Choral Warm up #1: Full Vocal Warm up

Choral Warm up Exercises Dixie State University – Chamber Singers Demonstration by Dr. Roger Hale O.K. Here we go! Will You Please just give
yourself a little neck massage. Climb up and down your neck with your fingers rolling. Go ahead and move down your shoulders. Roll your shoulders backwards. . . then forwards. . . Very Good. Take your finger, let’s find center for our head, right here in the top, we are going to turn one direction, then the other. Very Good. Then right here. Great! Now your spine connects right through here and right through here. . . So now bobble-head a little
bit find that balanced place. Your shoulders should be back and relaxed and your head tall.
Very nice! Looks good! Ok, remember . .touch your sternum, right above, where your tummy is. Touch your
sternum and lift it high. Shoulders back sternum high. Take a deep breath in. high. Take a deep breath in. . . In through your
nose . . . again . . . Very Nice. Shake it out. Alright, could you give us a “G” please.
We are going to do a lip trill. Please listen once “Rolling of the lips” (moving down from
G to C). That has a raised soft pallette. It has some resonance in it. Here is the opposite,
a closed sound. (Example is tight and closed) My teeth are closed we want to open it up.
(Example done correctly). Here we go . . . Breathe deep keep the sternum high. And . . . (begins
exercise) Very Good. Fill up down low . . . One more. Very nice! Shake it out a little bit.
Take your fingers and put them right in front of your ear, open your jaw to feel that space. Very good. That will prep our “Ah” vowel for this next exercise which starts on a “G”. . . Mai Mai Mai (Choir begins singing). Go ahead and put your hands down. Listen . . . Tune the
top note. . . Balance . . . One more. Very Good. A “G” again Susan Please. “I Sigh to
Sing” not (same text, but sung with improper diphthong implementation, collapsing too soon) Keep the tall vowel first–reduce the diphthong. One and go . . . (Choir begins exercise) Very nice. Let’s go ahead and work our “abs” (abdominal muscles) just a little bit. Here’s a “C”. Yo Ho
Ho Ho Ho. Keep everything down–don’t diphthong to (demonstrates closing to the “u” vowel) Ready and . . . Alright, next we are going to practice blending and intonation but practicing proper vowel shapes, so everybody do these motions with
me. This is “Mi,” say “Mi.” “Me”, “Ma”, Don’t go (Demonstrates poor implementation of the
diphthong). Keep the vowel open. One more time . . . “Ma”, “Mo”, “Muuu”. Beautiful. Alright,
Let’s sing. . . A Low “G” please. Basses (Singings low G) Tenor (Sings low D), Alto (Sings B),
Soprano (Sings high G). Do the hand signs as you sing, ready and . . . (Choir Sings “Mi Me Ma Mo Mu” in G Major) Very Good! So that changes intonation on that same chord, so tenors are going to move up a half. . . Actually let’s do it once and I will say who is moving.
So, this is “Mi, Me, Ma, Mo, ‘Morph”. (piano plays starting pitches as indicated above
and the video description). (Choir sings “Mi, Me, Ma, Mo. . .) Now Tenors up a half step, go back to “Mi” . . . Altos up a half–back to “Mi” . . . Sopranos and Bass up together
in octaves. (Choir Sings “Mu” forming a major chord) (Choir Repeats exercise on new chord)


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