior to the election and asking them to help with Hillary Clinton so that's gonna be an interesting Pandora's box that they ever open that up well that'll be kept quiet well so it's out there and I mean I heard today on the show and so it's obviously out there you probably didn't hear it on CNN know expect to hear anything on CNN I'm gonna jump back to the victim thing for a minute so follow with me here this is the Democratic Party then the benefits of being a victim not having to take responsibility for anything people lavish you with attention other people feel sorry for you people don't criticize you know you have the right to complain you're more likely to get what you want you feel interesting because you can tell people all of your stories of woe you don't have to be bored because there's so much drama in your life sounds like a dr. Phil segment and you get to avoid and bypass anger because you're too busy feeling sad although the left seems very angry to me though well they're angry and sad so you know it's again this whole thing is media driven it's it's to try to describe who the American people are and maybe in cities and in blue states and blue cities and all that kinda so maybe that's how these people feel I don't know but I generally think the general population of America is pretty happy very happy with how things are going economically in this country I mean I I heard this whole thing about socialism is as Christian principles what-what-what are you talking about those that don't work shall not eat that's that's part of socialism that's Christian well this is what the part of the cell and yet capitalism we know and then everybody says well you can't use capitalist gotta bet it's got a bad name now well it's only got a bad name because the left gave it one it's not a bad name capitalist will I call it freedom enterprise or something else so now they want to change the the the words that we use in order to describe an economic system which is capitalism it has lifted more people out of poverty than any system known to man and it's it's constantly under attack by the left-congress we'll call it the free market system ok fine but it's still capitalism isn't it it is but they have a poison free market system yet well they will and then you'll have to go back to capitalism it's exactly like progressivism they poisoned that in the 20s and the teens and then he went back to it in the late 90s or late or early 2000s folks if you're if you're watching us live on Twitter reach down and click that little the set little button on the bottom there so you can share it and if you have any questions you want to throw in here toss them in there and rusty will get to them so Chuck I have a question for you now Islam is the the great religion of peace and Islam is the favorite religion of the left now right yeah it's it's amazing how Islam you know throw gays off the balcony kill them cut their heads off all of this stuff and yet the left embraces them they have a lot in common all through the Second World War the Nazis were literally supported by the Muslims in in the Middle East they were their buddies throughout the whole thing and that's what Patton and what's his name the other general from Britain they had to go in and crack that all up and break it up and it's constantly been that way the the Islam is a is a political system that is very very akin to socialism but it's wrapped in a religion so you know I don't think that all Muslims are bad and all that kind of stuff but but I believe I just don't believe Islam is the way to go and and if you look at Europe they have invaded stealthily by by just taking them all in so it's really interesting in Germany they have problems Sweden has problems Denmark has problems Brussels has problems France Britain they've all had this cozy relationship with the Middle East for going back centuries and now they've all come to into this country and they've got beheadings they get rapes they get pillages they get burns I got bombs they got everything going on and if you report if you're a woman and you report a rape in Sweden they just say you know please they don't want to talk about it because the people who made those decisions are the people in power to make the decisions to let them in and they're the people in power and they will not take the blowback of their mistakes and it's a mistake they're changing the entire culture of Europe I'm not London is lost London is totally lost I mean they banned guns so you can't have those now they're trying to ban knives you know if you can't if you can't shoot them stick them and that's what they're doing they're sticking them now and they're stabbing more people in London than New York is having shootings it's amazing and and it seems like isn't it so frustrating for citizens of a country or of a city that watch this stuff going and saying you know we elected you to help us here and to protect us and you're doing nothing but giving us excuses as to why you're failing and there's nothing we can do about it except their hire somebody else to do the same thing yeah they grind the points off of knives now you have to take your knife to the police station so they can grind the edge off of it which last time I checked means it's not a knife they get have butter on their scones yeah there's no the point is they'll never follow that they're not gonna do that they'll still stand you now knowing that Islam is the the great religion of the left and you have you know Omar and you got the girl in Michigan you got science tower Linda's and sour so that's the big deal so a Kuwaiti academic has now invented an