Child mental health – Health Sciences Dean's Future Health Forum

we know that over 13% of 4 to 11 year olds experience a diagnosable mental health condition in the last 12 months and for infants it's estimated that this is actually much higher if we're focusing in on the experiences of indigenous children and research suggests that they're experiencing psychological distress at three times the rate of an average group of all Australian children and this is really alarming so if we don't promote the well-being of children and it can lead to lifelong consequences not just in physical and mental health but also more broadly into education employment financial insecurity and and social disadvantage to change this it's crucial that we intervene early in life to prevent the onset of mental health condition but also early in the progression of a mental health condition and with this focus it not only benefits infants and children in the short term this is what creates a solid foundation for health outcomes later on in life we need to equip professionals working across a range of sectors to partner with families and children and their communities and to be out of wraparound children and families who are experiencing adversity as health professionals and leaders we need to be asking how can we provide support early in the life of a child early in the life of a problem experienced by family and early in their connection with services and this is what will make a positive change to the mental health of Australian children and really they're the next generation and the future of this country you

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