Cheap Smart Watch Unboxing | LetsFit Fitness Tracker Unboxing & First Look Review


  1. I got a smart watch too
    it's the diggro id115hr

  2. I have one and it Is NOT cheep

  3. can this device recognize apps like Facebook ect. and text and calling?

  4. You basically showed nothing

  5. Does it beep along with heart rate it reads? Or can the app do that?

  6. Hey buddy,,does your wife like her fitness tracker????…I need to buy one..and not sure if you guys like it..Thanks

  7. I just purchased one. I need it to know how to remove the band and you helped. Thanks. I will post my review later.

  8. Thank you for this info!!! I also needed to watch your video to figure out how to take the band off…glad you said it was a little hard…i wasnt sure if it was just me.

  9. Im watching this and i aready have one

  10. James Charles hey sisters

    This guy hey dads 😂

  11. Lol I rated the people bad before watching this vid smh I should have watched this first because since you showed how to charge it I charged mine and it works perfectly 👍

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