anal suppository to cure gayness what I'm not making this up you know I don't make these things up Kuwaiti woman claims to have a cure for homosexuality dr. Miriam Alice so headed believes that the cause of gayness are anal worms that eat semen I'm not making this up she's crazy anal worms that eat semen yes and this is this is the cause of homosexuality she has an honorary doctorate in sex management she actually has no real education doctors she claims it's never born inside the anus cause men to be gay laughter what the worms the gay worms inside the anus of men cause men to be gay what about lesbians what causes them to be gay she's got that too now I'm getting to it don't know Russia curious after making the discovery as Sohail created enemas that kill the anal worms even though she ever taken of anal worm and Mike you know put it under microscope see these are the worms that are eating your sperm she says she has scientific proof and she provides no resources or any citations to this proof instead she said she has tested her products on people and cured them of their homosexual desires now this works on gays and she says this works on butch lesbians it does not work on the lipstick lesbians sadly but then again most guys don't have a problem with lipstick lesbians anyways so I don't know that we need to cure them so my question is I can't wait to hear this well my question is are the gay celebrating that that Islam has come up with a gay cure or is this an affront to the gay community that they think that their gayness is caused by a worm who knows and and why is there not more being said about this on the part of the LGBTQ are X W X Y Z you know I my answer to that is number one they don't want it number two everything in the left as you said to start off with this whole thing is a matter of being a victim so if you're gay you're a victim if you're trans you're a victim you choose your victim whatever kind of victim you want to be and then you fly the banner of that victimhood under the under the less flag and everybody feel sorry for you everybody's supposed to say oh it's ok you know we agree with you don't worry it's it's just an odd thing that's going on I mean it really is and I'm old enough to remember when there were I'm old enough to remember when there were so many prejudices with absolutely no give anywhere those days are long long absolutely we were kids people spoke with no filter at all absolutely and those days are gone forever and I'm not sure that those are the best days I'm not saying that I'm just saying they're gone and now you know you can be what you want to be fly the flag that you want to fly you know it's I don't care I don't care and much about those days needed to be gone yeah I'm saying I don't really care about this you know it was like a point of they make fun of you or put you down or whatever but you're a different kind of victim now but see that's the thing about America though we've got 270 years plus a history and we don't always get it right but we always try to fix it listen it's funny when a gay boy starts crying like a girl I don't care it's funny well it's caused by worms yeah mark Johnny hook wants to know is there a suppository for socialism boy if there is oh there is Chuck had Chuck an answer this with and there is no capitalism a big shot of capital is a shot of capitalism Kure overnight that's right take this roll $100 bills and stick it up your butt I actually have one of those suppositories right here it's otherwise known as a 50 caliber but it's turned into a bottle opener check this out oh good Patrick and my daughter got this for me as a gift it's a bottle opener fabulous and it's made by veterans Chuck they are spilling that bottle breacher calm which will give them a free plug in speaking of weapons and everything Lapierre was under fire everybody at NRA has been under fire because who was it Cuomo came out and he said they will sell guns to anyone it doesn't matter to them that well they'd already didn't sell guns no but the big battle between Oliver North and Lapierre is due to over billing from their ad agency okay I recommend they just fire the agency and get a new ad agency I suppose you'd be up for their role my suggestion would be there's an agency called Jekyll and Hyde if any from the NRA is listening I think they would do a marvelous job so so Chuck Srilanka you know they've had problems there yeah so the president of Sri Lanka has now banned all burkas and Habib's and every type of face covering in the entire country so this has been going on since the 11th century trying to get rid of all the Jews and get rid of all the Christians and only have Muslims survive this is nothing new it's just a new methodology but it's the same war that's been going on for thousand years or so and no one seems to understand it and that's the thing it gets me is why just don't understand you're not gonna get along with these people it's not gonna happen you may get along with them if you can challenge them in any way to make them feel like if they do go out if they're out of line you they'll get hurt but I guarantee you they will they'll kill as many Christians as you let them and as many Jews as you let them kill they will do it they'll do it as a government they'll do it as an individual it's their mission and if you don't understand that mission then you're nuts if they laid it out there for you for a thousand years and no one seems to get it and I'm not over or understating that that's the truth and they're chasing all the gays were suppositories exactly the anti-gay suppository I just can't understand why the gays