Chair Workout. Get Fit In 20 Minutes!

hello my friend and thank you so much for pressing play on this quick sit and get fit chair cardio workout I'm so happy that you're here if you're new to my channel my name is Caroline Jordan and I help people get fit and stay positive no matter what physical challenges they may face I truly believe that movement is medicine and the secret to living a strong and powerful life so if you haven't already please consider subscribing and hit that little notification bells that you and I can stay connected when I publish new videos but on to today's fabulous honest this workout is all about you getting your heart rate up breaking a sweat and feeling fabulous fast we'll be doing all of our cheer cardio movements from a sturdy chair so make sure that you have a chair that does not have wheels and is not going anywhere and we'll keep this short effective to the point so you can get on to living your day and feeling your very best if you're ready to get started we need to warm up so sit the head to your chair and just take big shoulder circles I love a good chair cardio workout and whether you're dealing with an injury or immediate disability you know it's one of the best options out there to get moving and help your body feel strong and amazing so keep those shoulder circles going let's do two more in this direction and reverse directions but one thing we tend to forget about your cardio is you've got to warm up just because you're sitting down doesn't mean you should skip this important part of your exercise routine so keep those shoulder circles going and relax take the arms forward and take an arm jumping-jack so a lot of the chair cardio movements involve your upper body but we'll definitely be using your lower body today if you decide not to use upper body or not to use the lower body you can still do this video with modifications so I want to encourage you to listen to your body and do what's right for you you are here for you just because I'm doing something doesn't mean you need to make it feel good and I'll honor that I love it when you do you alright so just take care of yourself that's why you're here because you're taking time out of your busy day to exercise and move your body and practice some self-care and self-love good two more jumping jacks and relax arms up in the air legs out and I want you to take one arm to the opposite toe and up opposite toe and so this is a great stretch and really feels good on the entire spine and make the hips as well so many of you know if you've been coming to my channel for years I really help people with different disabilities injuries and diseases we've got a lot of people on the channel dealing with different things you know we've all got a hard deck of cards but we find ways to stay strong and keep moving in life you can't give up just gotta keep going keep that twist going use your abs to get a crunch and don't let the top arm drop nice job I'm so proud of you this exercise thing isn't easy but is worth it hug give me two more ok one more each side good job go one and three laughs nice job just reach the arms up and start pumping we'll start to add the lower body in but again like I mentioned earlier if the lower body isn't an option take it out just do the upper body you make this yours and I would be so excited for that so just raise the roof right now we're just reading the roof the roof is on fire keep going for me bigger arms and remember smiling is your credit so if you want to add that smile in you go for it my friend my heart rate is coming up that's for sure keep it up reaching four three two okay arm jumping jacks open and close this is one move I do all the time when I wake up in the morning I like to stretch my chest give myself a big arm jumping jack see if you can go a little bit faster keep your thumbs towards the sky and shoulders down and back cool all right for just three two and big reach take the arms up and twist after this warm up you should be feeling fabulous please don't miss the fact that you've got to do more than just exercise though many people just come to the channel and they do the workouts and that's great so proud of you but you've got to live the lifestyle you got to eat well you got to think well you've got a practice positive living so I hope people do that as well cuz that's the secret it's just not moving your body you got to move the other part to your life good just take a few more ah what's a few more being Caroline let's find a home two more each side big reach nice job last one each side okay raise the roof here we go big reach just try to touch the ceiling with your fingertips if you don't have a ceiling try to touch the sky try to touch the moon try to reach for your dreams and your ambitions and your goals keep reaching stay with it oh my gosh you know what your arms are already in better shape just from the warm up that's pretty good already results quick results who said you can't get quick results stay with me and relax okay take your arms in a boxer position sit on the edge of your chair and you're just gonna punch opposite arm and leg good so if you're going for speed you can pick it up if you want to go a little slower go slower the speed that gets your heart rate up and makes you feel good is good for you so add an extra crunch in there if you can so twist the torso and squeeze the stomach in alright my friend you're doing great already keep it