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hello guys welcome back to my channel I wanted to show you guys a real simple recipe that you can do with some of those chicken breasts that you have in the fridge sometimes we might overcook or we might not eat as many as we think we're going to and then we have leftover chicken breasts and you guys know after two or three days you know in the refrigerator they're not the same so with this recipe you can take those extra chicken breasts and turn them into a real simple great tasting recipe that you could have as a snack but you can incorporate it into other stuff you can make wraps with it you could actually put them or put this over solid you can put potatoes on the side if you're eating carbs so basically I have here two pounds of finely diced chicken breast and basically I made this a couple of days ago and I was going to use it as wraps and different things but I had about two pounds left which I wasn't going to eat all of it so I want to put this together and show you guys a really good chicken salad recipe that is very light in calories and in fat so first we have two pounds of chicken breast diced this has got Montreal seasoning which like it's like a coarse pepper and a coarse salt that that's added already in its already seasoned with that normally guys you know using a different kind of seasoning you could still do the same just be aware that you can't add that much salt to it because it's going to be too salty you know whatever else you're adding you don't want to add too much of the same the same condiments so I have here a half a red pepper a half a yellow pepper half our orange pepper and a half an onion all together I'm going to add this in here and I have four tablespoons of fat-free sour cream you can use light sour cream also it just would have more calories Greek yogurt is great for this because it would add protein and it won't add really much fat or calories and it's a great way to add some protein to the to the recipe and I have here about four tablespoons of sikhi sauce which is this right here this is also very little calories got a lot of flavor put this in it add about two tablespoons of shredded Parmesan cheese flavor you get that grated cheese if you like I just like this apartment shot better I'm going to add about 1 tbsp of sriracha to add some heat if you guys don't like hot stuff you don't have to add this I just like my stuff spiced here I'm going to add 1 tbsp of touching and this is like a Mexican seasoning that has some chili and some lime flavor this stuff tastes great if you guys can find this in your local supermarket I highly suggest it you can put this stuff on anything it's just really really good it has some great flavor not really that hot it's actually kind of mild but it has a great flavor to it it's all natural also so one tablespoon of that and normally I would add salt to this but since has already got the seasoning I'm not going to have any salt I'm going to add about 2 tbsp of chia seeds and this will add some texture and also some flavor to it or make give it a little bit of a crunch you know add some healthy antioxidants and and all that stuff some healthy fats so very light and I think that mix it all together and you guys can have more drink yogurt or other stuff to it if you like it to be a little bit more like them though on the sauce I'd like more sauce to it I like it I like my chicken saw a little bit more dry and spicier but if you had like half a cup of Greek yogurt to this it'll make it a lot of cream here and this is a great way to revive those chicken breasts in the fridge like I said and you can use this just a part of many other recipes like salads and stuff put it on top of a romaine salad or in a wrap and it's it works great so pretty much there you have it simple no need to you know add a lot of ingredients not a lot to it this stuff tastes great and it's a great way to revive those chicken breasts so basically there you have it pretty simple is a recipe and a great way to bring back to life those chicken breasts that you might have in the frigerator they're kind of hard to eat once they've been sitting around and you know the seasoning kind of dries up and stuff this will add some some moisture back into the into the recipe and I'll bring it back to life back into those chicken breasts so hope you guys enjoyed it remember to subscribe to the channel we're going to be bringing you new videos every Wednesday and check out just a muscle calm for all your supplements and use coupon code youtube for a 10% discount on your entire order you


  1. Love the take on your chicken salad recipe! Different, unique and will definitely do this one this week!!

  2. im definitetly gonna try this ! Looks very delicious

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