aren't having a fit about that so iliyan omar Chuck says that that Jesus is a Palestinian now well she you know the left can say anything they want and everybody goes oh yeah that's right mm-hmm yeah Jesus did you know all right of course Palestine was like created by who was caballus take Palestine wasn't even a place it didn't even exist at the British KREEP Palestine I mean huh now the Romans didn't create Palestine no they did not the Palestine is like you know old it isn't it's new it's not old well there's Palestinian as a group and then Palestinian is a land you're both right Palestine as a land didn't happen until the Ottoman Empire but Palestinians which was considered the Israeli area their area of Israel was greatest always but it but it did not exist during the time of Jesus plus Jesus was a rabbi yeah not be a Palestinian rabbi well in today's world you can be everything you want to be even in history but this is I gotta ask you these these three lunatics these three women in Congress do you suppose like Omar just her and AOC just fire these shots out because they know that they're going to get press that they don't even believe this stuff is just like let's throw another lunatic comment out so we can get more airtime I I think that they do it because they know that there are groups of people or a group of people or whatever that will pick up on that believe it and carry their message whether it's true or not doesn't really matter there are there are groups of people within within this country and around the world who will pick up a message and carry it because they believe it they heard it they have no substance for it or anything they can't substantiate it but since they believe it they heard from someone then they all get together in their little groups and they go out and they promote it and perpetuate the myth I mean we see this happen over and over and over again I mean look at climate change my god they get the entire world believing there's climate change and you and I are like outlier and science is outliers while they say it's scientific it's not but they claim it is so they've made science outliers so why not Jesus is a Palestinian why not anything just say anything and lay it out there it can become you know the norm you just reminded me of something beta O'Rourke mm-hmm just chopped two years off the Acacio Cortez Doomsday Clock oh so it's gonna be in ten years now except when years now yeah what I least paid to see here's another thing they run around saying this and people are saying I don't believe that or they're saying oh my god we've got to do something about it in ten or twelve years and when nothing happens literally nothing will happen no one would be held accountable they just say well they missed it maybe they missed it by five more years and we'll wait till then the Ted Danson Doomsday Clock but the point of it is most of these things are years out most of the predictions they make are usually generations out so that everybody's dead by the time they get there anyway so they can say anything you want to say it's never disproven this one happens to be within a clock range where there a lot of people are gonna live through this and see that it was just a total farce but it's it's now turning into a version of name that tune so so AOC was I can destroy the world in 12 years beta I can do it I can do it in 10 Kamala Harris is going to show up it's eight years right tomorrow yep Spartacus is going to swing in with six years so so the winner of the of the party is going to be whoever decides that the climate Holocaust is going to happen within six months is that be the one we have to elect I mean just because you have a tornado during in tornado alley during tornado season doesn't mean we have climate change I mean it's just well you do realize Chuck that all of the people that are invading our country on the southern border we're not running from climate change right these are they are they are climate refugees climate change refugees you know as we speak whatever his name is Guido or something down in Venezuela is staging a coup apparently yes Maduro is is still hiding yeah I think Bernie Sanders I'll go down and give him a hand well he wouldn't be giving a hand to the people trying the coup he duro duro Yeah right and that was his hero speaking of Bernie Bernie says that Marvel and Disney because they've had such a spectacular weekend and broke all the box-office records with the New Avengers movie did you see about you said you saw I saw it last night did you like three hours long I did like it okay my wife thought it was too long she thought it was boring there are sad parts some people were crying but anyways Bernie says all of that spectacular money should be given to the workers at Disney World in the Disney organization what do they earn it or not it would just be a grand gesture on the part and then and then once you do that here's here's my point once you do that then what happens tomorrow I will be back at your door with my hand out again and then what happens the next day then I will get angry when I put my hand out tomorrow and you don't give me more free money and then you'll be right back to where you started it's just insane well it's it's like right now everybody in the circular firing squad which were now up to 20 Democrats everyone is on pretty much everyone is on the medicare-for-all bandwagon and Medicare will be broken eight years that's not a prediction that's an absolute fact it'll be broken eight years seven okay I just bait I say I just baited you I chopped a year right now I can break that in six so anyways yes