Chlorella Supplements For Rapid Weight Loss & Improved Health

ok today we're going to go over what you need to know to find the best chlorella supplement on the market now obviously we like the perfect aquatic green spirulina and chlorella mix but even if you don't purchase this product we want to go over what are the five documents you should look for to make sure that you're buying a quality chlorella supplement we're going to use this site as an example just was they have the documents here and you really want to find documentation everyone will claim that they have a very pure product but what you want is proof the first thing you want to make sure you're buying is organic chlorella there's really a lot of risks of getting contaminants pesticides in your chlorella and it's not a certified organic so what you're looking for is a document like this this shows that the chlorella powder and in this case I also have spirulina they're both 100% organic and certified again people can say it's organic unless you see the organic certification you cannot be sure that the chlorella that you're getting in your supplement is organic okay the second element on our checklist when we're looking for the best chlorella is we want to make sure there are no harmful levels of heavy metals in the chlorella here is an example of a certificate you will see on some sites we're looking at this for the aquatic greens and again they show the analysis of various heavy metals ensure that there no harmful levels of any of these heavy metals in it very important to see the certificate every site will tell you that that chlorella is pure and has no heavy metals ask to see this documentation to make sure that that chlorella is as pure as they say it is the third element on our checklist is you want to see a certificate of analysis for the chlorella we're going to again call up an example here from the aquatic green site and what's great about this certificate of analysis is it shows us a lot of information we see the amount of protein that's in it the chlorophyll the cardinal's we also see heavy metal testing again so again this certificate of analysis will just back up what all sites say which is that the chlorella is purer and has beneficial nutrients in it but this certificate proves that that is true so you want to look for a certificate of analysis moving on to item number four you want to make sure that the company stands behind the chlorella supplement we see here a 100% money back guarantee that's what you want to see no restocking fees no tricks just completely backing the product another important element is this BBB accredited business we feel this is very important when you buy from a BBB accredited business you can be assured that you're not going to be the victim of a scam and then you're buying from a reputable company finally the fifth element on our checklist for finding the best chlorella supplement is you want to check and make sure that it is Fairtrade certified we see that listed here with the aquatic greens under there proof of purity we feel this is very important because Fairtrade certified guarantees that the workers who both grow and process the chlorella are paid a fair and living wage and we feel this is very important when looking for the best chlorella it should be the best for you the end user and also for the people who work with the chlorella so there you have it your five-point checklist we of course love the perfect aquatic greens and it meets all the requirements on this checklist but even if you go with another product as long as you apply this five-point checklist you'll have no problem finding the best chlorella supplements


  1. thanks for the education on chlorella, the title says for weight loss, which it talks nothing about…
    does ANYONE actually explain how to use it, not the dang source brand bla bla, already bought the best stuff I need proper directions and dosage for weightloss

  2. They're saying this is good this perfect aquatic greens but its from china. I keep reading not to purchase if it is which sounds about right.

  3. Thanks Stephanie!  I am considering my first purchase of chlorella, and it does look like Perfect Supplements has considered every factor involved in providing a good product.  I'm planning to make a purchase from them — Todd.

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