Challenge Your Core & Stabilizers With This Movement [OPEN GYM]

I don't know if any of you know how we've been doing open gym lately so the first 15-20 minutes what we're gonna do is we pick the movement out we're gonna coach you guys on and we're gonna support you guys on it ask any questions we have our coaches here our staff here behind us let us know what you need today we're going to work on the bent over row I'm going to teach you guys a quick tutorial and then I want the coaches to get into a little bit more detail specific to your body and your technique and forms that makes sense to invite your Miami questions nobody know what a bent over row is if you don't we'll find out right now so if you guys come over here real quick here's what I'm gonna do them to give you a quick one so you're just gonna grab it about shoulder width apart some guys like a little bit lighter for our purposes let's just grab it like shoulder width so right outside from here you're gonna stand tall at the top neutral spine chin tucked what I want to see is the slight bend in the knees right and then from here I'm just shooting my hips back I don't want to be over I sent our balance too much that I believe will not rain on the lower back to go heavier on the bent-over row what I want to see his hips point this nag it's just a lever alright so we're here knees slightly bent neutral spine keeping the shoulders thing back from here reaching I'm retracting in a bully keeping my elbows and vertical as I possibly can so what I would see is from your from your up from your knuckles to your elbow you want to drive the elbows back and keep them as vertical as you possibly can everything that everything that we're trying to do here as far as your back goes went straight neutral spine entire time do that by pushing the hips back look I have pins right here we have 25 so we have 135 you guys should kind of know what we're wait your route let's split up into three groups get a couple reps our coaches will help you and then we'll support you if you have any questions up and cool any questions so reach retract pull elbows back and try to get that angle look there's still a little bit upright try to get that angle as much as you can almost like you're shooting towards your toes yes look straight up boom not bad crack your whole summer hold down the elbows don't think I'm gonna borrow one – good rest you understand why maintain a neutral spine for an exercise like this is a good idea I mean it's not even like deadlifts like you're not a PR on your bent over all right so deadlifts we can let it go for a little bit more next size like this you're really trying to strengthen your stabilizers and that's the whole point of it the prime movers know your your bicep and rear delts and rhomboids are almost secondary to for stabilization in an exercise like this but otherwise you can just yank on a frigging cable you know so chest up shoulders dead shoulder blades down and back good bring my fingers together for good there you go so we don't want to shrug up we want to drop down good good nice stay just like that so it's touching it here here should maintain this lumbar curve just enough and you may hit your hip relax good stick your ass out more good tuck your chin show your chest off bring these together more good good good good from there which is okay I want you to maintain that while you both good already locked can see the middle of our curve anymore thoracic come you know cervical attention I need more lumbar curve I need your baby needs morning these drop-down boots do not engage in your group you're just resting on your ligaments all right so you probably got to go a little bit library yeah what's up with today cool the weight just nice that looks good that looks pretty good actually set them out you're just wrong dude Dalton right yeah not too bad bring it up to your rib cage a little bit more good good drugging good you might even be able to tip over a little bit more yeah give yourself more of a challenge good be the further you tip over your base of support yeah the more did the challenging it is I'm here for absolutely good this guy's yeah well these stabilizers are really calm on the pencil about 15 threats that's true yeah starts failing battery yeah pick that up after your fatigue good I want you to good knees slightly and in these slightly now shoot the hips back shoot the hips at keeping it back right there good I want you to how's that feel is that uncomfortable back there if you could shoot your hips back just a little bit there these like the vision study done relax your arms good now from here drive your elbows back hey try now both straight good good three more very good tuck your chin a little bit whatever bow down a little bit we go to Temple y'all do to be to light go tempo mm mm good even though the slower your way down 3 2 1 go strong dude big chest three two one light head three two one no one like stop you calculating the muscles touching muscles turns them back on those are touch sensitive activate by tap tap a lot yeah he shrugs right away that your first rep okay he's just got a really flat back yes all the extension is coming at your cervical spine you gotta make your chest more to show your moves off it's too heavy for sure like reverse high curve do you do night but you don't lift you into like body weight just by bite on the floor yeah good you take your thumbs turn them out to bring them here good and just work on ya greatest attention I think it's a matter of just um activating them when you're in that position I got it yeah come on man spend it on your lips when you put your money over to get it on top of your chest heat it up on yours get on your test pull up to ten oh man before have to wait sitrep we sitrep situated your chess little change yeah no your left fools more ah oh come on Oh that rope liquid perfect good slide up will get a good grip on so it doesn't rich bring up to chin it'll fly up yeah I know that though man that was good explosion hi I that's a good idea yeah yeah you're there that's right I was uh I think of the done in Sorrento the video you're the old oh yeah that looks familiar too much


  1. The guy at 2 min got 2 heavy or dont realy get the move hes shruging

  2. 10:58 where is the coach telling the dude that he is destroying his back atm?

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  7. wish i could train at your gym one day

  8. So should you perform bent over rowing following dead lifts? Or do you do them on a different day?

  9. hello, elliot. I have been following your the last 3 years. I love all your advices. I tore my ACL playing soccer. I am shattered. I can't run or have any more gains because of this. I will have surgery second week of December. I will start running again maybe in May or June. No more playing basketball, soccer, squat, deadlift. Do you have any advice on how to recover as quickly as possible?

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    What kind of trainer is this, horrible watch your clients bro!

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  16. great video tutorial in fact the best on net… though going deep [ie pulling from the floor in snatchs or CJ's] this changes things even more for instance keeping back seriously arched while lifting tyres and not collapsing into more rounded movement oddly enuf girls always seem to be better than boys cause they have the natural donald duck bottom but sum those dudes gunna seriously injure themselves with th rounded back style! I find for guys what they need to do is watch the chicks by lifting with wide knees in order to retain a more upright posture in the deep position, literally its why ballet dancers never get bad backs-spreaded legs when landing which stops the back from caving or over-arching. Oddly enuf there is no real need to lift with straight back when stone lifting from floor or dead-lift position cause of the 'line of gravity' or 'weight closer to back'. until one gets weight onto knees height at least. the slim guy with th pony-tail got it right in that he naturally facilitates his core by a YEEEEARGHHH sound, something which weight-lifters typically recourse to in executing their lifts. Well done mate.

  17. Good video thank u

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  40. I always say as long as I feel a pump I don't care if iam not completely perfect on my form as long as I see results and don't get injured and it works for me

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