Celtic Fitness Coach explains importance of Pre-season!

join your here with your your laptop and the boys are then foster back on on pre seizing what have you got in store for them and we're just looking at poor fail basically players from day one when they come and different quite a short break so we know that they're gonna come back in good condition about very for since of our professional groups so we know when they come back and they're gonna be okay but then it gives us an opportunity to do some can I borrow a test and assessments just to see physically well at after that moment in time and then what's the what's the plan from then on and obviously we head away to Austria next week is that the stage where you begin to ramp things up yeah I mean let's be fair like said because it's been available a short break three weeks doesn't much and with the lot of games towards the end of the season players are in a good place so we feel confident that even the sweep this way to benefit we've got opportunity sir thank you mate the trading Lords and get on going yeah traditionally if you speak to footballers from a few decades ago they hated preseason because of it all for eight million weeks and they came by really unhealthy but these are naturally fat guys we've got here yeah and I see the group's good group my fortune in that way and it kept sauce confidence and we can air our training can apply in place that gets them going try it quite clear but some big games coming off in the last few weeks so don't really have to tame her to tame your waist or floor fail them get them training we've had a claims to be of the likes of Scott Sinclair and the gym you know doing jumps and things like that what specifically has he been doing yes or saying so we're looking at as the Jomsom self gives a nice little idea or and that can I outputs and a specific movement partner but we can look at which links and quite nicely to the fuzzy was between and don't steals as we can look at that ESM and she's left and right certain vid was plan arc in Taylors what we can then use and I can our program of strength of its development a lot preventative regard than that individual so yeah it's a nice information independent individual we then use are moving forward to put an approved arm that the suits them yeah so that's deploying them because it's all very well having the information but so the talk is about more about what that information feeds into and so since they've each player doll we're looking at before fail if look at what they are as an athlete and but also looking to watch these that are in that career and then that although is just to pull up all the time in place that suits them as an end of vegetable and pasta prayer my force between their games as I said that in good condition when they come back in because we they are but we also know they have D condition Tenex then just be neat be careful at what strength we put in place what will a virile of treating and the pets we put in place for a certain players and then from there working their program that's give us some licensees and where there are at that moment in telling so a little bit like you know when you go to the gym and you say not for PT sessions every player he is on their own personal program yeah it's very important that's the most important thing about is they have an end of its life approach that they have responsibility and autonomy within that though they know what suits is suited to them and I think that brings that lot baddest one spoke to the player it gives us confidence their use like an animal a decibel any reports from the physio is to myself and the performance aid check and a sports science aid as well there comes the year gives them a fall down that suited to them and of course with such bad games coming at this start of the season in terms of you know qualifiers it's such an important point in terms of the conditioning and the fitness yeah it's early I suspect part over we can come up against teams and early phases who are denied season so we've got a job to try and prepare them as quickly and sufficiently we've can and make sure that they can call birth that level again


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  5. What about some pre season signings please.

  6. That lad is doing a great job. But definitely loves himsel a bit too much. Holding the eyes closed: narcissism behaviour.

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  9. Here We Go, 9 In A Row!

  10. More of this please Celtic fabulous insight into the work that goes into preparing for another Season.๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿผ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿผ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿผ

  11. Fitness even more important with no sign of any fucking signings never been as uninterested cheap bastards

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