CBD Oil vs Copaiba Oil – Dr. Hill and Dr. O Discuss How CBD and Copaiba Work

Hi everyone, Dr. David Hill here with
my good friend Dr. Russell Osguthorpe. Russell, welcome.
Thank you. Nice to have you here would you like to take
a moment just introduce herself and who you are? Sure. My name is Dr. Osguthorpe, you can
call me "Dr. O". I'm a pediatric infectious disease doc and I'm really
glad to be at doTERRA. Well we're happy to have you here,
and today we're gonna talk a little bit about Copaiba and CBD. I would like to put it into
a context of four very specific things and this is going to surprise
you but price, purity, purity, potency an d then I'd also like to talk about
some new discovery we're making for pathway. Yeah. And I want to relate those all
to CBD and this comparison to Copaiba. One of the things that we know about
CBD is that everybody has had a seemingly great experience. We know that there's a good amount
of information that's available and we don't want to be
discounting of any of that. So let's just talk some very specific
things when you think of those first three things: price, potency, and purity…
what comes to mind to you? In the marketplace today CBD
is flooded– all over the place. It's an every product imaginable from
mascara to doggy treats and everything in between. The trouble is that when people are
taking it to help them with problems that they have with their health, the doses that are required are so
high that the price point is really painful. Well it becomes painful and becomes
unobtainable for most people and purity is a different animal for me. I'm going to drill down
on this just a little bit. It's doTERRA's calling card. It's what we do. It's what we know
and I know the intensity that goes with that. In an industry that as you indicated
has this plethora of products we see a lot of inconsistencies in terms
of the amount that's available of the CBD where some of
the difference that you see that? Well the trouble with CBD is that the
hemp industry where CBD comes from is not very regulated and the products that are made are
not checked for purity and the amount of CBD within those
products can be highly variable because of the dissonance that exists
between the federal and state statutes around CBD. Right. It's not a good time for us
as a company to enter that arena. Let's look at the
Endocannabinoid System. CB1 CB2 receptors… Do you want me
to explain it really quickly? Very quick for everybody
to understand what that is. The Endocannabinoid system in our body
controls a whole host of things. Eat, sleep, forget, relax… and the
receptor tone matters and you change that receptor tone by these chemicals
that our body makes for ourselves. We call them Endocannabinoids. In the
plant world, there are lots of chemicals that plants make that interact with
our own bodies receptors and they they're called Phytocannabinoids and CBD
is one of those Beta Caryophyllene is another right. And that potency issue how much power
you get to that system either up regulating or down regulating that
system depends on how you bind to those receptors and Beta Caryophyllene
is a direct binder to the system. And CBD is an indirect binder. So this offers some explanation why
we're not saying that CBD has no value it's just a different circumstance. Correct. And the amount that we have present
within those two products by comparison when we look at Copaiba Essential Oil
and when we look at CBD They're very different. They're very different and we really
don't compare them and this is one of the things that I've become most
excited about with Copaiba is that the Beta Caryophyllene this Phytocannabinoid
that you talked about that in and of itself
resides in substantial amounts. There's really little question about
are we getting some efficacious dosages associated with them? The potency that you can obtain by
getting a purified product from Copaiba with Beta Caryophyllene is quite high. I really get excited about
what we're currently discovering with pathway. And so let's talk about that because
you've already indicated that one of the differences that we
see as we activate this system and we're talking about CB2 receptors
we have indirect consequence and a direct consequence in the downstream
effect that both of those create that we're after. So binding at the receptor level is
really important but what matters in the cell is how you get to your end
result which is changing DNA proteins, enzymes… the cellular functions and direct binding at these receptors
has effects that will drive cellular mechanisms to change certain outcomes
within the body. One of the other things that I have
liked about Copaiba as an essential oil product is the
diversity that we see it's not just Phytocannabinoid that's there.
It's not just the Beta Caryophyllene. We have lots of other chemistry and
that provides some diversity for us and so unlike the CBD when we look
at Copaiba as an essential oil we have potential for other benefits
that really can even reside outside of the Endocannabinoid System. When we when we talk about Copaiba
but we're not just talking about Beta Caryophyllene, there are many molecules within the
essential oils many of which have plant chemistry behind them where we know
that there are going to be other effects than just simply
the Endocannabinoid system. Beta Caryophyllene, however,
being a major component. And that's one of the things that we
love about it is that we're confident we have potency. We know that we have purity and we
know that it's directed to the Endocannabinoid system. I've seen a bottle of CBD sometimes
sell for hundreds of dollars. Sure. And the amount that I would have to
consume based on the discussion that we've had is exponentially higher than
what we would see was something like Copaiba that has higher chemistry
certainly not hundreds of dollars a bottle. And we also know and have looked at
the research and know that by comparison we can have very small dosage amounts and still create the benefit in the
effect that we're looking for. That to me is one of the critical things
I get greater benefit from the Copaiba And higher value. I get greater efficacy and
I have much higher value. I come back to as well those four Ps. I think it's the
foundation of what doTERRA does. Purity and price are extremely important
when you're talking about a product like this. I think that Copaiba will define itself
in the marketplace quite nicely over time


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