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[Applause] what's up everybody set for a seat a pre-workout meal today we're going to Train chest today's chest workout volume based pushing blood okay I'm gonna tell you about supplements I take why I take them when I eat my meals and why right now I'm going to Train probably about an hour and 15 20 minutes something like that hour and a half take my supplements about 20 minutes before I start training and warming up now my philosophy is blood flow whenever you're looking for growth change to the look of your physique round things off fill them up it's gonna be about quality food quality supplements timing of the supplements what you're taking why you're taking understand at all vasodilation okay something like vaso chords it's a pump formula those things are going to open dilate your veins and a sudden spacer dilation we'll just keep it simple okay and open up everything so that more blood can flow the more blood that flows the more nutrients that can flow hence more growth okay now it comes into their whoa you know what type of training we're gonna go for volume we're gonna use a moderate to heavier weight not crazy heavy weight moderate weight with a lot of steps and a lot of a lot of sets a lot of reps and different styles of training you can use FST 7 which is funnies faster stretch training you can use drop sets super sets set sets a number of different stuff out there you can use it all but the concept is is to push blood into the muscle we're not taking long breaks between sets we're not going to do no six reps if you do six reps drop the weight double the reps and do 12 that's a drop set do something do something to increase the volume of blood that is going to go to flow to that area okay that's our goal here that's half that's that's a big part of it but now we need to make sure that we're fuelled with quality food and we're fueled with quality supplements because these supplements they're supplements supplements they supplement they aid they help you achieve things okay they're not going to make you superhuman but they are going to give you the inches that you need to get better and better and better okay no blood flows it for me these are goods this is Prime Evils pump formula okay this is going to help push blood into the muscles and if a cell this is a carbohydrate okay I don't use a lot of carbohydrates pre-workout hence my pre-workout meal your meal here has them I use about 10 grams pre-workout 10 grams intro workout in 10 grams post 230 pounds 30 carbohydrates for your workout so not a lot it goes a long way because of the quality of the supplement I also do a little bit of a stim this is eight probably today I probably won't take any I don't really feel like I need to I go this I use this one I need to go basis if I'm dragging some ass yeah I'll throw a scoop in and then post-workout I'll do some aminos which these are just the tastiest things in the world but for everybody to catch on to this our goal here is blood flow the more blood that we can push into the muscle the more nutrients that flow there the longer we can keep that pump throughout the entire workout the more nutrients that continue to flow we keep it going after the workout as well hence take a good carbohydrate source push more more nutrients into the bump into the blood into the muscle fills up again some great aminos and then after your workout about an hour 45 minutes after I'm done training I go and eat another quality meal usually you know chicken and rice chicken potatoes something like that today I'm doing potatoes pre-workout I usually eat potatoes once or twice a day but it's good so that's me 20 minutes before I start training I take my pre-workout stack about an hour and a half iron 15 minutes before I train I eat my meal that's it really simple don't overthink things quality flu quality food quality supplements okay that's a good starting point let's go up alright so here we go warming up in the pump cover today's chest workout volume baits we're gonna be doing set sets so anybody doesn't know what they are ready to be educated you know for me and my warmup here my goal is to warm up the joints warm up the muscles get a little bit of a sweat going okay some of you youngsters out there don't know too much because you just can dive right in my old ass can't do that don't over but get a good warm-up going good stretch scheme start pushing some blood into the muscle just get ready that's the process get mentally mentally focused put on some good tunes you ready to rock and roll show with chest you know I make sure my shoulders are warmed up pushing a little bit of blood and like I said mentally focus that's our key here start with incline dumbbell press now with this you're going to see me and where I place the dumbbells I'm use I'm not bringing the dumbbells together I'm gonna focus on pushing blood to the outer upper portion of my chest and when I remove my pump cover you're gonna see the pump I have in that and these outer chest upper outer chest so I'll do a few warm-up sets get rolling make sure I have the movement down make sure my chest is ready my shoulders ready my triceps feel good move the weight you know with me the you can see that the incline is not so far inclined up on it like a 30 37 degree angle the further up the angle the more shoulders are going to be put the place is still going to hit the chest but this is the angle that I prefer you've been up in weight just keep warming everything up so whenever you see me do these 3/4 reps and then rest on my chest I'll see the applause at the bottom there I pause at the bottom I'm allowing more blood to flow into that area stretching it out for a minute pausing and then going back into it the 3/4 rep there to 3/4 of a rep that's because I'm not trying to target the inside portion of my chest if I bring them in a full rep range 100% of the rep you will you'll activate the inner portion in your chest you'll see we do it every now and then but not every single rep the goal here upper outer portion of the chest and put in some blood so we're gonna do some sets sets you set set we're going to pick a number with the weight we're going to use a heavier weight with this with this workout our space is going to be incredibly quick we're going to be waiting between 60 and 90 seconds between each set between each set set take them back a set set we're going to do as many reps as we can with the heavier weight first cut the weight drop that weight in half and do double the reps so here I think I have the 120s pumping out some reps you see the pause allow the blood to flow good control the weight set it down take half the weight that you had take 60s and do double the reps now with this I do not care how many times it takes you to do the double the reps I believe I got 12 or 14 with this 120 so we're gonna do 24 28 reps here with those 60 and like I said if you need to set them bastards down you set them sons of bitches down catch your breath and go right back into it all right back into it so we got the 135 right now we're gonna go back into it taking