Chuck E. Cheese in Houston, Texas (Weslayan) 1992 – Physical Fitness Part 3


  1. Man, Chuck E Cheese's was better in the 90s, it freaking sucks now, and they are going to get rid of the animatronics forever! :'(

  2. I live in tulsa they removed are 3 stage in 1999/2000 I think the okc one in Walker ave. might still have a 3 stage.

  3. MUNCH JR.!

  4. For some reason I like this version of "macho man" better

  5. We have a perfect 3 stage here in Chicago ok not perfect but it's good

  6. IDK this is a friends store in Houston… I'm in San Antnio…

  7. @pizzacam why

  8. Nah, it was removed here at some point too…

  9. Do u guys still use mini munch

  10. They were attempting to design masks that lasted longer without as much wear however it seems like it's the same or worse with the plastic ones.

  11. Does anyone know y they get rid of the latex ruber masks in the early 2000s ?

  12. I think I was at this CEC back in February 1991. It was either this one or the one that was near Pasadena.

  13. @chuckecheeseshows I'm not sure about that if anything it's still in the 70's…

  14. @andersonvillas1277 Yeah same here… no prob!

  15. @kennyrr Yeah Rodney filmed it back then…

  16. @lonneybird Yeah, I'm actually going to go through today and tomorrow and make all my vids available for mobile devices…

  17. @MegaMrBoring Yeah, Altoona is ALSO the one that has the latex masks for Helen and Jasper still.

    @pizzacam I thought Mix said there was only 60 now?

  18. @MegaMrBoring It's possible there's still about 80 or 90 something of these shows still out in the field…

  19. I was a kid and never thought they were real, who were they fooling? just thought it bizarre!

  20. @robloxdusty666666 Because they're not used anymore. It was for several reasons, cost, wanting guests to see the characters at all times etc…

  21. @leroy22 I know there is one in Paducah, Kentucky.

  22. @leroy22 Yeah if you want to see a perfect one come to this Houston, Tx location but if you just want to see one in general I messaged you on here with some info!

  23. @pizzacam Hmm guess I'm going to have to plan a trip to Texas to see one of these shows live again, I don't know of one within 200 miles from where I live. I live in KY, do you know of any? Thanks!

  24. these the Voice I liked. This Must been Rod who shot this video???

  25. Man, those latex masks make the characters seem so much more life like than this new plastic crap they use!

  26. the puppetry on munch's head looks great

  27. @leroy22 No prob…that's why I love posting them cause of the awesome memories they stir up and the other fans they bring out of the woodwork per se. They still have these shows in about 80 or 90 of the 500+ locations… I know we still have the 3 stage here in San Antonio(Ingram Rd) and there's still one left in Austin(Ben White Rd)

  28. Thanks for posting this! It brings back so many memories. Is this stage with all the robots ANYWHERE any more?

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