it's going to be broke but they want to put everyone on Medicare which will have a cost of 36 trillion dollars in the first 10 years so what happens let me ask you folks what happens when you take on Medicare for all and Social Security goes broke Medicare goes broke where does that where do those trillions because they are literally trillions where do those trillions of dollars come from do you just print it do you tax people out of existence do you break the back of the economy in order to provide health care for everybody I had a doctor yesterday who I went to and she's a very nice woman I really like her she's a nephrologist and she grew up in Belarus and she got her medical education free from the Soviet Union and then she went to Montreal and she practiced there and then she went to France for a while practice there now she's here in Texas and I asked her I said you know and I was surprised because I didn't get the answer I thought I was gonna get I said how do you compare what we're doing medicare-for-all and the Soviet system that you grow up under and she began to defend the Soviet system and saying the socialist Soviet system really worked in her favor she would not have been able to be a doctor and many people would have been able to do that blah blah blah and I said well how what about this medicare-for-all thing I mean she said you know how much I make on Medicare patients I said no I'm a Medicare patient so tell me she said I make I think it was 7% and I said but but then then she said something it was very key she said but I didn't become a doctor to make money I didn't become a doctor to get rich and a lot of people do and I said I understand that but it requires a lot of time and a lot of Education she said however I believe that everybody deserves the right to healthcare and I said well what if you can't afford it it doesn't matter so it took me back in my mind to the time when country doctors and people like that they would go around they'd take a chicken they weren't in it for the money they would help anybody they could they come to your house they take care of your kids all that kind of stuff are we gonna go back to a time where where doctors are just you know taking chickens and pigs and and corn and bushels of this and that it wasn't socialized medicine back there just people didn't have the money to pay for it or that was the only method they could pay and it's a very interesting situation we're getting into where if you start claiming health care is a right not a privilege that then everything becomes a right not a privilege and once the government takes over health care it's gonna be about as good as Amtrak maybe not quite that good and that's the truth if they get their hands on this and it goes to single-payer my children and your children and grandchildren are gonna be in deep deep trouble well your children and my children will still have medical care because we'll pay for it out of pocket yeah I'm thinking about I'm gone you know but anyway well I did a little math before the show here and she said that by the way she said there'll be concierge places where if you have a lot of money you just go ahead and pay for it so if we were to have Medicare for all based on what they're saying which is 36 trillion dollars for the next ten years we would have to slightly more than double all federal taxes in America to pay for it oh you can't it can't be done it'll literally economically just and it doesn't figure out but that doesn't stop them because I mean they got the green new deal which is that didn't figure out either by the time they get faced with it we won't have a country we'll all be digging ditches or something for five cents of it's it's insane but they still go down this road expecting everybody to you know accept these the consequences of what their actions are and take for granted that they know what's best and they don't so in Venezuela right now in Venezuela they are having a military coup to get rid of socialism I know it's it's like in our backyard and no one is paying attention well it's because they blame it on something else because they had the wrong people running it Chuck well they've had the wrong people running it all over the world that's correct we have one had an Ernie run it so what happened to to China everybody I got all these people come back when I mentioned something about capitalism a lot of people came back on Twitter said well China's doing great you know they're not capitalist but they are though they're highly capitalist yeah that's the only thing that pulled them back out of factly right that's the single thing that pulled them out of the gutter so China's interesting in as much as they are a communist country they are they certainly are a country with central power right but what they did specifically what they did in China several years back was they started taking some of the manufacturing in China and the government started selling those factories selling those plants to the managers of the plants the people who were running them for the government mm-hmm and when they did that all of a sudden people started making money they started paying workers more China started to get a middle class and China became a real manufacturing powerhouse because now these companies were competing on the world market using the capitalistic pricing system which is perfect and that's really what has dug China out of the hole until China figured out that they had to relinquish ownership ownership of business China was completely in the ditch so you here's the point that I want you to like for you to elaborate on if you can health