Children's Nutrition : Healthy Diets for Toddlers

hi I'm Charlotte Lawson a registered licensed dietitian here in Tampa Bay Florida now if you have a little one at home consider a toddler getting them to eat healthy and make healthy choices can be a little bit challenging but typically if you make those healthy choices yourself your child is going likely to follow so being that good role model enjoying fruits and vegetables and whole grains with your child and with your family is the first step to helping that child choose good foods also when introducing new foods to a toddler take to heart they may not like it right away and it's important to introduce only one food at a time if you try too many things the child is easily overwhelmed and could end up turning their nose at everything so one food at a time and typically one new food a week is a great way to start introducing new healthful foods for your toddler again make sure that these foods are easy for the child to eat small portion sizes and finger foods often can make eating a more fun experience be aware of choking hazards though because there's lots of little things that a child there who's early in their eating skills can kind of have as an issue so try one new food a week be aware they may not like it typically a child is going to take at least ten tries before they decide if they're going to eat together as a family and be a good role model and also remember that sometimes patience is better than pressure try try again also to support of a regular in support of a regular healthy diet make sure you're exercising with your child as well toddlers need at least 60 minutes of physical activity each day for more tips and information and helped how to keep your toddler healthy and active check out eat happy dot info i'm charlotte and eat happy


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