up give me a big punch ha yeah you can think about punching out negativity punching out things that hold you back punching out limits punching out anything to hold to you from being your very best keep me going you've got eight oh seven yes are you sweating it up though for more keep it going less two and one alright this is called the rainbow reach so your arms go over and twist and I thought I'd bring a little sunshine into your day well there's always a rainbow after the storm right I want you to bring that knee over as you reach so people don't realize is that every single challenge always has a silver lining there's a purpose to everything I know it I know my challenges have helped me be better and stronger even though they suck so even though sometimes you're being really challenged in different ways you're like life why are you doing that remember there's a rainbow coming it's gonna happen silver lining look for the silver linings always look for those rainbows after the rain good job keep it going eight seven can you make that a crunch six so proud of you five whoo I like this one a lot three two more two and one now I want you to run so lean back we do this one a lot on my channel pump those knees pump those arms heart rate up oh can you keep your spine straight you've got eight seven six five come on you have four three two and one you punch it side to side so now we're going to get those hip in action if the legs aren't working for you take them out just to the arms remember this is your workout you're here to practice self-care self-love and living an awesome life keep those side side reaches oh my goodness can you flex your trace up a little bit more I know you can stay with it oh my gosh ABS on fire do you feel your core let me know in the comments below because you know this chair cardio business is a whole lot of seated ab work isn't it though come on you got reach reach bigger reach see if you can make every single exercise bigger and better than before for more yes you are my friend oh my goodness one more each side and let's try that punch so alternate and again I really need you to lean back and give me an ab crunch try and get sweaty if you put more energy behind every exercise you will get sweaty difficult work you can move hard I know you could move harder a chair stay with it big punch big crunch oh my gosh you ready to rainbow you are give me four more here four three two rainbow reach look for the rainbow alright so I know many of you shared how you overcome your challenges and you know what as a coach my goal is to help you reach yours so when you tell me like you overcome injuries and you've lost weight or you've really helped yourself feel less anxious less negative less stress by exercising more I love that that's why you're here to be better and you know what we're here to be better together because I can't be better without you and I hope I help you be better to keep that rainbow going oh I love it so much we're gonna run in four three two okay show me your run lean back big spine pump those arms I know you can go faster run for your goals my friend keep running for your goals keep your abs in tight four three two side reach here we go big punch triceps oh yes so if you just look the other workouts on my channel you know would you your arms are looking good huh because we know a lot of push-ups a lot of planks a lot of things tone up every single muscle but again you got to remember it's more than just exercise you got to live a lifestyle live lifestyle my friend eat good foods think good thoughts be good to other people in this planet with that lifestyle you're gonna feel good they're gonna be your best self can you reach a little further can you make it bigger always Caroline always be bigger every day in a different way stay with it you've got four more we're gonna try this one more time okay one more time all these exercises last one each side good job here we go punch it forward whoo big crunch oh yes now you could go faster but make sure you still move well quality is everything so I see people in the gym and they're moving really fast but man their form it makes it coach just go blind so please make sure you move well always always move up stay with it do your best and if you don't know about good form ask always ask can you punch more 4 3 2 let's look for rainbows here we go rainbow yes oh man you know I've overcome some challenges I know you have too but they've always found some rainbows after that rain storm now I live in San Diego it doesn't rain much here I'm kind of happy with that but I actually love a good rainstorm because there's always room phone stay with it can you bring that knee up can you lift tall her out of your waist lift taller out of that waist good job four three two okay let's run here we go pump those arms pump it Pump it hard stay with me you can do it can you give me eight more nice Khan come on arms big big big big go and side reach here we go twist whoo oh my gosh now I did purposely match my Fitbit too many New Balance shoes today I was feeling the rose gold I was feeling the rose gold I love a good matching outfit sometimes I'm just a complete mess and I wear all the things all the colors but sometimes I actually put it together so you know it can be fun to have spandex that matches you got do the things that make you happy life is just too short just too short keep reaching you're doing great and I'm so proud