care if it's government-run will be a total wreck we know that so how do you solve it I mean when Republicans and Democrats both say we have to do something is that the problem is that government has to do something that government has to fix this is this a government problem or is it just a problem the government is adopted and saying we're May our problem because we represent the people and it should be our problem so we're gonna fix it well the last time they tried to fix it didn't work that's called Obamacare so how do you fix how do you fix this problem of health care realizing that not everybody's gonna be happy about it because not everybody is happy about anything but what is the most fair way to fix health care you fix it by less is more what we keep you have to save what that means we need less government so what we have right now in the healthcare system is we have this quasi governmental system we need to get government completely out of health care so we need to get for instance we need people to be able to buy insurance across state lines okay that's that's number one buying insurance across state lines now you must understand and I know you know this that the insurance companies have been vilified for the last 15 20 years to the point where they are the most hated people on the planet and they take advantage of everyone so that has to be rejiggered somehow because I agree with you insurance should be sold across state lines it should be very competitive but does that take care of the poor the people who can't afford insurance well the next thing we need to do is we need to clip the wings of the Michael aa vanadis of the world and well you have to clarify that with personal injury lawyers right now the average doctor spends a hundred and fifty five thousand dollars a year defending just for insurance mm-hmm from fursuits so tort reform and selling insurance across state lines you've got competition and a cap on legal fees some some about tort reform now the next thing is we need to break the AMAs hold on medical care how do you do that we need to start authorizing physician assistants nurse practitioners and other professionals to start delivering more health care and what happens when a mistake is made by a doctor or a healthcare person or whatever because it will happen you know it's supposed to be you know you're supposed to cut off my left leg and you get confused and cut off the right one well the old joke in the medical perfection profession is when a doctor makes a mistake they bury the mistake but switching from doctors to nurse practitioners and pas is not going to increase the risk the way that we can lower the risk of physician mistakes is we need the medical profession to embrace technology they're not embracing the use of technology which would be a big advance and being able to stop things like the wrong prescription and the wrong surgery and things of that nature you know when I went to my pharmacy not too long ago and he said you'll come back here I want to show you something I have an automatic thing that completely fills all my prescriptions where I'd never seen it before you said you'd seen it before and it was amazing it counted him out perfectly it shows which one that I was supposed to have it was totally automated and I'd live in a very very tiny little town less likely to make mistakes right you said I don't have to depend on my people anymore because this doesn't make mistakes now what else do we need to do we need to get the FDA out of our health care well now these are all government things that people have dependent on government DEA and the AMA and all this we've depended on these to kind of hold the line on abuse from forever I guess for a long long time so these these institutions have been in place forever trying to protect us correct well but the problem is the overreach has gotten so far that the number of lives that are being lost from this protection grossly outweighs the number of lives that are being saved now now next to the insurance company the big villain is the drug business mm-hmm but if you look at a drug company a drug company spends billions of dollars in R&D to come up with a new molecule a new let's let's let's say something proceed that or let me say this oxycotin and those kinds of drugs percocet percocet for good whatever it is those are all very important drugs there's no question about it they are there also drugs that you can get hooked on morphine is an important drug but you can get hooked on it yeah and I'm gonna give you an example of a very good friend of mine who you heard me speak of and I'm not gonna mention his name very wealthy guy sat on the board of three different hospitals he had a stomach problem and they had to cut away most of his stomach so everything that he processed now thee was 38 years old when this happened so he never drank he never smoked he never took drugs he was a cleanest living guy I've ever known by the time five years passed he was on percocet Percodan and alcohol he became an alcoholic in a very short period of time taught a peanut butter and Nana sandwich and you've got Elvis well you see here's that here's the problem with my friend though my friend had a lot of power and he's knew a lot of very powerful people so he was able to go in and say I feel this give me that and no one would ever challenge him no one would ever just say look you know this is not real this is all phantom pain and we're gonna get you through this another way no one would challenge him so he just went to head down that road and till it finally killed him took a long time but it finally killed