CHEAP STUDENT MEAL IDEAS // Healthy dinners for £1

hey everyone so today I'm doing a recipe video that I have been meaning to do for about a year now I think I've honestly just kept putting it off because I live in a student house and our kitchen isn't the nicest nor is it ever the cleanest so I didn't really want to film in that sort of environment but today I finally clean my kitchen and I filmed three recipes to share with you guys all of these recipes can be made for about a pound so they're all really cheap they're already healthy and most importantly they all taste really good if I do say so myself I literally make them all the time these are like my go-to recipes also two of the recipes so for I'm one of them deserves two so it does make quite a lot of food but that's just how I tend to cook obviously you can half them and stuff if you prefer but I just like having meals in bulk you can freeze portions it means you always have food to hand it's cheaper it's just easier like if you ever can't be bothered to make dinner you know you've got something in the freezer ready for you to make and it's just much easier that way I find I've also included the costs of all the ingredients and the meals that I make I got all the prices from Tesco just because I thought that would be easier that they are all from one place so I know in the video I used some things that are from like Asda and other supermarkets but when I was kind of pricing it all together I just got all of the prices from Tesco easier for me and also it's just easier that they're all from one place so obviously it will differ slightly depending on what supermarket you shop at there's all gonna be really affordable anyway and I've also included the nutritional information for all three recipes as well in case you're interested I personally don't really look at it that much but I just put it all into My Fitness Pal so you could kind of have an idea about how much protein and fat and carbs and everything is in each meal so yeah I hope you enjoy them let me know if you try any of them out also let me know what your favorite cheap student meal idea is like what your go-to food is because I'm always interested and I'm always happy to try new things so I'm gonna stop chatting away and show you the recipes first recipe I'm sharing with you guys is one for vegan chili this is my absolute favorite go to your recipe because it's so easy and it can be used on top of potatoes rice it can be used in burritos it's a really versatile and super easy so I'm going to leave all the exact measurements and pride and everything for the ingredients down in the description but I'm just starting off by chopping up my vegetables so I'm using onion pepper and mushrooms these are my personal favorites but feel free to change it up with whatever you've got on hand I'm then just putting all of the vegetables into a big pot so they can cook all at the same time I just find this a lot easier than having to remember certain steps and putting things in at a certain time so where I can all of my recipes are kind of throw it in a pot and cook it so I'm just eating this up on a medium heat with some water for about five minutes until the vegetables have softened slightly and then I'm adding the whole packet of vegetarian mints and giving that a good stir when the mints and vegetables are well combined I then add the liquid so in this recipe I use a whole carton of the starter and then I fill up that same carton with boiling water I just find this easier than using a measuring jug it's one less thing to wash up and it also means you don't waste any of the passata left in the carton I also then add the beans so in this recipe I use a can of kidney beans and a can of mixed beans because I personally really like kidney beans in chili but I love the variety that the mixed beans give because it also has sweet corn and green beans and stuff like that in but obviously this is very easy to switch up with whatever beans you have on hand I also flavor the chili at this point so I always add gravy granules to my Chili's it makes the biggest difference so I definitely recommend it and then seasonings wise I use onion powder garlic powder paprika and chili flakes I didn't include these in the costings of the ingredients simply because I didn't know how to work out how much had spent because such a little amount is used each time obviously just use whatever seasons you have on hand and that is everything so I cook the chili for about 15 minutes just to make sure everything is well heated and I've served it here on top of rice but like I said at the beginning you could also have this on potatoes or in a burrito this recipe makes for very generous servings or six smaller servings and I've given you the nutritional value for a portion of Chile by itself and a portion of Chile served with rice so this next recipe is for lentil Bolognese which is my personal favorite and also the cheapest recipe of all three so it starts very similarly to the last one I just dice up all of my vegetables and I put them in a big pot in this recipe I use onion pepper mushroom and also carrots I usually cook the vegetables for about 10 minutes on medium heat with a little bit of oil just until they've softened before adding the mentors so I'm using canned green lentils in this recipe you can also use dried lentils but I think you have to soak those overnight which I just never remember to do so I prefer using the canned stuff and I make sure I give it a good rinse before I add it to the vegetables I then add the liquids so in this recipe I use a partner passata and also some vegetable stock and I just let that simmer down for the seasonings in this recipe I use onion powder garlic powder paprika and lots of Oregon Oh Oregon oh definitely makes this dish so if you have to buy one herb that's the one I would definitely recommend getting I usually simmer down the polonaise for about 10 to 15 minutes while I cook some spaghetti this also works really well on rice but my personal favorite way to eat it is on top of spaghetti and usually with a side of garlic bread the final recipe and sharing with you guys is one floor risotto I absolutely love risotto and I think this is a great dish to make if you're making food for other people I'm using frozen Mediterranean vegetables in this recipe obviously you can use fresh if you have it on hand I just prefer using frozen because I find their waste less food that way so I just throw the frozen vegetables into the oven to cook while I make the rest of the risotto this risotto is super simple so I start by frying off a diced onion with a little bit of oil for a couple of minutes until it's softened and then I add the dry risotto rice and cook that for a couple of minutes as well then I slowly start adding vegetable stock and stir the rice until it's fully absorbed all the liquid and then I add a little bit more liquid and keep doing that until all of the liquid is absorbed and the rice is soft I like to flavor my risotto using pesto so I've got this free from pesto from Tesco which is super good it doesn't taste any different to normal pesto and it's only one pound 50 so I add a few scoops of that into the risotto and give it a good stir I then just top the risotto with the mixed vegetable and it's as simple as that this recipe is super good and it looks fancier and way harder than it is so it's great if you're making food for someone else this also keeps really well so I like making two portions of this and taking one into uni for lunch the next day so those are the three recipes they're all super good really healthy and most importantly it's super cheap let me know if you try any of them out and let me know if you want to see more videos like this from me in the future thank you so much for watching and I'll see you in my next video


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