of you for being here stay with it for more each side three more each side Khan you got it two more and last one okay let's clap for success oh yes I got really excited about today's exercises you're gonna give yourself a clock did you know that when you raise your arms over your head or you clap you make noises that inside your body actually feels physically happier what I think there's been lots of research done on this so let's click clap for yourself it's so hard to be proud of yourself for everything you're doing and you know what you should be proud of yourself because life is hard but you are strong enough to handle it and come out of it better than ever before so I want would take for you to say I'm so proud of you that I'm clapping giving myself a big kick and applause give it four more three two and one sighs like punch punch oh yeah this is getting crazy now make this a twist really bring out the waist eight seven six five four three two jumping jack here we go big oh yes turning on that chair cardio heat stay with me and punch twist oh my goodness I love a good chair cardio punch my abs are on fire eight seven six five four three two and clap hurry up Jake clap I want to hear you all I hear you through the screen saying Caroline I'm proud of myself life is hard I am strong and awesome I've been throwing challenges that I've overcome I am better than ever before and I love a good share of cardio stay with it you're almost there four three two punch side to side here we go time oh you got a lift out of your waist really use your abs don't use your lower back stand up super tall I trust that you're moving well I know you're getting sweaty I know it stay with it we're gonna jumping jack in four more three two big jumping jack pink smile as you do this you're doing so well today ah I love it you've got one or three right in a punch to punch side effect big punch lift out of your hips Oh tomorrow you're sore in your abs I want to know about it oh I want you to write coach I am sore in my abs and I'm so happy about it stay with me you've got four more three one more time to the clapping and big buck alright now if you want to you can totally straighten the leg go for it be my guest I don't usually straighten the leg I like a knee but you know you do you again oh you're that bigger club come on use your abs crunch crunch stay with it we're almost there four more and three two more good job rest leg side last two exercises you should be so sweaty at this point come on Baker punch bigger twist bigger smile bigger success can you use your waist more I know you can three ready to jack and jumping jack big jack come on kick your legs big reach for your goals bigger reach for your dreams stay with it almost done you've got four more three two and punch your real lesson with that punch big breathe reach big twist from the stomach oh I love chair cardio stay with it you've got four three two and one big shoulders circle oh my gosh check your heart rate see if it's up shoulders circle we're gonna bring it down and reverse the circle reverse and reverse good job reverse reverse arms up reach down lift up okay we're bringing it down because we train smart we warm up we workout and then we cool it down huh stay with it big reach big smile I'm so proud of you stay with two more you're doing great shoulder circles again breathe now if your heart rate got up and you got sweaty I want to know about it let me know in the comments below reverse go the other way you do the rainbow reach you clapped and gave yourself an applause today you did some jumping jacks two more good last one breathe inhale and exhale and inhale and exhale you train smart inhale hands by med let the Sun kiss your face push your elbows back big smile and exhale you my friend of all you're all done with this cent and get fit chair cardio workout now remember what I said in the video it's not just about moving your body it's about living the lifestyle eating good foods thinking good thoughts surrounding yourself with mentors and coaches and support network to live your best life you don't have to do this alone and you shouldn't do it alone surround yourself with people that can support you hopefully you found some on my channel that can really help elevate your success and get you to your goals faster so if we haven't already check out my products and services that can help take you to the next level way beyond what we do together on YouTube I'm an injury recovery coach I do virtual coaching for clients all over the world and that's a great way to help people transform out of challenge into stronger versions of themselves so injury recovery coaching virtual coaching and my online products and programs I've got my injury recovery system my hurt foot fitness program and my strong body program all designed to really elevate your success because I want to help you take it to the next level you deserve to feel good and live a life that you love so please let me know in the comments below if you liked this video and as always subscribe for more and like this video so that we can continue sharing great workouts together online and off your support really does help this channel thrive and stay in business so thank you so very much for being a part of my community and a part of my heart you did great today my friend and I'll see you again soon at Caroline Jordan fitness calm bye


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