Chandler Chamber Chandler 100 Awards 2014: Arizona Nutritional Supplements

so ans started in May of 1996 my partner Aaron and I were in the vitamin industry for a number of years and we had an opportunity to start our own business and we started importing raw materials from all over the world and selling them to different manufacturers of vitamins cosmetics and food companies in Arizona and eventually there became a huge need for our customers to have a better quality manufacturer because at the time they weren't out there so we ended up starting a small manufacturing plant of about 10,000 square feet and we produce tablets and capsules and some protein powder meal replacement type products and eventually grew the company and over the last 16 17 years we've evolved from a small ten thousand square foot facility to today we have approximately 400,000 square feet of manufacturing distribution fulfillment ful laboratory customer service you name it everything for the nutritional industry what makes our company unique is our employees our employees our vested in the company they all have a vested interest in the company they want to be successful they enjoy where they are they enjoy working with us as a team and building the company we have employees that have been with us since day one over 16 years ago – we're actually suiting 18 years ago to where they are today and continuously growing with us and we see a you know bright future for everybody involved in the company we we have four facilities three of our facilities are in Chandler one of them is in Tempe and the only reason we chose a Tempe location was because Chandler was so desirable at that time there was no facilities left anywhere we couldn't find a building to lease or rent or even purchase during that time frame so we're proud to be part of Chandler and anytime that we're looking for a facility we always will choose Chandler as we have grown as and has as we have evolved over the last number of years now you know sky's the limit the opportunities that exist for the company for the employees it's just his endless we were going to continue to strive to do better and be a better manufacturer a better company and as we do it just creates more opportunities for the company the employees and the city as well you

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