it and I lost a very good friend so I know that people can abuse all of these opioids and things like that the point is we have to have laws in place where they can't abuse them and they can't be over prescribed and all that kind of stuff and that's usually falls under doctor's supervision right not the FDA not the FDA but Chuck let me walk people through this real quick your drug company you want to invent a drug you spend billions of dollars in laboratories you invent 50 different drugs to find one that might work now you take that drug and you have to run it through three rounds of FDA clinical trials which on average is two and a half billion dollars and will take six to seven years so you spent three for years making the drug you've got six or seven years where the clinical trials now you've got four or five billion dollars wrapped up in this drug you've got ten years spent on it your patents only good for seventeen years and then it's the then it's genetic anybody that is generic becomes generic so now you roll your drug out when you first roll your drug out your drug usually isn't covered by Medicare and Medicaid or insurance it takes you know could take a couple years for that happens so finally Medicare decides to pay for your drug you're now down to three four five years to recoup five billion dollars worth of investment so what do you have to do you have to charge everybody a thousand dollars a month for the prescription to get your money back and remember you deserve to make a profit and if you don't make a profit you no longer have investors in your drug company do you and this is where socialism is such a not a trick it's it's insane they would prefer that no one make a profit they right and then no one does the R&D yeah well then that then where do you where you left no one does the R&D right you know it's not to feel sorry for the drug companies they make plenty of money there's no question about that they do but how many great drugs have you got from Mexico recently I don't know how many have you done how many how many Mexican medical breakthroughs have you seen yeah mm-hmm yeah they're mostly here in the United States that's right because profit is a motive but think about it we could fix this if we if we shortened up the length of time for FDA approvals if we do hard for people to understand I believe because quite frankly the the tort reform selling insurance across state lines I've been talking about that for eight we could we could Congress could fix this in a long weekend well they could fix the border and along in 24 hours but they won't so what the hell is this all about I mean are what is going on here you could do let me give you an example you could take the patent laws here in America where you get 17 years on a patent yeah change that 70 years to 24 years and you just lowered the price of drugs that's simple that simple because you just now told the gut in the drug company here's seven more years to recoup your your your investment so now I can take I can add seven more years to my pro forma of how I'm going to recoup the money so basically we came down what you're saying is is that that Congress is very interested in blaming everybody else the manufacturer the the Border Patrol ice whoever it is they're interested in blaming them but they're not interested in fixing the problem at all they have no they don't they're not going to help the American people although they they lay out these elaborate plans of how they're gonna do this and they're gonna do that and nothing ever really helps us this is the frustrating part for me is it is it Congress it just doesn't seem to be in the business Democrat and some Republican of really helping us they're instant helping each other or helping themselves and fighting each other but they're not really that's the one thing I think people love about Donald Trump is it is that he really is interested in the country and interested in the individual and doing everything he can a with no help from Congress to providing that help politicians run on problems not on solutions mm-hmm they need the problems and this is why Donald Trump will win in 2020 because he's actually going to run on the solutions he's actually going to run on look at your unemployment look at your economy look at look at North Korea look at it at but he's done this in spite openers right I mean he literally has done this can you even imagine if he had Congress behind him just I have the Republicans behind you but getting back to your question on health care we can fix health care the reason the free fix health care is not more government it's less government less government is almost always the answer to every thing yeah so here's a Ronald Reagan thing you know I'm from the government I'm here to help look out so speaking of healthcare you happen to have a medication that you like to use which does not require a prescription and does not become addictive although it could be addictive I suppose well yeah but it's not it's not as you know blue EMU works fast and you won't stink that's exactly what this episode of blunt force truth is brought to you by blue EMU pain relief products now I've been in show business for I don't know 50 60 years and I'm not slowing down but I can use a little help every now and then blue maybe use family of products are made in America and have become a staple in my life the deep penetrating formula of blue EMU original is best for supporting my muscles and joints I'm sure you've seen it it's on the shelf it's a blue and white jar I also use maximum arthritis for any arthritic pain that I have and the lidocaine cream