Choosing the Right Food Supplement, Advice from Viridian Nutrition

the dietary supplement industry in the UK is growing fast with around one in three people buying supplements regularly but with hundreds of vitamins and minerals on the market choosing the right ones can be a minefield marvering col met the team behind ethical supplements brand Veridian nutrition who helps her navigate the shelves we all know we should be eating healthily and the shelves of our local independent health food stores offer a wealth of choice but in our busy lives can we honestly say we're eating our five a day of fruit and vegetables or according to recent research seven a day even are we getting the right amount of iron ore Omega threes do we even know if our bodies are deficient in something we do advocate it's important that people do get the nutrients and nutrition they need from the diet alone but in some cases allergies or restrictive diets may mean that supplements can be beneficial for them with hundreds of supplements on offer making the right choice can be confusing for example how many of us know our vitamin b6 from our b12 buying from a faceless online seller can sometimes be a gamble it's very tempting to go straight onto the internet and try to find everything out but it can be a bit of a wild west on there and if you can get some whore advice so my best advice would be to go to a specialist independent health food store we insist that our stockists embark on a training program with us so they fully understand what the supplements do and why they recommended for certain individual people it's that expertise and knowledge as well as the kindness and caring and the questions that they ask and fulfilling the right answers for people that make it a personalized solution not a magic bullet the power of a holistic approach a focus on nutrition as well as diet can be transformative as this expert who's written several books on the subject knows only too well I had quite bad acne from from the age of about ten or eleven it was just as about scarce a secondary school I went to so many different specialists tried all manner of lotions and potions nothing really worked a great deal and it's only when I actually started working on my diet and reading books and really kind of getting switched on to this idea that things started to change and that's that was like that light bulb moment that you know we can actually engage in our own health care to some degree the firm's ethical stance is unequivocal they work very closely with the Soil Association so they can guarantee the origins of the ingredients they use the product packaging is made from either recyclable or recycled material and over the years the firm's donated over 300,000 pounds to children's and environmental charities ingredient provenance and purity is as crucial to Veridian nutrition as it is to its customers we go right back to where the ingredients come from when we ask all these questions you know is it vegan is it non-genetically modified is it not irradiated and to know where it comes from is one of the key heart and soul points of reading nutrition I think customers want to know where supplements come from they want to know that we have that control that we know we're like everything's coming from you know you don't want to be taking a food supplement like a food and not know how it's made or where it comes from in-house experts ensure no unnecessary additives are used in their range titanium dioxide a whitening agent often used in paint is a case in point the University of Zurich has recently published some research and their findings concluded that titanium dioxide could potentially exacerbate the symptoms of inflammatory bowel diseases there aren't any restrictions for it's used throughout the food industry and a customer can look to avoid it by looking on the ingredients label and 4e 171 having a pioneering and innovative attitude can single a business out but it's become the very definition of this firms longevity and continued growth we found it Veridian nutrition in December 1999 and by some people our core ethos we're regarded as quite fringe things like non animal testing non-gm non irradiated organic vegan but now the world has woken up to these things and seen how important they are and we no longer viewed as alternative

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