Chronic Disease Prevention

chronic disease covers a wide scope of topics so what we decided to do is to break our group into four subgroups the first biggest accomplishments been a chronic disease prevention action team I think all four of our subgroups have had some really made some strides and their goals and objectives but the one that bubbles to the top for me is the health impact assessment that was done at the cannery district and the goal was to study how that development can be done to improve the health outcomes and provide specific recommendations on how that can be accomplished the Kennedy HIA team specifically identified four impacts transportation social cohesion safety from crime and parks and trails so there are several exciting projects coming up through your head within our fluid systems of T and we'll be seeing those rolling out in the new year so we also have a community clinical linkages stuff team and that group will be working in the year had to continue to identify gaps in local programming detail key communities policy and design team will be looking at we're going to create three programs or policies that are addressed in the Eau Claire health chapter that focus on public health in the Colleyville Claire

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