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you it's very very important to leave the gym with an incredible pump you know when you walk out those doors you want to have just the craziest pump and just feel like you're on top of the world you're leaving the gym and your brain is is just on a high and your muscles are so pumped full fades out you know it's just a great feeling the burning the pain the sensations the euphoria I mean it's just amazing filling the muscle burn every fucking set you know you have to go all out every set every fucking set counts you know just non fucking stop non-stop I guarantee you you'll get a pain you've never had before you're gonna feel that shit and you're gonna love that shit I'm if you lift it doesn't mean shit in your mind every rep you burn is more growth and that's the way it works when they start to feel it they stop because it hurts well then you're not getting a pump you're stopping before the actual workouts beginning you know the workout starts when it starts to hurt and that's when you should start County if you're trying to cause as much pain every single fucking rep you got to go to failure every fucking set shouldn't be easy every sin should be a fucking struggle you drop the weight you should be in pain just you have so much burn and pain in the muscle that you just can't stand it you're gonna want to stop probably half of you out there will stop but you gotta keep pushing and you got to fight that pain you got to learn to enjoy that burn and that's what's going to make you fucking bro yeah so you know no pain no gain is real shit it's really about squeezing them please every rep non-stop make that shit earn on fucking fire that shit goin keep goin make that shit her Wow no pain no motherfucking gain ah here we go come on come on you want please romance people come on go quick No nah whoa


  1. It's about what you wanna do to be strong, it's about what you can sacrifice to become what you wanted to become . It come down to how bad you want it. If you want it bad enough you will do anything to get it. That's about everything in life, it needs sacrifice and dedication. So set a goal, see yourself achieving that goal and work as much as required and win it.
    Always stay motivated ♥

  2. ROIDS

  3. I started my gym after watching this channel…I gained a lot…a small accident in squat changed my life…my disc was slipped…I have gained a weight of 20 kg in an year…I have lost my confidence…I used to be 83 like an alpha…now I am 103…
    Any gym expert…plz suggest me…can I do gym further…is it safe to lift weights…if so, what should I do?

  4. Gotta push through the pain. Right babe?

  5. RIP Rich Pianna.

  6. Started gym membership yesterday, where could I find some free program for all body muscle growth?

  7. I keep workout eeeh I m not wannabe

  8. This shit is sick!!!!

  9. In my mind, every rep I burn is more growth.

  10. It's not the weight but the tork and concentration on each rep! Most powerlifters look like nothing, an intelligent bodybuilders use the weight to contract and intensify the rep a with every exercise ! Feel the muscle, don't worry about how much you have on the bar, because no one fucking cares !

  11. You want to "flex" the muscle throughout the exercise.

  12. Bro I love these videos when I make it I’m definitely giving you a Shout Out 💪🏾💪🏾💪🏾

  13. Yet another godam genius clip. This stuff is like adrenaline. Your work is so dam appreciated! This stuff is GOLD I have had so many issues in life and I put this on hit the gym and I get peace for this time to reset my brain. Godamlegend thankyou

  14. dez vidos iz good

  15. Who are the idiots on here giving it a thumbs down?!
    No gain losers that don't have what it takes??
    This stuff rocks !

  16. My go to channel now!! Great music and commentating!

    Thank you for not playing that CRAP RAP MUSIC OR TECHO SHIT !

  17. 5am motivation. 💪 regards from Poland 🇵🇱

  18. Rip big rich

  19. I miss Rich -,-

  20. Awesome montage

  21. Motivation shouldn't come from these….these steroid users.

  22. Makaveli I need you in my life

  23. We can be friends, but not when I'm training. I TRAIN ANGRY! That way, I can be happy when I shove my success down the throat of everyone who doubted me!

  24. On repeat during my last 2 workout sessions❤💪

  25. soundtrack name please ??

  26. This makes me go hard as a motherucker in the gym !!

  27. The background score?

  28. instead of saying you can't try it for a while and just maybe you will find out it works or keep doing it your way and be scared I might get hurt and that is true but you could also get hurt in every day things like your back trying to move something but to get better you have to try new ideas to shock your muscles but try it.

  29. What's the problem bro

  30. Music name?

  31. Anddd thats how you get injured … you cant be in pain every set… all these athletes on those videos are on the juice … they recover faster. Life is a marathon not a sprint, you cant train like that and be looking good at your 60s and 70s look at Ronnie Coleman full of injuries….

  32. Not every set should be taken too failure if your natty… generates too much fatigue and if volume isn’t handled correctly then you will assuredly not beable to recover between each session

  33. Please tell me soundtrack name

  34. Soundtrack

  35. music please!?

  36. now get a juicy chesticle pump w the boys

  37. I can dig it 💪🏾

  38. make it burn for rich❤

  39. Love it

  40. Love it

  41. When will there be a motivation video with heavy metal. This cliché hero music don't fuel any anger.

  42. Great Video as always!! Soundtrack please???

  43. Gee that opening made me really miss rich

  44. try this it helped me a lot with changing my lifestyle.

  45. This is the best motivation I've ever seen keep up the good content

  46. Fuck yeah let's kill this shit work an grind everyfucking day

  47. Anadrol helps with the pumps..real shit

  48. I wish I can have a friend who can push me to the limit and after that help pushing the weights for one more repp…

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