Český Fitness CRINGE

welcome to my new video I recently wrote you to sent me some czech cringe so today we´ll look at that I’ve got a lot of them here you sent me a lot of them on the Instagram So a chose things that that have been most repeated…so look at them the first one is Ivo Fajkus I have here 3 videos from him I don´t know who it is we are starting sharply fuck so Ivo Fajkuš je damn I thought that in Slovakia is Juro the biggest troll, but this man surpassed it nice posing his form is quite good posing too honestly honestly if I looked like that, I’d never compete and maybe I wouldn’t take a picture of myself on the Instagram but this is only my opinion I admire everyone who has ego like this and who is thick and goes on the stage so he´s a big troll but hats off posing, roar, atmosphere he gave a heart into it so I think that Ivo Fajkus eats first this posing was so great now I have here the second video it´s called Heavy so look at this It certainly will be some workout split again so video called Heavy starts with a barbell in a multi-press What the fuck is that this video has 42 second and during that time I didn´t recognise for what is that exercise I have to play it once again anyway Heavy training, Ivo Fajkus exercise in a multi-press maybe it should be pull ups in a forward bend maybe some exercise for shoulders, i don´t know I didn´t recognise it but roar and the atmosphere good old school let´s go to the next it starts with a dead lift so technique comparable with Folha so he´s there so he´s there roar was there It´s the basis the barbell was full hump and knees under the axis I think that it was excellent Ivo Fajkus should log in to Aleš Lamka and does a show with people about performances and about technique this man should log in to that cause both form and performance is excellent I have one more video here it´s called fuck, Ivo Fajkus, back, i don’t give a fuck, heavy as fuck okey let´s go concentration concentration is basis before every repetition I like his mindset you see it a lot in IPF from triathletes when they goes to their maximal weights it´s same I really like a dead lift in a slowmotion every series I´d like to be a core of this boy it must be unreal Ivo Fajkus the fifth video called Earthquake into the pussy so Earthquake into the pussy this is the best he almost vomited It seems like old videos but if this boy still workout so he have to go to our training and it will be a big fun what the fuck are you doing here? Fajkus is a legend I’ll show you who is Fajkus then you sent me a lot Gym Laník I know this guy a little cause he once hated czech wars so I saw something but we look at this! here we have a video 300 kg x 15 lightweight gym Laník what to say I must admit one thing, this guy is strong on the other hand I admire his tendons cause dribling like that I was still waiting for his biceps to pluck it´s absolutely unreal and it´s a bullshit 300×15 when the first rep was heavy as fuck probably not anyway this guy hated czech wars unfortunately czech wars are for people not for monkeys that’s why we’ll probably never see him there however you sent me this guy a lot and he is a big idiot I wouldn’t call this a deadlift I would call this: how make one deadlift and to this maybe 14 pull ups in a forward bend it´s really bullshit it’s unique dribling with a barbell maybe it will be a new discipline he is a freak I’d like to see his biceps the next one is a gym Laník it´s called leg press 800 kg Jan Žvak leightweight this legpress reminds me Filip when we made 350 kg squats in 4 people 800kg on legpress if he did it with me, he wouldn’t do neither 400 kg cause here he makes half range and two guys have to secure him bullshit I don´t know why he shoot this he must be very ego boosted he must be a very ego boosted we already had deadlifts, 300kg x 15 we had 800 kg leg press now he has here 200kg on shoulders leight weight but i don´t know, I have to look at it we have it with introductory graphics now these are such inhales with 200kg good good this guy is a king in his exercises these exercises aren´t real but he´s a king because it´s impossible nobody would dribling with barbell and nobody can inhale with 200 kg nobody can do it only Žvak, dude I have one more video here and it´s the best personal opinion on strength wars so we look at it because this is an opinion on us I´d like to tell you who I am I´m Jan Žvak world champion, champion of the Czech republic, master of Europe I have an national records I think that I have a lot of experience in 25 years of my career with a lifting weights so I would like to say to an contest called strenght wars one fights another and when I see these performances how everyone says we’ll see super performances the weights will lift I haven’t seen any performance on video yet I´d like to say that I have seen people who lift 300 kg, someone lifts it only once 300kg on deadlift and when so they lift 330kg, 340kg, 350kg on deadlift but only once there are superhuman performances, not 300 kg performances in strenght wars are bullshits it doesn´t matter that are 6 consecutive disciplines they just are bullshits performance is for him 340, 350, 360kg fortunately I lifted these 350kg so I´m not so bad for him, I hope but after this video I´ll the biggest cum but fuck he has everything he only lacks a bachelor He does workout for 25 years and has not learned a deadlift He does workout for 25 years and look like… Jan Žvak is a legend every records, he know everything everybody is cum for him I know another one like that in Slovakia but we look at him maybe in the next episode we are going further good weight but boast with that these people are supermans that they are ready for a competition they fighting for the cup people are supermans they are ready for a competition they fighting for the cup when I went to the strength wars every month was one strength war recording and disciplines were known week before and were there both powerlifter and strongman and other exercises which I have never doing before but Jan Žvak know it better and everybody says how he´s a good man but interestingly, no one challenge me no one challenge Jan Žvak challenge him someone please Jakub, challenge him please nobody challenge guy like this because even though he has been training for 25 years but in all of videos he didn´t show any brutal performance over which I would pause but that’s not the point I challenge all in this competition even if I don’t need it I challenge all, but I don´t need it and I´ll not going anywhere I´m the best here and the strongest I´m the best and the strongest here and I´d like to see how someone lift 300kg ten times or fifteen times or 350kg five times and I´d like to see how someone beat me and the one who won the cup that