Chamki Fever – What we can do being away from muzzafarpur


  1. 1. Chamki Fever – What we can do being away from Muzzafarpur

    2. Delhi Metro Free for Women – Policy Analysis By Vikas Rattan Goyal

    3. Chaos to Sanity: Ask me your questions!

    4. Pre Poll Stunt of 10% Reservation by Modi Government

    5. Curious case of Supreme Court’s Judgement on RaFale Deal

    6. Delhi Farmer's Income to increase by 3-5 Times in 1 year By Vikas Rattan Goyal

    7. Odd Even – Car- Mark your calender

    8. Rafale Jet Deal /India & France – Burning Questions – By Vikas Rattan Goyal

    9. Arvind Kejriwal’s Protest at LG House – Justified or not? By Vikas Rattan Goyal

    10. Reality of World Bank Loan to India from 2014 – 2018 Analysis By Vikas Rattan Goyal

    11. Reality about Ashok Gehlot's Video: Electricity Water Power By Vikas Rattan Goyal

    12. Reality about "The Viral Boy – Love of Media" Sameer Khalid – By Vikas Rattan Goyal

    13. Tips to Evaluate 4 Years of Review of Modi/BJP's Governance – By Vikas Rattan Goyal

    14. Curious case of Oil Debt on India from Iran- Explained By Vikas Rattan Goyal

    15. Reality of Rural Electrification in India Vs claims by BJP govt: Vikas Rattan goyal

    16. Swift Justice for Victims – Women Empowerment – Appeal to Indian PM By Vikas Rattan Goyal

    17. Fake News Alert – How Zee News is serving Fake News to Mislead

    18. 2.4 Lakh Crore of Loan written off for big corporate: Answered in Rajya Sabha

