Cellucor Dietary Supplements Unboxing – C4 EXTREME + WHEY PROTEIN + ALPHA AMINO

you're what's going on everybody boy ipodkingcarter hair I have a big unboxing for you guys today man two in a row your boy is on a roll out here in these streets but check it out i'm about to unbox something from cellucor but i have to give you guys the background story on this man i haven't made a video on my channel for this because I've been so freaking busy but check it out your boy ipodkingcarter me gotta start calling myself just ik see if you don't know what that means type in the hashtag jus I Casey look look imma stop beating around the bush your boy is now an ambassador of a probe call of duty infinite crisis csgo oh yeah you know what your boy is doing it big with a pro team out here man I am now a part of team justice no I don't gain I just raise awareness so check this out man dick snacks reached out to me a while back it was like look man we trying to take this team far and I'm gonna put you on board and I was like of course Vic snacks is the homie and then I hollered at the co-founder Mike met him and you know ever since then everything's been going good and big snacks was you know trying to put me in touch with a few different sponsors and so your court actually reached out to me man shout out to the rep man they actually set all of this up he sent your boy a nice care package in this care package it's ain't no small care package its board on it looked like I got a box for Macy's I'm getting gifts but check it out man I'm about to unbox what's in here on me sent me a few samples and everything like that and now that I've been on this like real big workout tear and saying I got my Fitbit in saying let me see but I reach my goal yet can't see that look at that almost reach my goal for 10,000 steps that's what I do out here but look let me let me unbox this bad boy let me let me show y'all what I got what check this out now if you guys don't know what cellucor is basically they lead in dietary supplements sports nutrition and everything like that and if you guys ever heard of anybody working out trying to get muffled you're saying these one of the companies that you need to be linked up with so let me open this box now this thing is fresh and say I even had to bring the knife but when the last time y'all seen the knife ain't bring the knife out an admittedly so this right here is all fresh so let me go ahead and I'm saying to slip this joint now uh if you guys want to get in touch with cellucor besides the website that's going to be inside a description check that number right there and saying but you open up this box man it ain't over alright so let's see what we got here I'm loving a box too many boxes out the brand all over it nice going crack up all this all right now before we get you this box is crazy like but before we get to the goodies I got to show y'all something real quick I got a cellucor wristband so am saying I could wear this drink all the time I'm always used to having like so much stuff on my wrist but only reason i only got my fitbit on is because it's kind of late so are you wearing on my drools and all that anything but i don't even want to show you all that yet but check it out this what we want to do this is crazy alright so i got all these samples right now this is so much is it all right let me take me put this box to the side so you guys see all these pecs right this what we want oh I'm gonna put them back in one by one after I look at them so the first thing that I'm picking up is c4 extreme now what I can tell you is that this is a dietary supplement pre-workout and saying gives you more energy before you hit the gym and sing about to pick all these up you see I'm not sure you guys have any pets they gave me up c4 extreme now they gave me four six eight ten twelve eighty 14 packs of c-4 right but they have given me pineapple strawberry margarita pink lemonade fruit punch orange a mystery flavor a test batch what okay that's another pineapple another thing women need another mystery flavor and another strawberry margarita I cool so that's 14 servings of that now a sports drink powder the alpha amino kind I'm saying let me see i got i only got six packs of these but i got lemon lime icy blue razz i have watermelon on yeah and I got so basically I got two of each now let me tell you guys what else I got all right I got that way Dough Boy your boy try and get that way up okay so this right here is the core performance way fat Justin 100% whey protein 25 grams of protein 130 calories only any servant and they got the digestive enzymes and in his cookies and cream flavored cookies a quick haha I'm gonna f this up all right now let's see what we got here next this is what I want to show you guys right here man mmm yo wood which look what I got you I got more way breath alright so this way right here is the cinnamon swirl all the same things in that first pack away that I shows you guys so we got cinnamon swirl cookies and cream we have molten chocolate insane right at that bitter tasting one but you know what most people like and check this out peanut butter marshmallow like yo these is different types of flavors Ani never heard of yo all right so I got more things away I got 14 pre workouts and I got six purse strings Jane's I'm doing it big right now cheese all right so I just want to thank the guys over at cellucor for real I'm actually going to take all of this to my gym tomorrow because I got to go to the gym at seven pm and I'm gonna delegate with my trainer on you know how safe all of this stuff is and he's gonna break down everything with me and I'll probably do a review video probably in about a week or two and it's going to give me that time to actually let the way and the pre workouts and all of that work through my system so i can actually see results so right now i can tell you guys how much I weigh I way to 29 right now like I walk around at 229 on last week I walked around at 233 but now I walk around at 229 like on any given day so hopefully in about a week or two I can walk around at to 20 to 17 so you know I've got me going hard man i'm going home charlie that fat neck in central that neck but uh yeah so you know I brought the knife back out him saying brought the knife back out sell your core I really appreciate it y'all really appreciate it um if anybody wants to learn any information about cellucor definitely look inside the description the link is the first one check them out see if you need them see if you like them see if they're worth the trouble of you trying to get buff trying to lose weight trying to do your thing look man I'm saying proof is in the pudding I've been in good in saying I've been working out steadily now this right here is going to give me more energy it's gonna burn more fat and hopefully build more muscle because the boy here boy looking a little too slim out here man you know I'm used to being that brolic having no neck shoulders all over the place doing him since so you know how it is but this is our Casey signing out say your court thank you again um I'm gonna go work on now where am I we're my resistance bands at mm-hmm you got the resistance bands I'll let y'all peace you


  1. I got those Amino samples at GNC not too long ago they're alright, but yeah everything you just got was at minimum 200$ so yeah they really was looking out for you

  2. The strawberry one is the best one so far that I tested

  3. If you want supplements that really work try onnit

  4. yo ikc my man are these shit healthy tho?i mean for real answer me plz.

  5. How tall are you?

  6. Bruh r u really gonna lose that much in one week? If so PLEASE post an update ima purchase all that!

  7. You sound like a little kid on Christmas.

  8. The boy IKC is doing it big!!! Gratz to you big homie!!! IKC gaming show coming soon!!!

  9. Barry tales

  10. It all starts in the kitchen. Diet is everything. Supplements help, but the diet will get you that 6pk and leaned out.

  11. Play some game

  12. +IpodKingCarter yo the tee shirt is mean

  13. None of those are dietary products. How is whey a dietary? How is c4 with creatine dietary? Maynnn FUCK out the way!

  14. Dude Jesus Christ cut away from you.

  15. Whatever happened to just hard work not supplements and shit smh

  16. #JUSIKC

  17. If your serious about working out check out my boy Chris Jones POG on YouTube …

    But all you really need is whey protein and a preworkout bro…

  18. Tryna build some muscle mane?

  19. Use the code Justus when you buy online for 20% off

  20. I use the C4 Extreme pineapple before my workouts works great

  21. Yerp #IKCNation

  22. 4th doe 

  23. What rhymes with cash?

  24. Ikc u was hype when you opened that box it was like Christmas for you lmao

  25. Am I the first nigga?

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