he won three times and the cup is his now he can send me this cup so it´s Folha Folha deadlift, he won three times consecutive so Folha, send the cup to Žvak cause you´re fucking cum it doesn´t matter that you compete under 90kg and you lift 360, 370 kg and if someone want to compete with me, he can but I´ll give 5000,- on table, he´ll give 5000,- on table we´ll agree on terms and here we´ll compete so if someone wants I challenge all come here to Paskov how someone can be such an idiot he wants to challenge everyone in the republic he wants the cup but we have to go to the gym in Paskov put out 5000,- and compete with him according to his rules he´s a fool how someone can has such ego and we can compete but here weights will lift more idiots on czech scene please, cause it´s good this is the best czech cringe I have ever seen, after Tomáš Lukáš gym Lánik and Jan Žvak are top gym Lánik dude DJ is already playing I´m the world champion dude come to me we´ll put out 5000,- on the table you and me damn it´s not bad but you musn´t breathe faster than you do these reps I’ll not going anywhere, remember it dude! send me a cup by a PPL the next one is Psycho Michal I know him a little bit Because I saw that Filip was on his wedding these doubtful existences are attract together each other we look at this I greet you, welcome come to look so we have the second psycho training thanks to Mára that he helped us with a car that grandpa really like it he was glad to film and then I’ll say something about psycho training he has grimace with his hand like Kuba let´s go on the car the brake lights are on ? maybe he push it so fast that the grandpa must brake the best thing on the whole video is elbow from window grandpa doesn´t give a fuck he’ll push it for 20 minutes we won’t look at it, we´re going further this video is called the power of tchi fucking broomstick I absolutely don´t know what force a man to film video like this I understand when someone is intelligent and he films some cringe videos only for fun really only like a fun but this this is not fun this video is called psycho training part 1 it´s a very long so I´ll play it from half it probably will be a dumbbell he wears Filip´s t-shirt I moved the video a bit cause I noticed that here he makes something with a shopping cart I sometimes go to Kaufland shopping so I look at this he´s an idiot but the best thing is Filip´s t-shirt if I had a merch and a man like this would wear it, I’d rather burn it but this man still says Filip´s speeches maybe that’s why he was on his wedding they understand each other and FIlip wasn’t just on wedding, he was a witness Filip was a witness of something horrible what the fuck is it? he was done with this hater? so I immediately will send it to Kiro he always films videos about these haters to know how done it, from Most I was bored on training for a long time finally I discovered Psycho Michal you should made a squat with it this is free you must admit that Psycho Michal is good wait you won’t put it there ? easy look at this! what the fuck is this? in a Kaufland they have lighter shopping carts it almost killed me first I thought that Psycho Michal is a normal guy who makes himself an idiot for fun but when I saw more these videos now I think that he´s probably really idiot it is so stupid it probably can’t be faked so I think that such guys should have a ban of filming on YouTube what to say I would never want my child to see these videos don’t support it the last person I have here is Vítek Šimbovský I saw this because a lot of people shared it on Grznar´s quotes I saw both of these videos so it makes no sense to play it but he´s a young boy who boasts of that he takes steroids, he films some his progress and he talks about steroids in practice those people are already fucked up How can anyone fucking shoot that? How someone can shoot videos about steroids? If it shoot a man who takes steroids a long time or he exercise a long time he knows things in connection with health he enjoys it so the information from such man who is intellectually advanced and he can explain why shouldn’t the young guys care about it ok, someone like that can shoot videos about steroids but such a young idiot wants shoot about steroids ?! If this boy came to me and told me that he wants to shoot video with me I’d hit him just because he uses steroids this young and then I´d hit him for he addressed me and for he thought that I would make a video with him when he says bullshits it´s really bullshit I think that you should not take steroids just to try to match the same old guys who are better they have better technique for example and you don’t have on it you try to match and that´s a reason why you take steroids when you will be at the top level when you will have the best against you when you will sacrifice much of your life for it ok take a steroids or if you will reach the natural maximum or almost maximum because you never know what´s your maximum ok but you have to take it intelligently in the stage when you can think logically so this is a dementia and it´s very sad that young boys take steroids and they boasts with it because this boy thought like he start his career but his first two videos are so bad and he completely destroyed his name this guy will never be famous and he always will be only an idiot so don´t do it these are videos which I choosed of course you sent me another one you sent me Filip´s videos you sent me Korčok, Benda, Hižďál, Tomáš Lukáš but I know Filip before he started shooting and I don’t want to talk about him Korčok is not between us I don´t want to talk about him Benda is a next Tomáš Lukáš he´s a guy who has more disslikes than views on a video it´s unreal and he´s still shooting he still didn’t realize that those disslikes mean something the next one, Tomáš Lukáš man who promotes a school that teaches new fitness trainers man who workout for 10 years and he can’t do a one exercise well he workouted at Tomáš Bureš and still he can’t do a one exercise well and he advise you not to exercise your legs and such bullshits he is totally idiot and I don´t want to talk about him next you sent me Hižďál he is a fat man, has a little strenght every fat man has a little strenght he was young he had no competition so he was probably good this was the reaction video on the czech fitness cringe you sent me these videos you wanted to see it you asked me on every stream you sent me it to direct so its better make video like this
so that everyone can see it write in the comment what you think is the biggest fitness cringe and if you want next reaction, write to direct give like, subscribe and see you next time What’s up? What happened? I´m posing like Ivo Fajkus


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