for numbing pain relief so not only do these blue emu formulas work great there's no chill there's no burn there's no odor blue EMU works fast and you won't stink available at Walmart Walgreens CVS Amazon another fine retailers go out there and get you some so rusty what comments do we have flowing in while chuck was busy shamelessly promoting products I'm a capitalist I think the first question is if I want to get some kind of a hat or some kind of a product that promoted I don't know blunt force truth how would I do that you thought you were shamelessly promoting oh my god folks well there it is you can get the fabulous make america republic hat or the i love my country but fear my government shirts at blunt force truth thoughts on what is it with people who are attacking you for wearing a red hat well all you have to do is have a red hats like it's like it's like waving a red blanket in front of a bull yes it must be the same it has the same reaction you wave a red hat in front of a liberal and you literally start seeing clawing the ground their feet start to claw at the ground like a like a like a board like your bird like a fool they are some strange folks Chuck AOC by the way our our good friend AOC we gonna go out on a OC well I got to give you this she is claiming that Laura Ingram Sean Hannity and Tucker Carlson are deliberately slurring her name and fault yes they're calling her Cortez Acacio Cortez oh they're just oh they're abbreviating it they're not slurring at their abbreviated abbreviated their abbreviating it and they're doing that as a as a deliberate racist slur of course it's racist it's very racist so Tom Elliot who's the founder of grey bein it's a media clipping service mm-hmm you know the you know media clipping is these are companies that watch everything and cut the clips so they went through and they studied the entire month of March for all three of these show hosts at no time did any of them not one time that any of them refer to her as Cortez they referred to her over 100 times in the 100 times they repeatedly referred to her as Alexandria Acacio Cortez Acacio Cortez or AOC and no time did they ever call her Cortez well nobody ever referred to me as herbert Woolery Ocasio would be a middle name correct Cortez actually that would be your father's last name because it is the middle well it is but it's the father's last name and then the mother's last name I know it sounds like this sounds like what was that movie that you killed my father oh yes Princess Bride Princess Bride my name is Amanda Adams and you have my father it's like you gotta go through the whole name or doesn't count my name is Enrique Montoya have you killed my father killed my father to die Rico Montoya so Cassio Cortez it has to be put together as far as you know what I cares I don't care about that and I think she's gonna be history in about a year and a half anyway but this goes back to something you said earlier on the show today and that is which is they just say any anything anything everything everything is a front everything is you know painful to them everything is you just don't understand I'm sick of it and I think the American people are sick of it I very seldom say the American people like everybody else does because I don't really know what the American people think but a good lie used to always have a shred of truth in it Oh some shred of truth in it today I don't have any which is which makes it a really bad lie and and and still there are those people there are some of those people who will pick it up and run with it because they they just will who knows why it's not even a shred of truth in this crap yeah I mean it's what crap you talking about whatever the left says I know I mean now they just spews stuff out well so now is CNN and MSNBC as always here Fox talking about CNN not doing so well but they very seldom mention MSNBC but I would assume that Rachel Maddow and people like that aren't doing as well as they used to do since you know the train didn't actually arrive at the station for them so what's what's going on actually it's not that bad CNN took a hit MSNBC hasn't hit that bad they haven't taken that big of a hit and you know why because their audience still want to believe it's true well so it's confirmation bias they hear it over and over and over again like New York Times or Washington Post and write Russian collusion is still alive and well for them and so when you come up with a counter-argument and back it up with facts are they interested in that at all my feelings don't care about your facts okay because truth lies within so this is the I'm not making this up truth does not revolve around facts truths does not revolve around evidence truth is how what you feel it's my truth it is your truth and you can take your truth and you can speak your truth to power Chuck you can take your thing and you can use it and you can use it as an anal suppository to kill the worm oh my gosh thanks everybody it's been a great day today I've had a lot of fun with you I know mark has to and we thank you for listening to blunt-force truth hope you'll join us the next time in the meantime have a great day a great week I'm Chuck Woolery along with Mark Young and we'll see you next time

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  1. My score is also 2 , and I just bought a Subaru! When I was in high school in the late 60's the climate change message was that the Amazon rainforest would be gone in 10 years, and all of us soon after. Climate change is an example of the political problems you refer to.

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