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hi I'm dr. Marla Fay hilltop Family Chiropractic whether you're new to our office or one of our treasured patients we want you to know that we are here to help you become healthier while at the same time save you money a recent study showed that simple messages containing health and lifestyle tips had a profound effect on the well-being of those that receive them imagine losing weight decreasing your pain and increasing your energy and attitude just by receiving lean each week we're going to send you one of these tips so you can see how simple it is check them out and we're never going to send you spam and you can unsubscribe at any time if you decide there's one more thing I want you to mention to you and your family that you'll find a great value and it cost you nothing if you ever want to know anything about any health condition food recipes special diet vitamins or herbs or even drugs you might be taking simply come to my website dr. Marla comm and click on the doctors resource it will take you to a most extensive databases there is on an internet whether you want to know more about stress exercise or even dangerous interactions between drugs and other drugs or drugs and food or drugs and vitamins or just about on sadie's arthritis it's all there we update it every week so you get the latest information of course my staff and I are always available for any questions that you may have and by the way if you have not already signed up for our newsletter please add your first name and email address in the form on this page also make sure you become a fan on Facebook by clicking a like button my staff and I are dedicated to being your source of everything health

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