Chiropractor near me Reading MA Nutrition New Patient Welcome

Hi there, I’m Dr. Anne Marie Marcellino
and I look forward to meeting you at your nutrition new patient examination. Before
you arrive, I’d like for you to go over with me your expectations and I will go my expectations
so that you get the most out of your examination. The first thing that we need to do is to make
sure that you take the time to fill-out all of these new patient forms. Please, don’t
get frustrated. There are a lot of them. There’s seven of them in total and they are going
to take some time. But, your health is important and we need to make sure that we leave no
stone unturned. So, below this video, there are seven forms, please take the time to fill
them out. There is your Nutrition New Patient History. There is the New Patient Authorization
Form. There is a Metabolic Assessment Form. A Neurotransmitter Assessment Form. There’s
a Dental Form. A Scar Form or a Trauma Form. And then there’s a Food Journal; so even if
you just give me ja couple of days of what your are eating, that would be great. After you’ve filled-out these forms and you
either emailed them to us or brought them to the office, you are going to have your
vital signs taken. So, we will be taking a posture picture of you. We will be doing your
blood pressure. We will be doing your height, your weight, your body fat, temperature and
hydration. At that point, you will be hooked up to a computerized scan and this is called
a heart rate variability test. It doesn’t measure how healthy your heart is. What it
does is it measures how well you manage overall stress. Now, when I say “stress”, a lot of
people think of all the emotional stuff they’re going through but actually stress can be physical
and chemical in nature. That’s why in your new patient forms, I ask you about traumas
that you’ve had from childbirth until present day as well as things that you’re putting
into your body that aren’t good for you or in your environment. This heart rate variability
test will allow us to see how well your body is actually managing physical, chemical and
emotional stresses. After we do your heart rate variability test,
you will then sit down and tell me your story. When we have gone over your history, then
I’m going to do some muscle testing on you and check your body’s neurological reflex
points through muscle testing which has been around for thousands of years in oriental
medicine. Your body is going to tell us what’s happening and then we are going to schedule
another appointment with you. After we complete your initial examination,
you will be setup for a following visit where you will come in and I will have a whole report
for you as to what I have found and what my recommendations are. If you decide that you
want to begin your care plan at that time, we will get started. We will talk about things
that you might be putting into your body that are not really serving you well; as well as
give you supplementation to help you on your healing journey. I look forward to meeting
you at your examination and I’m glad that you are making your health a choice and choosing
to be Alive & Well.

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