Certificate of capacity/certificate of fitness

This is Anna. Not long ago she was in an accident. But now
she has recovered. Anna needed help with her recovery so she could get back to doing the things
she loves, and to get back to work. To achieve this, she needed the right support
and the right plan. That’s where the certificate of capacity
or certificate of fitness came in. In NSW, this certificate outlines a person’s
capacity for work and usual activities after a work-related
or motor accident injury. It is completed by the person with their doctor. As soon as Anna was injured, she went to see
her doctor. The doctor recommended that it was good for
Anna to get back to work, but because of her injury, her doctor suggested she speak to her employer about changing her
activities for a while. To assist with her recovery, Anna worked reduced
hours and saw her doctor regularly. Anna needed to get a certificate from her
doctor at least every 28 days or when her circumstances changed. By doing this, she was able to receive income
support payments. Anna focused on her recovery, And continued to see her treatment providers
on a regular basis. The certificate is one of the ways that Anna’s
doctor communicated with other people. Together, Anna, her insurer, her employer
and treatment providers worked out the best way to achieve her recovery
goals. The form is available on the SIRA website. In Section 1 of the certificate, Anna provided her personal details and gave
consent for her support team to exchange information
so that her injury and her claim could be managed
in the best possible way. Section 2 was completed by Anna’s doctor and was about her diagnosis, medical and treatment needs and her plan for
recovery, including Anna’s capacity for work and usual
activities. Section 3 was about Anna’s employment since
the last certificate was issued. Anna filled out section 3, and signed sections 1 and 3, and her doctor signed section 2. If Anna had a worker’s compensation claim, she should have given the certificate to her
employer or the insurer . If she had a CTP Green Slip claim she would
only have needed to give the completed certificate
to her insurer, and could have choosen to give it to her employer
to assist with her recovery. Anna worked with her support team and made good progress towards her recovery
goals. Anna continued to recover at work, and increased
her hours and duties. We know that everyone’s situation is different. For more information go to www.sira.nsw.gov.au. The certificate of capacity and fitness: supporting you to recover and get back to
your usual activities.

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