[Applause] yes let's get it you – what is up my name is Austin pace and I can't wait to review the shit out of this product for you right here a lot of people have been waiting for this Christian guzmán is the man go supplements one of my favorite supplement companies in the market and I'm guessing if you are watching this video you've probably family through the search bar and YouTube want to know more about this product and you're part of like who the hell is this guy well my name is Austin pace basically I make a lot of supplement reviews I'm a fitness coach I do a lot of interesting funny style Fitness YouTube videos and I just like creating content my boy saw helps me out when we create these videos and I'm heavily inspired by Christian guzmán so I also have my own custom manufacturer to pyrrole called amp athletics which is my brand's name so if you want to see more behind the scenes and more about me follow me on instagram at austin pace but anyways to plan for today is literally to review the shit out of this pre-workout talk about its ingredients compared to other pre-workouts I worked at GNC for over four years and I've tried so many pre workouts it's unreal not only we're just gonna try it and let you know what we think but we're actually gonna work out and give you the real real honest truth about this pre-workout so I've done two other pre-workout reviews on my channel both of the other pre-workouts it happened to be one of my top favorites being key no bodies key no octane pre-workout which I don't have with me and then a lot enews pre-workout that recently just came out as well so I'm gonna compare it to Aulani new today but little Christian guzmán goes to collab workouts be better that is the question alright I think it's time to break down the ingredient profile it stemmed up let's do it so when I start going over these ingredients I'm really going to compare it to the Elan Inu just because so many people like this pre-workout and really quick off the bat if you look at both of the backs of these pre workouts there's a big difference in the ingredient profile on Inu only has five ingredients which is something that I am a fan of minimal ingredients and no proprietary blends so that's another reason why I really like this pre-workout and a lot of other people are attracted to that too when looking at the back of the label but in Christian guzmán pre-workout my damn there are so many ingredients but there's no proprietary blends like these are truly all the ingredients in here and that's why it's so much damn bigger than a lot of other pre-workout tubs I mean this thing is heavy when we open it like this is gonna be packed to the very top so they're not shipping us on the volume of this pre-workout so yes there are a ton of ingredients I'm not gonna bore you with the science but I do want to go over a select view of ingredients that a lot of you are probably familiar with and the things that I really like myself so one thing that sticks out to me and is crazy is sixty four hundred milligrams of beta alanine in this bitch sixty-four hundred milligrams literally higher than any other product I've seen but they put in this agreement called carnal prime and that's supposed to reduce the team goals but allow you to have more of the beta alanine to get the muscular endurance benefits now we'll see if it really does work because Christian guzmán claims himself but he doesn't even like the tingle so I'm not exactly sure why he put in this much banality but you know if it does help reduce the tingle you might be able to get the benefits of that much beta alanine without feeling overwhelmed with that sensation I personally like it but a lot of people don't which aloni nu put only one point six grams of beta-alanine which is just enough to barely feel it but nothing that should be overwhelming but it's also interesting about the carnal prime ingredient is that it has elf shining in it which usually is a standalone ingredient so I'm not sure that takes part in helping reduce the tingles but I am a huge fan of elf thiamine in the sense of reducing the jitters of caffeine you know promoting a calm energy so I really like l-theanine I'm just not exactly sure how much is in here and if that's one of the main ingredients to reduce the tingles now let's talk about the pump l-citrulline this has 6,000 milligrams and that is for a 2 scoop serving so 6,000 milligrams is a lot it's definitely enough to give you a very juicy pump Milani new also has 6,000 milligrams Ciccolini for only one scoop so you do have to take 2 scoops of this but you do get 6,000 milligrams of l-citrulline alright now we got beat a nitrate 700 milligrams which is going to promote more vasodilation in blood flow and it's interesting that we threw glitter pump in here and compared to their pump product this I think has double the amount of dosage in it 2,000 milligrams per serving and it's actually one of the prime ingredients of a product called oxygen and a lot of people like that type of pump it's different than l-citrulline as its going to promote more hydration water to the muscles so it's definitely interesting they put that much in here and just looking off those ingredients right there I am definitely gonna get a nasty pump off this product so now talking about the stimulant how much caffeine is in here we're looking at two hundred and seventy five milligrams 74 milligrams per serving size so one scoop is gonna be what's the matte salt like 130 135 135 milligrams of caffeine if you only did one scoop which is half a serving now one serving of Elan Inu is 200 milligrams of caffeine one serving of Christian guzmán pre-workout is 274 so higher stem personally the 200 to 250 is the sweet spot for me so I'll probably take a scoop and a half and those are mainly the most important ingredients that stick out to me so I'm not gonna spend any time talking about the L don'twant you can look at the ingredient list or so these are the ones that I talked about I believe make the most difference will give you a reason to like or dislike the pre-workout and I think it's time to give it a taste test and mix ability test back to the table all right let's compare let's open this bad boy and see the