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guys I bring you mass for the ass I worked really hard alongside Chris Jones to formulate this and in my opinion it is one of the best mass gainers on the market that hits a different segment than any other mass gainer ever created and we use a certain ingredient in here that makes it so far beyond what any other mass gainer offers and also what do you look in here and I want you to see the marshmallows that's right you ever tried Swiss Miss Katie cocoa or how about that really popular cereal with the leprechaun that's it now so anyway let's go over we're gonna mix this up try it then would tell you exactly what's in you know here's the scoop this is the scoop a scoop sorry we're gonna do a shake and a sledge and a sludge so there's a scoop now it's one scoop one to two scoops for six to twelve ounce water so one scoop for six ounces so sludge wise don't put too much I've never done this before it's lunch I made it in shake version but for those of you guys want a delicious post-workout snack that's that let me see your phone real quick so check it out I'll tell you about the ingredients I couldn't memorize everything in here so I want to talk about palatinus I wonder I didn't want to miss anything either I will tell you about outlast outlast is one of the ingredients that it does increase the efficacy of creatine a lot let me read you the write-up that I wrote myself now first of all the ingredients gluten-free oat flour so it is gluten free mass protein blend which is whey concentrate white Ashland we only use whey protein in this the highest biological value protein you can use outlast which is isomalt bulk to multi lowest creatine monohydrate basic Platanos and creatine monohydrate clean cream MCT oil prouder marshmallows Dutch cocoa powder palatinus a little bit extra Platanos weight oh oh yeah natural artificial flavors Anthon gum and sucralose you're going in I'll take a shake first do the marshmallow try this oh my god crunchy let me eat them till the freeze-dried Wow so let me read this to you you gotta put some weight on your body and train hard as fuck if you want those guns hugging the sleeves Pope chasers match for the ass has the science to back up the hype featuring the highest biological value protein whey protein is the only protein source clean Korea and FC all powder for healthy fats and our secret science packed ingredient for lean mass and less fat outlast outlast is scientifically shown to maximize creams creatine absorption has 3 grams of creatine and 17 grams of Platanos I put in some extra Platanos to equal 20 total grams of plateaus in one study outlast increased creatine absorption 50% higher than dextrose outlast proprietary blend features Platanos which is proven to also provide a steadier and longer-lasting carbohydrate energy supply formulated with mass consumption in mind masks for the ass tastes so good that you'll want even more so be sure be sure to buy 30 of them bitches now what is Platanos platanus is a carbohydrate it has a sweet taste which is why probably this tastes so damn great so it has an extremely low GI readily available energy studies the plateaus have shown that slow release of glucose can benefit endurance athletes who need a sustained source of energy for long periods has been shown to have a very slow release of that increased fat oxidation that's right Palazzo says it actually helps say increase your fat oxidation this was done at the school of Sport and Exercise Sciences at the University of Birmingham UK I was just there it also has those are the main things so bottom line is it's a great carbohydrate it won't cause a rise and a crash it's basically sustained energy looking into something like a carton perfect post-workout if you're looking at maximizing your absorption for maximize your keeps universe let's go over the macarons what are the ingredients so for two scoops two scoops – good that's one Wow 440 calories it's a mass gainer 14 grams of fat 60 grams of carbs okay and 26 grams of protein so 60 cars here's 26 protein 14 fat and here's the thing the carbs are coming from palatinus and from gluten-free oats you can't get any better than this this is an amazing it is such an amazing mass gainer I encourage you guys to try it it's extremely affordable for what it is and utilizing outlast in it I am so proud of this formulation I'm so proud and I want to say for the record Chris chose us to do for those of you guys who don't use cookies on his weekend cheat meal I've been watching his story he's not me his nut butter in his Oreos he's just gonna need to eat this I think we can come up with a product name using the term nut butter with Chris anyway guys masks for the ass available on Tiger Fitness calm this is an amazing supplement I encourage you to go buy about 30 of them bitches I want you guys to notice something real quick now normally with chocolate chips and stuff they sink we have that problem with some more flavors mass for the ass and watch you see the marshmallows are actually still at the top they actually floats yeah so you get to enjoy like choke on them yeah enjoy marshmallow goodness in every sip


  1. You guys are cool.

  2. Ew wtf is she doing. Make a shake stupid. I never seen such disturbing shit before. Also she shouldn't be having anything with high calories tbh

  3. If you're 100lbs soaking wet this product will be good to consume more calories along with your regular meals. If you're 200+ pounds of course you probably won't probably consume this. Why is everyone so sensitive smh.

  4. For those fucktards saying it’s high in everything, it’s a “mass gainer” not for cutting lol.

  5. I'm with it

  6. What garbage ingredients, spikes insulin. Mixing fats and carbs? Idiot. Might as well eat ice cream instead. Unsubbed.

  7. You might want to put your wife on a caloric deficit if you are going to portray Fitness to everyone except for at your house

  8. I have had a few mass gainer proteins before I would be down to try that one too

  9. You guys ever had dannys pizza

  10. Is Chris Jones still a thing? I see the POG channel still has more followers and it hasn't been active for years.

  11. lmao this product blows

  12. Unsubscribed, tired of this crap your selling these young boys…

  13. why is your wife so fat and youre jacked? she looks very unhealthy

  14. fat ppl shit… still waiting for a steak flavored protein shake. 😂🤣

  15. Real food people

  16. Had to unsubscribe from this channel, I thought the channel was about fitness but damn it's just videos about supplement advertising.

  17. More calories from fat then from protein itself

  18. Tigerfitness & pumpchasers! Best on YouTube!!! (Oh that boy Mike Rashid & Simon panda good money too) #Tigerfitness all day though!!!!! 😮👌🏾

  19. To anyone who forgot: whey protein is just cheese waist. Just get your protein from food people, jesus christ supplements are such a waste of money and so much lower in quality than just eating it from actual food.

  20. 2 scoops only 26 grams of protein?

  21. Marc liked the taste before the spoon making to his mouth .


  22. 27g Sugar? No thanks.

  23. When you made the product but are advertising for it like you just wandered in off the street and have no idea what's actually in it.

  24. Whey concentrate is crap

  25. what a surprise you give your own product a good review………

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