CDC: Backyard chickens likely cause of Salmonella outbreaks

this new information if you have backyard chickens you may want to be extra careful according to the CDC the birds have been linked to Salmonella cases in 21 states including Tennessee newsChannel 5's jesse Knutson reports you may need to take more precautions it's not uncommon to see chickens in neighborhoods throughout Tennessee I have 14 chickens take Katy Stokes for example she's always wanted to live on a farm and she's always wanted chickens they provide eggs straight from the source and they provide a lot of fun and her kids Bailey Anna Emerson and Ben love them we bring a red cup out they love the color red so they come running after us they want the scratch we can pick them up Adam they love attention and they love food anytime I can be sitting out here eating popcorn and they're all gonna gather around and want a piece you could say they've become a part of the family they even help do chores around the yard in the form of bug control they eat all kinds of bugs ticks everything we have way less bugs in the yards than we did and if we find a bug that we don't want around I just show a chicken and they go after it but now the CDC is reporting that backyard chickens could be responsible for a salmonella outbreak in 21 states including Tennessee most of the ill people reported having contact with chicks or ducklings and the CDC says people can get sick from touching backyard poultry or their environment in fact the CDC says sick birds may appear clean with no signs of illness so it's important to take precautions no matter the situation we wash your hands as soon as we get in and the Stokes even have special shoes to wear when tending to the chickens but as far as salmonella they haven't heard of the issue around here I have tons of friends have chickens and I haven't heard anything of it I'm in chicken groups on Facebook and they say they try to scare you so everybody gets terrified but it's not as bad as everybody makes it out to seem Jessie Knutson News Channel five thanks Jesse the Metro Public Health Department said there are no reported cases of backyard chicken related salmonella in the Nashville area

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