Chef Steph: Are All Nuts Healthy? – Get Fit. Don’t Quit!

hey I’m Jake of Body by Jake with your
nutrition tip of the day I’ve got a beauty chef Stef is here
and we’ve got a question and this is a simple one really are all nuts healthy
yes they are all healthy now the problem is we don’t want to sit down in front of
the big game with the five pound can in our lap so any type of nut you like I
like to blend my own like make sure you buy dry roasted or raw unsalted mix up a
batch of your favorite right and then take out a handful just a small portion
will do yes I love it simple not too much salted though right right lightly
salted or preferably unsalted I love it chef Stef as always remember stick to
the fight when your hardest hit it’s when things seem worst that you must not
quit have some nuts don’t quit have a great day

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