a short break between each set 60 to 90 seconds so that's why we have to be hydrated fueled and ready for these workouts here we're gonna push fir just go until we can't we looking at you know rep range I believe for this was 12 reps on this cut the weight in half double the reps could control reps notice that pause down there more blood is flowing to the muscle group sat down go right after wet it up about 75 into it good controlled reps I do not give a flying how many sets it takes to get these 24 reps on this set set the weights down go back into it push weight this is designed to get outside of your comfort zone you consciously know how many reps you need even though your body is crazy fatigued you just go right back after the moving into the big-boy way to 150 again short rest periods make sure that you are always in control of the weight do not let the weight control you move ends set set all right finished up that outside of our comfort zones here moving in we're gonna start doing some incline dumbbell flies with the dumbbell flyes again nice and controlled see me turn in my turn my hands out open up the chest and bring them back together this is an easy controlled movement stay in control of the weight now with this we're going to do a superset here we're going to do the incline dumbbell flyes and after we're done this we're going to move right into close grip push-ups off of off of the incline benefit now with this you're gonna see me change my hand placement as I'm doing it my hands are gonna be in one position nice and controlled slow and then I changed my hand placement there that way I am targeting specific parts of my chest so that I can feel the portions that I want to work and again notice how far down the incline is on this it's not very high up we're gonna work a lot do you overall thick chest thickness that's what we're looking for couple half reps full reps don't be afraid to tour around with different rep ranges so that you can make your workouts as intense as possible okay and you see how deep I'm going with this like this the depth of my rep range is you have to make sure that you're luckier you have flexibility and mobility through your shoulders and your chest do not hurt yourselves that's why I say make sure you're in control of the weight after that right back into it these the rest periods between each set again is still 60 to 90 seconds 60 seconds for the earlier sets 90 seconds for whenever we start moving some heavier weight that way our body has time to recover get a drink let the blood flow to the muscle and go back into it make sure your fuel for the workout cannot stress that enough food fluids good supplementation right in the dip again another's another superset here we're going to work in from dips into the PEC deck with the dips make sure the chair make sure I mean at this point again watch the depth of your rep range watch the depth of each rep to make sure that you're flexible you don't hurt yourself right into the PEC deck with this again intensity of the workout you can see by the amount of sweat that is from the time I started to now we are moving we are sweating as I put sweating my balls off with this our goal is to is to get outside of our comfort zones to use moderate to heavy weight and still keep intensity still keep high volume again if you are not fuel for this your you're going to the bed quality feed quality some up take the crossovers with this you can do this exercise from a number of different poses you can do it from a high pulled and you put police from the higher area like I have them mid or low with this just make sure that you're understanding where you're targeting me at this I want a full rep range so I feel the outside of my chest stretch all the way into bringing the chest together and feeling the inner chest squeeze and begin and burn build that lactic acid build up fill everything start to move throughout your entire chest because right now my chest is smoke it doesn't mean you stop there just keep going feel it change beginning you just saw me change the different direction and how I place my hands where my shoulders go and how the stretch is we're trying to target every different part of the chest and smoke that and we're gonna superset these with a cable pull over this is somewhat of a simulation of a dumbbell pullover the reason being I just want to feel the stretch on my chest and trying to open up my rib cage to open up my chest cavity okay get my breathing down this exercise is not so much of oh I'm trying to build mass for my chest it's actually to stretch out the chest feel everything open up and stretch out my chest capsule breathing is vital at this place whenever you come up breathe whenever you bring the rep down to your waist you breathe out and I am super setting this back and forth back and forth no breaks in between these two okay the goal here intensity intensity if you're not intense about it you're not going to change the way you look okay keep that in mind because everything that you guys have been doing is the reason that you look the way you do if you change things up add some intensity add some more food shit's gonna change it's that simple right into it of course I had to check to see how I look still swallow let's go now if at any point in this workout you begin to the bed and you are unable to continue or told a pump or continue that's where the supplements can come into play okay that's where intra cell 10 20 grams carbohydrates cyclic extra min cyclic that's rhythm that's designed to help bypass the stomach and go straight to the muscles if you begin to the bed that's why these supplements are designed to do so to help aid in your workouts to get you to gain two to one me I would take I take 10 grams intra workout every single workout so don't keep the pump helps keep the nutrients moving helps me up yeah don't the bed all right ladder push-ups this exercise I saw John Meadows do it I can cause the ladder push-ups I'm a huge fan of them you do them on the smith machine and you started a topknot and work your way down or start a bought and work your way back up and then go back down just like a ladder we're finishing the that we're finishing this workout with these the whole goal I love to do this because it lets me know where I stand on intensity because this is going to get difficult I think we finished with about 90 push-ups here pull all the way down all the way up this is going to get get you outside of your comfort zone and if you bitch out and don't do them all or can't do them all that lets you know where you need to go from here okay my goal with this is just intensity eat this up I'm stubbing I'm looking at myself in the mirror and the whole time and telling myself do not stop work work into it because it's you against yourself ain't nobody else working out with me I need to outdo myself so that's it up everybody put the good Tunes in let it roll good key good supplements don't be a bitch go after it go after exactly what the you want fuckin'-a everybody enjoy the workout go kill it


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