Champion Bodybuilding Couple With Cerebral Palsy | BORN DIFFERENT

and gone T so pocket had not held me back from being able to perform in a gym despite our disabilities we still became by a bullet and making it epic yeah dare you thinking they were awful ever going away oh no neighbors no name within those women tape okay with you 2016-2018 cameras taking place in that one middle right here that were my my very first competition I've done – I see one is well my wife when I'm pageant I know how to get up baby awesome you're the Pioneers about this and I'm proud of what we accomplished our dialogue with our party at the end your level my soul and our dyno with coasties fat12 haven't done those sound palsy and space there's seventeen million people that have throw a party today maybe even more I do have a lot of bullying well in my life and it was not good I'm not gonna lie i hain't got a boy too because the way that I think saying that I feel a combo we play he's a community college there downtown campus yeah my mother had passed away and she told me Dan you go here only make some of my life do something better improve your life improve your health everything waiting to be a professional Bible or either a professional wrestler well I stayed there a little bit a little bit so I chose with you I will win become a bodybuilder I am their fitness trainer coach and mentor and friend and family to add to it I'm the team motivator I'm the team height man I we come together as a team I had seen him in the gym before he always had a happy-go-lucky attitude and when he came to me and said I want to be a bodybuilder I literally just kind of had to take a moment and say okay are you serious you know I can't tell if you're joking or not I said yes I am I'm very very serious about this and go team and I sat and talked with him and he had this intensity behind his eyes and he had this seriousness about himself and he's like I really want to do a bodybuilding show I'm like okay like seriously like let's go next thing I know Tina's on the computer every morning googling researching cerebral palsy scoliosis I'm like what's going on she's like I'm gonna do it I'm like are you serious she's like yeah I'm gonna train Wayde I thought we're gonna begin with her three days a week at first then then we got it done by a blur now I have to wait one that first bodybuilding show BJ she came up to Tina and said Tina I'm going to allow you to destroy me and they're taking you I have so my way and now as I know stop me now oh my god can call yeah I knew we would know what I've been training Wade for four years and BJ for three years now their level of confidence has just risen it's a beautiful thing some of waiting BJ's weaknesses are are still with their leg coordination walking and stepping we're constantly working on that in the beginning his hands were so non-responsive to the weights and he couldn't really hold on that well but over time he's built up his strength and now at some of his best lifts where he can really hold on well be present I got a few max so well where Wade is now capable of using a lot of the machines on his own and then with BJ I still have to adapt some of the movements for her but we've gained confidence in what we're doing we do push-ups now on the floor and sometimes I'll just leave her there and say okay BJ let's get up and she's like well you need to help me I'm like no ma'am what if I wasn't there what if I wasn't with you through working with Wayde and BJ and bringing into a whole new awareness of a community with people with disabilities so my company called normal to be fit started a non-profit arm and what we do is we volunteer free of charge service for anything and everything in the gym I'm volunteering with normal do feet doing I can do I'm betting they're waiting it out throw a party and scoliosis and other disability they're starting to come there and volunteer with us and sitting back and seeing the pride on Wade's face when he's helping someone else he's like I M you know he's like I knew what to say I could help them and I'm just like wow you know and BJ's talking to one of the ladies in the wheelchair and she's you know depressed and she doesn't want to work out and BJ's like come on honey I'm gonna do it with you here you put it around my leg and i'ma hold it for you they'll help people with the machine until I can assistance and also I help to me cuz I give you more races and sometime they know what they don't say they can do it and they I mean I know forgive me I can do it you can do it to go we're gonna work together man mango is the two times come in person same myself defeat me and didn't ever maybe that's about whoa there's no stopping this there's no stopping this inspiration it's meant to be it's meant to be following because he oh I see you yeah I am standing by him I'm very proud of my wife we're here coming a lot to the weight loss that you do you know in their bodies burning stage the big deal for but we did it blessed to have her in my life right now I see weight and BJ having you know scoliosis and cerebral palsy holding them back from doing anything at all I don't see they don't let it you're gonna make it heavy yeah it's gonna be big if we begin where we are right now


  1. Amazing!

  2. Proud of yall , watch this couple of times and am still very intrigued. Yall really are motivational

  3. Who's cutting the damn onions again

  4. What type of sub human disliked this video? Smh

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  9. This is a truly beautiful thing and I got emotional. Turning a Disability into an Ability!!! Kudos Tina

  10. Now this is awesome, and loving and inspiring!!!

  11. Much props… Do Tha damn thing… No excuses…

  12. More power to y’all

  13. Absolutely beautiful and inspiring! Held back the tears, bless all these people x

  14. This is true inspiration. Thank you 🥰

  15. I have Lupus and this really gives me hope

  16. Amazing

  17. Y'all doing good

  18. It’s nice that they try
    But it’s absolutely ridiculous to call em ‘body builders’ or champions
    They re some sweet amateurs

  19. Third is awesome! Soooooo beautiful 💜

  20. The only limits people have are the ones they put on themselves.

  21. Bj is so pretty ❤️❤️

  22. Wow such a true inspiration. This is proof god does everything for a reason

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  24. Truly an amazing couple! They need an addition on their place – a trophy room. Talk about a power couple! Omg they have the cutest dog!

  25. ❤❤❤❤❤❤

  26. there so happy 😩!! this is so cute !

  27. This video is beautiful and I loved it but in the description they say scoliosis is a rare spinal disease. It's not. He may have a rare or rarely severe case but many people have scoliosis. I have scoliosis myself, and, while mine is also fairly severe and I know a few other people with even more severe cases, it is in no way rare for a person to have scoliosis. It's actually very common for someone to have some degree of curvature and have no idea their entire lives! The description needs to be amended to be accurate but this couple needs no correction. They are doing everything perfectly, what wonderful people 😊

  28. This trained my cheeks hard! Couldn't stop smiling! Absolutely inspirational. They're 47?! Wow!

  29. Faith in the human spirit….restored!

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  43. This story had me in tears, I'm a mother of a child with special needs, and those beautiful people gave us hope. You guys rock!!! 👍🏾🤗

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  48. I like what I see
    أحساااااااااان يا بشر

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