Chair Yoga : Chair Yoga: Warrior I Pose

Next we are going to look at Warrior 1 pose
both seated in the chair as well as standing behind the chair and using the chair for support.
So if we’re going to choose the seated option let’s start by scooting ourselves to the corner
of the chair and then we’re going to bring the left leg out to the side and we’re going
to reach back with the right leg. Now this leg might be long and it might not be. It
might be really opened up wide if you have been practicing this for a while or it may
be a little closer in, we’re just starting out here so let’s not stretch out too much
about it. We are going to rotate our hips so that they are starting to face the front
leg and our back foot is at an angle about a 45 degree angle towards the front leg and
from here we can choose an arm option with our hands at our heart center or we can extend
our arms up overhead taking care here if we have any blood pressure issues that we might
want to choose this option instead and we would want to do this on the other side as
well and our standing option standing behind the chair, taking our left foot, our toes
are pointing directly forward and we will step back with the right leg and again angling
that back foot and bending that front knee over the ankle and squaring our hips towards
our chair and just light pressure towards this chair to help keep us balanced here.

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