difference in scoop sizes between these two look at the powder itself Oh My Damn I mean that you can't make that anymore fool like that's pretty cool honestly oh yeah this is this is this fools I've ever seen any supplement Oh Andy and even Christian guzmán mentioned like because of all the ingredients in here it's not as much of a sandy fine powder it's got some clumps in it and like I said it's probably some of the glycerol too because if you've ever taken like an oxygen it has more of that clumpy clumpy texture but I personally don't give a damn about that I just care about how well the product works and how well it tastes like this so let's compare look at these cute differences I mean way that's so I mean that one's a little bit deeper we could actually look at this how much does each serving way okay so a serving of this weighs nine point six grams a serving of this weighs 31 grams so basically white like three times ten times as big that's crazy that's absolutely insane alright so I'll come here we're gonna do a taste test now I'm going to show you the mix ability and taste in the liquid he's gonna do the dry scoop ability and throw it in his mouth because be honest a lot of us like to do that alright so I'm gonna go scoop and a half you'll want to do I mean honestly I've been waiting all day to film this video so I told Saul that I wasn't gonna have any caffeine because that would be stem free until I try this free workout so I've suffered for you guys to get this video out and shit I kind of wanna take two full scoops like it's a cool guy that's basically I think boobs that's basically two full scoops all right shaking it up it's pretty damn good like it's got like I don't know if this is just me but it's got like a like a cream flavor like like it's lemon-lime it's sour but like I think it's the texture it's the texture it's that glycerol texture I think it's got like that that cream texture not flavor but no it's it's damn good it tastes like lemon lime like like I said I'm not too picky but I'd probably give this a good seven point five eight out of ten which is which is a good rating for me dry scoop ability test let's see it yes I dry skew like most of time though yeah with one this big yeah yeah all right let's see all scoop one two I'm Tony exam that glycerol texture it's different isn't it hmm do you see what I mean a little bit like it's like it's not a bad it's not like clumpy yeah like usually other pre-workouts you get like that grindy that one just kind of yeah no it dissolves like no hundred percent of that yeah it's pretty damn good we'll give us all your soy yeah that's good I get to like person takes two of them or maybe alright that's why 58.50 take it alright we're gonna let this kick in to go get a workout in and we'll connect with you guys after let you know how it went let's get it so I'm ready alright I gotta say normally by now I've been told some type of tingle and I just took two sixty four hundred milligrams of beta alanine and I don't feel any yet so I'll keep you updated we're warming up but break a sweat on the bike here and action man we're done with the first exercise in how do we show single blows my mind it really does blow my mind but man my chest is pumped only three sets chest is full this shit's so crazy bro like even the camera hands didn't work in all right so that workout lasts what about an hour it probably took me an hour 20 minutes ago so not as long as my workouts typically last quit my damn comparing it to Lonny new it's definitely just more intense the pump is more intense stimulants higher so that was more intense tingle was only about a 5 out of 10 despite having 64 hundred milligrams of caffeine so I guess the tingle blocker did its thing and I kind of feel like I'm walking on water right now a little bit I feel I feel very focused very good which is perfect we got a lot of work to do edit this video and I got some clients coming in tonight overall I think I for the most part I like it better in the Lonnie new you know pre-workout a lot of times his preference but it was intense did its job it was something different now I want to give a shout out to Christian guzmán cuz I mean seriously that man especially if you're watching this video that'd be amazing you have like inspired everyone you know in the Fitness YouTube social media industry but you know for me you're the holy reason I ever started this apparel brand picked up a camera started filming myself I watch you since day one so it's crazy to see how far you've come and you know doing its collabs with Ghost I work at GNC so seeing the 3d energy drinks coming to GNC was surreal always been a supporter from day one I have al fully clothed and I just want to give it just a huge shout out to the man who self Christian guzmán one of the most motivating entrepreneurs in the industry and I look up to him so so much if you enjoyed this video please leave it a thumbs up subscribe to my channel please check now on Instagram if you want to connect with me even further like I said I'm trying to do my own thing in this fitness industry create my own brand and I'm definitely pretty damn consistent that doing it I'm in this for the long run so I can promise you if you stick with me now we're going to go somewhere far in the future I'm very thankful for everything lastly I'm also part of the way concern nutrition and if you want to check out very innovative supplement dissolvable protein pods click the video above to get more information about that it's a sick innovative supplement company and the products are amazing so check that out code ant 15 get 50% off the order on that you like this appear oh top hit go to the link in the description box but that is it so I appreciate you all for watching I'll see you in the next video


  1. These are already SOLD OUT!! If you got lucky enough to get one, I'm curious to know your thoughts?? Worth the $50??

  2. Bought this on a whim, had no idea who or what Ghost was. Thought $50 was a bit much but was a one time purchase. Now it’s sold out and I’ve watched a few CG videos and I’m glad I ordered it

  3. Ghost makes some of the best whey protein I’ve ever had.

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