1. I LOVE your feedback!! Comment below and let me know if you want to see more of these affordable videos, or if you like the videos that are crazy, weird, expensive, etc lol ❤️

  2. Why when you do a squat proof you butt is not facing the camera. It is more on the side and I can’t really tell wherever they are squat proof or not. Thanks for your content tho and I love Leo!

  3. Girl go to Amazon and look up tesla leggings I love them for walks and runs. Squat proof and breathable as well!! Only like 20 bucks

  4. Can someone tell me her height? She considered herself taller and I wanna know. Cuz I will grab ANY leggings at reach her ankles if she’s tall tall

  5. Please put your measurements on every video box! LOL

  6. Bro when she grabbed Leos face😂 her reaction to accidentally booping his nose is hilarious

  7. leggings depot on amazon also has really nice yellow leggings for only $13

  8. Can you PLEASEEEE do a review on fabletics leggings i already have a few pairs but I would love to here thoughts ❤️

  9. The target scalloped leggings are NOT SWEAT PROOF.. they are very cute, but people will be able to see sweat on your butt and anywhere else.

  10. can you try the brand nasty fit by nastassian pomeranko? fellow fitness youtuber! would love to see the quality of her leggings!!!

  11. just letting y’all know -c9 is by champion 🥴

  12. Love this. Thanks. When you come back Bear Lake stop in at The Shed fit 365. New gym in Garden City.

  13. Hey hope I wasn’t sure if u knew but you forgot to put ur measurements in the description so I could compare

  14. I’ve been seeing an ad on all my social media for 90 Degree mystery pack of leggings. You choose your size and they literally give you a variety of leggings in your size! You can use the coupon code MYSTERY25 for 25% off so it’s $75 for ten pairs of leggings… $7.50 a legging 🤗 I know your love hate relationship with 90 degree but this deal sounds up your alley haha (:

  15. Yaaasssssss I appreciate these videos

  16. Hope out here saving and hurting my bank account all at once 😓 thank you so much for this video! All my leggings are starting to become too big and your girl cannot afford $70 leggings 😂

  17. You should do a review of ACTA activewear

  18. Could you do a video about your protein shake, bcaa, and pre-work out routine? I'm curious about your favorites🙂

  19. Love your videos! 🙂

  20. Could you reciew the maddiexfabletics

  21. I love your affordable videos! 😍 they are so helpful please do more of them. Interested to hear more about the hustle brand one

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