Chest Breathing Causes Health Problems – How Diaphragm Functions

you now I'm going to ask you to do a very simple test and this is I called shells briefing test just clicking tests also like little bit harder but simple very simple if you put one your arm on your chest and other arm on your data button on your novel and what you can do next without thinking without like paying attention how you breathe maybe you close your eyes take slow deep breath and what you are going to Minotaur you are going to monitor which of your arms are going to move more because if you drift with the chest your upper arm you know is going to like move forward when you take right slowly don't hyperventilate everything very slowly slowly slowly perhaps even one big slow grab is enough to get the patch on because it would be a common pattern and it's probably like 90% or more of more than people not maybe all the time but most of the time you sleep at rest we will be using chest it will be 50% different in different people can change throughout the day a lot even for the same person but it's very very common for people to breathe using copper chest although if we open Kim's books in medicine and physiology and if we look like how people should be like chairs diaphragm like intercostal like a Damascus what should be doing the main job medical textbooks would say be a logical table to say HT 90% of work or briefing at rest for a normal person should be done using the diaphragm the diaphragm should actually do the main job and chance to contribute very very little actually in fact if you try to see like how healthy people don't know with normal breathing brief it would be very very tiny hardly noticeable moments maybe just to low Apes so very page just to lower hips would have tiny movements but main part of the up Esther she is part of the ribcage of the chest would not be moving at all and at the same time here I can make the noise couple of other facts which relates to normal but you can visit we discussed already that it's hard noticeable it's also invisible if I try to pay attention like I would sit up and keeps up it has normal breathing and also inaudible it now it means like if you try to hear listen somebody who has you would hear nothing but even when people breathe like two times maybe even up to three times it can be silly inaudible you would not be able to hear to hear a prayer fantasy it very distinctly if somebody has like four times an hour then it will be easy to minus three times the norm usually it's possible to notice details on typographical they were so that's about how we can also like distinguish normal people now going back to this chess briefing test I'm going to ask the following equation it's actually quite hard equation what do you think are there any negative effects of just briefly let's say 90% of people have just bacon these days are we going to suffer and what would be the negative effects actually this is very hard question very few people even those who practice your yoga teaches and even in medicine difficult to answer because it's kind of not so popular knowledge but there are medical studies which I found and which I'm going to share with you there are two up to the two different physiological reasons why the a fragment equation is much much better than just to like to science things I'm going to discuss them right now so number one thing is following if you brief listen to your diaphragm what happens you lungs here can be represented like we're kind of cylinders and when you move your diaphragmatic funds you expand your land down to stretch it down the whole lung and that means different alveoli you know tiny air sacs inside the lungs they're going to get stretched as well getting fresh air so the whole man gets new air and when you use upper chest what happens on the part of your upper part of your lungs are going to get new air supply make sense yeah now if we think about how blood flows to the back we are going to discover the following effect due to gravity because we have like attraction the blood flow at the top of the marks about five six times less in comparison with the bottom of the month because it's the same blood vessel which goes to the whole Lanka it starts to branch you know like getting small small and more blood vessels but because of the gravity blood flowing towards the bottom is much much stronger it means most of your blood is more than at the bottom of the lab but when you breathe up here you see if you get oxygen most oxygen up here but the blood flow have to be here much less than at the bottom and that means this breathing would even though you may believe two three times the normal even more than that you get less oxygen then for normal breathing only because you use upper chest and heal their fragments merely death like five ten percent would be needed I think it's not enough to get food in it for a sherry supply so this is one big physiological reason and particularly for some reasons this effect becomes very strong during sleep there are so many studies I found that we measured it blood saturation blood oxygen level in the blood during sleep in different groups of people and we found it six exceptionally common we called nocturnal hypoxemia and our children in supplying hypoxemia means oxygen level gets low for some reason and these senior problems for many groups of people which could at night so blood oxygen drops and this is in this case would be a chest be mrs. father yet another thing probably similarly important also powerful influential physiological effect relates to follow it we have a living system no emphatic not slim system like this which takes that bacteria waste products no some chemicals may be toxic chemicals to remove them from the bloodstream dead cells and so on and what happens here is that the lymph system does not have its own pump you know have heart to pump the blood but in fighting system cuz no organ which is going to move a cilium system around how does it work that beliefs the leap system works due to mutual comprehension of lymph nodes so you know what we can leave knots like bumps we can around the net here can fill many of them on the our feets you can also fill many of them grow in area and can be said if we can help out also win over and what happens you never find that today still good lymph nodes in the middle of somewhere because you see this place would not get any compression if I move my arm it's not compressed this area yes it's a lot of compression because when I move my arm it pushes the lymphatic fluid and they have special valves to make lymph fluid to move only in one direction you see when you press only if not the fluid cannot go back it goes only one in one direction and the same about the neck because people move like neck maybe hundreds thousands times a day and anytime you move your head to make a compression so they did can circulate isn't this way and the same groin area but as soon as you start walking to know when your next move which is an area where you get a lot of lymph nodes but if you move further away there is no none of them at all now from physiological science we know that up to fifty sixty percent like most of all the lymph nodes located just under the diaphragm from all these vital organs kidneys liver spleen colon stomach they all miss vital organs pancreas all these lymph nodes waste products like a toxic products would be accumulated just under the diaphragm in the dead fighting system now but if you use your chest probably pay night your diaphragm does not move much but and that means you would accumulate toxins poisons and other like and wanted product just under the diaphragm from this kind of discussion we can conclude make assumption logical ideas it till in nature expects people to believe you the diaphragm 24 hours per day but if you have normal defragmenting breathing 90% of your job is done with the diaphragm only 10 15 20 percent up here and that means day and night your diaphragm cleanses your all abdominal area before this again kidney spleen pancreas stomach logical and small : all these organs and that is another crucial fraction function of the diaphragm


  1. I like listening to what you say. It is crucial information. I could listen to you for hours it is life extending and life saving.

  2. According to your gravity theory brain will get less oxygen than lungs. I suppose this is absurd.

  3. Hey guys, I have recently adapted the stomach breathing, but maybe because I am still quite new at it, I can't breathe as DEEPLY and SLOWLY as 'chest breathing'. My stomach doesn't expand OUTWARDS that much when I used stomach breathing. So when I use Chest Breathing, I SUCK IN my stomach a lot to get air and I get more air chest breathing-(By sucking in my stomach). So is that bad? (I think it is) And how can I expand my stomach outwards to breathe in more air?

  4. Nice explanation. This is what I talk about on my first classes to kids in music school. Almost exactly like you. 😃
    For woodwind players that is the most important thing. To know why and how to use power of diaphragm.

  5. Thanks for your informative video. I include a lesson on diaphragmatic breathing for my accent reduction clients to help them sound more confident, louder, and less anxious when speaking. It's surprising how so many of them, at least 90%, breathe shallowly normally. It's quite difficult for them to break that pattern. I was not familiar with the health benefits for the lymph nodes though; thanks for the info!

  6. You would make more of a connection with the audience if you looked at the camera. The information is interesting and the way you speak continuously and explain certain words, in more detail has improved.

  7. Excellent! Now to show this video to my friends…

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