    19. Reservation In Jobs in India: How Much Impact it makes

    20. Delhi Budget Jumped from 30,000 crores to 53,000 Crore in 3 years.

    21. HC Quashes EC Court in AAP 20 MLA Case & AAJ Tak Make Fake Breaking News

    22. Sanity to Chaos! Curious case of Apology by Arvind Kejriwal!- By Vikas Rattan Goyal

    23. Question to Mr. Rahul Gandhi – By Vikas rattan Goyal

    24. Kashganz – What we know so far & What we do not know! How to save people from brainwash

    25. Economics of Crude Oil : Are Indians paying High prices When international market price is low

    26. Sanity to Chaos _ BJP Union Minister Denies Darwin theory! Let's help him educate him

    27. Role of EC, Congress, BJP, Some Godi Media & People in the case of 21 MLA of Delhi AAP Govt.

    28. Delhi Rajya Sabha seat selection : Bringing sanity to chaos!

    29. Triple Talaq | Missing s | Indian Bill 2017 | – Analysis By Vikas Rattan Goyal

    30. Live interview with Prithvi Reddy – 5 Year Journey of AAP

    31. FRDI Bill – 2017 | Banks under Pressure | Increasing NPA? – Part 1 By Vikas Rattan Goyal

    32. FRDI Bill – 2017 | Banks under Pressure | Increasing NPA? – Part 2 By Vikas Rattan Goyal

    33. Fact Check: If Indira Had Carried Out Demonetisation, Would Modi Have Needed To?

    34. In Depth Analysis of Ease of Doing business Ranking jump from 130 to 100 – VRG

    35. Will Modi Ji answer or ignore these questions?

    36. Narendra Patel expose of BJP | Time Machine for Ro Ro Ferry : Report by Vikas

    37. Arnab fools the audience once again: Exposed by Vikas Rattan Goyal

    38. TajMahal | Smokescreen | DDCA corruption | Audit Report Finding| Jaitley |Kejriwal

    39. Jay Amit Shah : Rags to Riches after 2014 – Detailed Overview

    40. Did Nobel Laureate Richard Thaler supported demonetization in India

    41. Lies of PM Narendra Modi expose on Economy and GDP of India

    42. Main Gouri Lankesh Abhi Jinda Hu: In words of Vimal Ji

    43. Gauri Lankesh| Fearless Journalist| Fix accountability of BJP & Congress

    44. Demonitisation Result & How FM Arun Jaitely turns the wheel

    45. J&K Counter Terrorism Stats: Is BJP playing Hide & Seek with you?

    46. High Level Security Lapse : Amarnath Yatra

    47. Indian Farmers Protesting and Committing Suicide: Understanding key issues: By VRG

    48. Hackers Can Hack, Election Commission & Media Making a big Fool out of you.

    49. 80+ Girls From Haryana, Rewari on Hunger STRIKE for demands for School & Safety

    50. Why Is media suddenly Obsessed with Kapil Mishra: Expose of Drama Vs Reality

    51. Understanding the Life Hacks via Bahuballi – 1

    52. In Nutshell – Health Service Revolution in Delhi – Beyond Mohalla Clinics

    53. How Delhi Half State Work is divided among Center, State & MCD

    54. Shunglu Report – Khoda Pahad Nikli Ek Cheej – LG sahib ki permission on Real Work

    55. Delhi MCD Property Tax – Who has the power to waive – Analysis By Vikas Rattan Goyal

    56. Delhi MCD Elections! Issues to focus on! – Analysis By Vikas Rattan Goyal

    57. Truth behind EVM Machine Hacking | Electronic Voting Fraud in India by Vikas rattan Goyal

    58. BJP & Nationalism – Fake or Real – ISI agents Found in BJP IT cell

    59. Ramjas: Is violence the only way to Dissent? What is youngistan thinking!

    60. Demonitisation Disaster: 90 Days Over and yet Govt beating around the Bush/Raincoat

    61. Jallikatu is NOT "Bull Fight" but Bull Embracing! Save Bulls!

    62. Revolution In Delhi Government School System: First of Its Kind In INDIA

    63. Truth behind Dawood property of 15000 crore being seized- Expose of BJP by VRG

    64. Hope Not called Anti nationlist or anti comedy, Modi ji's Speech on 31st Dec

    65. Deep Fact Analysis – Dream of Cashless India Jumla Vs Reality – Expose by Vikas rattan Goyal

    66. Think Before you lose your Humanity – Speak Up! Take a Stand for right! – An appeal by VRG

    67. Top 5 Ways to convert Black Money to White, India – Expose by Vikas Rattan Goyal

    68. Learn abt Demonetization – Indian Currency Ban 500 and 1000 Note – Report By Vikas Rattan Goyal

    69. Episode 3 Do Bori say Ek Bori – Bureaucrat Expose demonitisation

    70. Episode 2 Do Bori say Ek Bori – Corporate Expose demonitisation

    71. Episode 1 Do Bori say Ek Bori – Politician Expose demonitisation

    72. Satire Comedy on features of 2000 rs note! Demonitisation In India – Satire on Fake News

    73. JNU – Please help a mother find her Najeeb – An appeal by another Human Being

    74. Pollution Reason – Delhi Dilwalon ki ya Fefdowalo ki – Report by Vikas Rattan Goyal

    75. NDTV Ban – Backdoor Emergency/Threat or Need of the hour – Expose by Vikas Rattan Goyal

    76. LG Sahib Ya to kar lo, ya please karney do! Delhi aapki gulam to nahi na..

    77. Curios case of "Disqualification of Delhi's AAP 20 MLA" – Office of Profit or NOT.

    78. Communication Series – Being Assertive

    79. ModiJi and Modi ji – jumlas

    80. Aapko bharat main – Loktantra chahiye ya bheedtantra???

    81. Who were raising anti national slogans in JNU?? Do you know? When will you nab them?

    82. SWEDEN INDIAN talking about Honest Funding to AAP

    83. Make in India – Insight from eyes of an Expert from Export industry

    84. Are you impacted by ODD/EVEN in Delhi – Decide for yourself

    85. Interview with Cab Driver : Personal Issues & Political Views of a Common man in Delhi

    86. Delhi Driver Interview VRG 25thApr 2014

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