Caution about Strontium Supplements

hello i'm dr. chad price a board-certified orthopedic surgeon and president of the institutes for better bone health our silikal system contains ingredients which help activate the effects of calcium and vitamin d the vitamins and minerals in the silikal system are consistent with recommended daily amounts and safe levels established by the National Institutes of Health we've decided not to put strontium in our bone health supplements for several reasons first of all strontium is not an essential mineral it's not an essential requirement for our bodies we can live a very long natural healthy life without strontium there is some strontium naturally in foods and water it's about 2 to 4 milligrams a day but recent study published this year shows that regions and women that have higher intakes of natural strontium in their diet have a 24 percent increased risk of breast cancer now that's just the natural strontium and pre menopausal women let me read you what that study said it said these results suggest a potential role for strontium in the development of breast cancer areas of the world with high strontium levels in the water also have reported increased risks of colon cancer and stomach cancer the risks are small but it is concerned another fact is that strontium is heavier than calcium so strontium replaces calcium and bone and that makes the x-ray look more dense so it kind of fools the DEXA scan a little bit some of the increased bone density from people that take strontium is because of the fact that the DEXA scan looks better but the density is partly due to the increased weight of the strontium now strontium can also replace calcium in nerve endings because when nerves communicate they release little vesicles or little bubbles that are filled with calcium and those bubbles can be replaced by strontium strontium is used in experiments to slow down nerve transmission so it can be studied better the slowing caused by strontium is just milliseconds but that can disrupt some of the signaling one long-term study of strontium has suggested there's a slightly increased risk of memory loss and disorders of consciousness now another concern is that this year the Europeans medicines Commission which is the equivalent of our fda recommended that doctors should not prescribe strontium for people who have a history of deep vein thrombosis or blood clots or for people that are immobilized and at risk for deep vein thrombosis so strontium may have some benefits for help and for bone health but we're still enough concern that we're not going to put it in our products so we recommend that you use the silikal's system which has ingredients that activate the effects of calcium and vitamin D without some potentially unknown ingredients thank you very much please visit our website or if you have more questions call 1-800 two four two six one four nine thank you and good help you


  1. I think we need to be careful to take anything. It may make my bone stronger but what if it makes harder but not flexible. That means old bone cells are not coming off before building new bones.

  2. Talking out his ass. Lying. Strontium is needed for optimal health. Foods high in strontium likely are the same ones high in calcium Use nutritiondata to look up those foods. They are spices. Eat 100g a day of them to get lots of calc, and strontium.

  3. this doctor is a liar. you will not live a long life if u dont have strong teeth or bone.

  4. I need whatever makes my bones develop more sense am going threw puberty and having unhealthy behaviors DOES not help of course am not going to over load on this

  5. The point of taking strontium is not because some of it replaces calcium. The point is that strontium stimulates a receptor site that helps to increase bone building. Usually this receptor is stimulated by calcium, however strontium causes more stimulation than calcium.

  6. Hey I love this video, particularly the tips for who osteoporosis.recommendation for renkarter expert osteo report . search google for it

  7. I take strontium everyday in high amount as well as Silica. My bones and teeth are so strong I can break concrete and crack and chew on bones. Do not listen to this faggot. He is selling a product. I am not. He is biased. Strontium is heavier than Calcium and thats a good thing. Would you want your bones to be made of something lighter ? don't think so. Calcium is not the only thing thats supposed to make bones. You need minerals to strengthen your bones not just calcium.


  9. Would like more info on silica. I have one kidney and I am concerned as to wheher or not strontium affects renal function.

  10. Many thanks

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