CDA Physical Training (Commercial Diving Academy) …


  1. 120 jumping jacks
    120 legs
    120 run on place

  2. Art of living Yoga ,is better it's helping students good health and more relaxation mind

  3. yoga would be more beneficial then 80 percent of the exercises they do.

  4. not one women. half of this is useless,not applicable in diving situations.A army drill sergeant does not get the correct exercises in line,they dont get it. I know I went there.

  5. Good times…

  6. that girl pushed him. 7:35

  7. What a complete waste of money and time. Is that some kind of drill instructor ? Go to Morgan City, join a gym. Its a fraction of the price. A couple of hours welding underwater does NOT make you an underwater welder !

  8. Is CDA a good school? I was considering either going there, to Ocean Corp, or to Santa Barbara City College. I really would like to become a Commercial diver. Any advice or recommendations?

  9. Im a grad from CDA an i personally didnt think it was as hard as people make it out to be.. but if your just going to work in the US then go to a cheaper school because your paying for a Unrestricted DCBC and that mainly why its soo $$$ my co worker went to jersey and he paid half of what I did and we do the same thing. so unless you plan on going out of the US and have good connections dont spend your money, unless your using your GI bill, then do what ever.

  10. I went there dumbass

  11. omg… some of these people are so out of shape lol

  12. if you want to be in the best shape for diving this is the place to go hands down

  13. haters hate but this place cleaned me up 

  14. And you paid money for this "Training" ? What a rip off…

  15. Whats that of kind of training??!!
    You will be a diver work out your cardio by swimming like we do in diving academys in europe….

  16. do you guys have to run daily?

  17. fuck CDA… ripoff!!!! bunch of fuckin worms!

  18. Men for the most part are stronger physically. However women have a much higher pain threshold then men. Overall I think each gender can perform equally as well.
    subsea diving is though job suited to only a few, male or female. But for the few it's the best job in the world.

  19. At the same time I am not talking down to women. HawkinsDiving for sure can kick my ass, and there are a lot of women who are tougher than me.
    DO IT IF YOU CAN! We support you.

  20. I'm glad to know that leaving the infantry and going to this school won't be too big of a difference PT wise. And as for the woman thing goes, obviously if a woman has the mental grit then she can do anything she wants. That goes for humans in general. Obviously I feel differently about women joining the Infantry but if they prove themselves in diving, then let them dive! That being said, don't try to say you are tougher mentally. Just cause you can have kids doesn't mean you can go to Zurmat.

  21. Rangerhead- everybody gets accepted… its money for them..

  22. I do not understand why more females dont dive. I agree, it is very tough! I do not have muscles like men. I am petite, but I still love diving.. The day I started school everybody was 100% sure I was going to quit. I actually finished pregnant to my luck.. I still finished! I believe women are mentally stronger than men! Our motivation will get us through anything! Don't be so negative you grumpy squids!

  23. You can almost forget about working out on a dive boat bobbin up and down in the gulf. After busting your ass for 12 to 18 hours a day you're probably not going to want to anyway. Trust me, you will get plenty of exercise on the job.

  24. Stick to being an engineer. The average career span for most divers is 5 years.

  25. Thanks for the tip, I haven't started class yet but I am always trying to jump off of high things…

  26. Real offshore will kick asses and leave no names. mr joselin is awesome mick is a doosh but red is on top of his game. travis is cool and i will give u what u mist

  27. I'll tell you what'll get you conditioned.. Go come up on some 600 foot dive hose with H/W and Video cable married in, sometimes up to two extra comm lines… possible zig zagged through jacket legs… Nothing could have prepared me, nor does it even compare to regular execise.

  28. So… has anyone here actually been to the GOM??? Ever looked at the general populace of Senior Divers?? Physical fitness is not very popular out there. Though, it does have it's fan base.

  29. @alaskanspartan Hopefully in Feb. Still having a hard time finding someone on base to give me a dive physical. I ETS in Jan. Looking forward to a career after CDA.

  30. Enjoy that place guys! Have fun. I gotta admit that the guys slacking in this video were mainly in my class. They had a long night of drinking and girls! Just be smart and have a DD. Don't go to the gay bar!!

    Don't jump off the higher bridge. They will kick you out! It's no joke.

    Learn anything you can from Walt. He can teach you a lot! Red is an amazing instructor also.. He was fun.. Tell him Pebbles said "hi".. (Also, do not make babies at CDA.)

  31. Accidents are avoidable and besides. On risky jobs. Insurances is your best friend.

  32. So this is what we should be doing! Great stuff!

  33. You are correct and I fully agree with you – divers SHOULD be fit – as I was competing in Triathlons when still sat diving.

  34. Wow. Thats what they call pt? That aint shit. Im getting out of the army soon and plan on going to CDA in Jax. Im just up the road in GA. Hopefully it all works out. hopefully the post 9/11 gi bill relly is as good as they say because i noticed it only pays for half of this school.

  35. Yes, But being fit does help.

  36. Doing some jumping jacks don't make you a diver, I have known guys that are fitter than a butchers dog fail miserably in the water.

  37. ya wheres the get backs and the 6 mile run lol. cant wait to go to CDA

  38. Some of those kids are definitely in better shape than others! lol. I'm so excited to be going to CDA next year!!!

  39. That's because its not supposed to be military. I served in the army and yes, its harder. You will be so glad to have done the pt every morning once u break out. Its funny to see divers from other schools gasping for breath after only a few hours underwater. I can go all day and lug the gear wherever. Working graduate of CDA 0710 "The Judge"

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