Christian Healthcare Ministries Review: Cheaper than Insurance and Better Coverage

hey guys Melissa Blevins with Melissa Blevins comm where I speak to women about how to overcome their perfection hangover today I want to share with you about Christian healthcare ministries and the alternative to traditional health insurance healthcare costs have gone up significantly the health insurance premiums have risen significantly and the deductibles and out of pockets have risen as well so it's really been a mess for people who are trying to budget and trying to be careful about what they spend on health insurance premiums it's almost impossible to get affordable health insurance these days so a few years ago I heard Dave Ramsey endorsing this company called Christian health care ministries and what they are is a medical cost sharing program that's faith-based so it's Christians who pay in a monthly share amount or a premium basically and they agree to share that money with other Christians who are meeting their bills paid there are other organizations Samaritan ministries is another faith-based one and then Liberty medal ibbity health shares another one and it's not a faith-based company but you can look at all these different medical cost sharing programs and compare them and see for yourself how they actually cover but I have to share my personal story and how we were able to get a forty thousand dollars nearly of hospital bills down to where we owe one thousand two hundred ninety nine dollars it's incredible and I couldn't wait to tell that everybody and share with everybody how this all worked out for us so back in September my son broke his wrist and he ended up having to have surgery not having regular health insurance I was really nervous because I've never had to use Christian health care ministries before for any medical shirring I've never had anything significant that we've had to use it for now just an overview of the plan that we have we signed up for the bronze membership which is the lowest level of sharing availability basically we have to have over $5,000 worth of incident money like bills we have to have at least $5,000 accrued of bills for one single incident in order for it to share so I was like honestly worried that we weren't gonna reach the $5,000 whenever my son broke his wrist I thought oh goodness we're gonna go he's gonna get it you know reset it and it's going to be $4,000 and then they won't share any of the costs because it wasn't over 5,000 a cool side note is that any discounts that I'm able to negotiate with the medical providers counts towards my $5,000 responsibility so my son ended up having to have surgery and we went with a specific hospital out here that we know rights off a good portion of the bills for cash pay patients because when you're with Christian health care ministries you're considered a cash pay patient because Christian health care Mel's you would check for the bills and then you deposit it in your bank account and you pay the bills directly so it's as if you're a cash pay patient because they're not considered health insurance but another side note they are eligible for the penalty waiver on the Affordable Care Act on your taxes so when you go to do your taxes at the end it will ask you if you have half health insurance you say no we haven't had Al's insurance and then it will say all of these reasons why you may not have had health insurance and one of those is that you participate in any medical cost sharing ministry and that is available to offset the Pennell whatever so you don't have a penalty when you are part of Christian healthcare ministries so I have my bills here and the total bill was 38,000 and some change I mean it was a really high high high bill 24,000 of that was just with the hospital for the surgery and they run off 70 percent of the bill now I live in central Illinois and anything that has a Memorial Medical Center attached to it they pretty much right off 70 percent of the bill as of today as of right now now that could change if it changes in the future and you didn't do your research I'm sorry but but right now that's what they do they write off 70% you don't have to apply for financial assistance to get that deal if you don't have health insurance you get the cash pay discount of 70 percent off so that brought that $24,000 billed out of $7,000 which is incredible and we have several other bills some of it was not eligible for sharing under our plan simply because we have the lowest plan available the plan that we have costs us 135 dollars a month for my family at five so gosh I mean it's 45 dollars per unit your your husband is a unit the wife is a unit and then the kids altogether or one unit so that's three units for my family 135 dollars a month and if I was to have traditional health insurance the premiums would be about seven hundred and fifty dollars with my husband's work so we're talking nine thousand dollars a year just in premiums plus a high deductible plus I'd have to pay ten or twenty percent probably 20 or 30 percent prescription coverage is not an option under Christian health care ministries either but we use the good rx discount card and it saves us tremendously actually our prescriptions are cheaper on good rx than they were on traditional Blue Cross Blue Shield so and now even if you have health insurance that's a tip for you check out the good rx discount card because you could save a lot of money and anyone is eligible to use that card you could just google the app and just download it to your phone and you can search locally for the best deals on your specific prescriptions but so we got our bill from $38,000 down to 17,000 and some change and then Christian Healthcare sent us a check for over 16 thousand dollars so we were able to just we only owe one thousand two hundred ninety nine dollars to one company Springfield Clinic who doesn't offer a cash pay discount unless you pay everything in full all at once so we have one thousand two hundred ninety nine dollars out of an almost forty thousand dollar bill and that is thanks to Christian health care ministries I cannot say enough good things about this company I will leave a link down below along with my member ID just in case you decide to sign up with them I think they give me a month with no monthly membership fee and they also give you a bonus as well so I hope you enjoyed this video if you did please give it a thumbs up subscribe to my channel if you're looking to save money and make more money and to overcome your own perfection hangover I hope you have a great day and I will see you in the next video as long as you subscribe right now thanks


  1. such great stuff, Melissa. We just signed up for Medishare a few months back. 6 of us in our family. Costs $350 a month. Now, I've never filed a claim so no clue how that's going to work.

    But prescriptions so far has been relatively cheap. So far so good.

  2. Do they cover birth control?

  3. Uh oh! I don’t want people to be misinformed. New members don’t get a free month when using a referral, but it is an awesome organization! 💕

  4. Thanks Melissa (and husband Aaron) for your insight here on CHM. I’m watching this as I just paid my $437 monthly health bill I pay as a single man and business owner every month. Hmmm. Yep, do this every month. 🤔 Has me a thinkin’.

  5. Melissa, thank you for making this helpful video. You have reassured me in my decision to join CHM. God bless you and your Family.

  6. Do they cover alternative care?

  7. Do you have a Christian Healthcare Ministries story or testimonial? Have you heard of this medical cost sharing as an alternative to traditional health insurance? Let us know!

  8. I have Medicare. Does it work as a supplement?

  9. Good information for families considering alternatives to conventional health insurance.

  10. Cool story!

  11. Melissa's husband here….I was skeptical at first, but she convinced me that we should give CHM a try. I am so glad we did. The fact that I work for an insurance company and still don't receive affordable healthcare was a huge push to try Christian Healthcare Ministries. I'm so glad we did.

  12. That's a lot of money for a broken wrist!

  13. Christian Healthcare is the best!

  14. Hi Melissa,

    Wow! Thank you so much for sharing about how CHM helped share for your son's medical bills. We hope he is feeling better!

    We are blessed by members like yourself. You are one of the many reasons of why we do what we do everyday! We love to bring God the glory by helping share medical costs.

    We hope to continue to be there for you and your family!

    If anyone has any questions about our levels of sharing, how Melissa can get a free month of membership, our Guidelines for sharing, etc. check out our website at



  16. That was really high o noooooo

  17. 💜💜Nice

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