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Salva tensed after sorry Valeria is an integrative medicine specialist and of course wellness expert doctors icky sticky note on for active the manual lifestyle yeah bro bucket the Cochran oh Barbara so got solution pcbnew over the years not a pile up yeah tebah they know you actor yeah not particularly when it comes up a guy named a pileup secondary stress shake a pigsty scan the calf on container talk the vasoconstriction but keep it and I'll go into the fair at that time bar amending relatedness test Farrow babuna pal Munna yes the color mode and empower a plaque yes I was a guinea pin low your plaque in do are no common and plaque not for example someone might attend epidemic packs racism mo he keep at the Scioto a pyrometers are your path you a tear on money and you know plaque neon just imagine biomechanic luck to some enough in that person moaning somebody for circulation which is related to heart or any part of the body care commenting and pom-pom Aman – Ganga Lisa to learn the lyric never miss a name and para or dr. pepper or no batata no Peter Hanukkah balule attea and looma logic our teenager Cahoon parapet and amo to Makkah pal you plug don't believe in Allah hot planet moon yes in fact no that's a good no I keep an in poverty and Papa Tunde Catalan a coffee suppressant stove I said if only by epic I know an escapade now miss meringue pack item veto live nothing composting my table a mess a bomb on Manteca Atma as it became it takes years bag macaca young I love you that damn in a consumer movie de Paris Ottawa Canada yes pair the missin be glad and that part is a push so why I say come on I'm a shadow my other topic I look blood pressure that's our any prejudice poison factor people think that I am not abandoning a clock no mass mabini's much potassium blood pressure on violet Samantha Amitabha it takes this Bugaboo give me a holler for Sal Oh Deepak Kumar banka banka nab a boy or become a sable outside temperature means be big more mass of system memory memory Nicole oh eun-ah what you know to know if I'd never say lifestyle for example Iko Iko my math about myself or my pecan or simply meant something so fired mamita too big mug like an image of myself we built a municipal power and the secondary it but not lifestyle in power known as complete the city added lifestyle when I exercise maybe Pelican immobilization animation before making then you see people but you see no boobs a big big fan and I pulled us out of that be bad yeah onion but he didn't love us and then put them in an accession fatty foods will not be deposited into the liver goodbye yes many so must della Casa latina quadriga be easy to move even among my a looser banca depending on a killer Napa is already 19 years old Chinese I love Ellen 90 years old Lane theater how do Erica Mahina Bob way better he's healthy Oh design Catalan but of simply we're talking of the general you generally speaking a pagina and you know what Morgan it ammonia is a enough idea oh okay Indian sub emo maraming Pat Livermore fast football dvd-rom oh ah a fast food the Shepherd or any between Union – no – we motor we have a problem at identity and pelagic in a hyena den persecution at in Bob Ellison understand in fact Latin processed with a significant playing time than the name the preservatives it side a table our families or Allah so most of the oppressed are in Maya processed food opinion impressive the beliefs was born a black dog you Malini eat no God ah oh you mean main Oh God well unveil initially produced and plan it's the arteries not so in Manila togetehr I mentioned use my Lincoln and the proper just and enough classic at one cap ignominy Denali doodle in the reader I said you know family gnarly not bad in to go so you know we know before going it could a tear or mattress I or furiously but snapping mean oh god I love a paragon of jalapeno me no that's a hot oven oven you see is a balloon Matisse iota it could be as big as this union pinnacle connection with the heart very penis immediate know that it can be guessing boom erotic window divine practically Kapoor Pallavi Nepal effect in blood vessel are very modulating the Peppermill manifestation same nominee deny Benigno you predict mama give you nerve endings you packing Alcazar model well kappa pew sinabi nothing and fluffiness abysmal solution of coronary artery disease and China near-miss million piranha solution any single mother Lima half of my pocket and thank on particularly I sank a second me put them aside maybe American numbness on the left arm I do not recommend a pizza puso para make orient and left and left fala Galera so NASA healing via the left no because of the embryonic origin of the heart which comes from the left side param purusam Indies and Busan reach certain Deneb it's right in the middle oh hello Palmas killing them Busan as a left is it if upon me yeah so hope a Serie B big Sibylla but on the Oregon back a you know like butter and then there could be vasoconstriction you two components and perky patent talent ago at Pagla patentable that's the reason also couple salmon but I mean that our episode because of the hate Deshawn know my love for them to do nothing I said oh no you mean it yes and no answer just soon Morrissey to be my partner and coming alone didn't in a in in our own and compare insula can't imagine a certificate of pork and I love us between 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. cousin must my apartment you have to consider temperature what kimochi semen from a participle so American heart disease particularly sehat Spain masa my office immediately resume at the Perot I'm alibi and Amanda thank Agana to be mailing book exercise Plato only be possible listen shadow sarcoma in the Mohammed Atta policy if a burnable day definitely delicacy @rh pedagogue pero a limited opportunity literally well about animation get super super limited oh hi Deva burn mapa yes or kite Toto garden too big that's how I said the non class in putts a particularly important and garlic's ahaha oh you know massimo pending patent galleys of vegetables that there was a fish that's better sound will make palak Ali's a vegetable don't matter you can particularly so ended wise umbilical do you man that yes many cases can normally that is an avid much sixty fascism it suppose apparently Papa panda was about the same debug my Martin easier for you lot Natali suppose it might have been Philomena Buffett Cassie oh yeah artistically in your mineral I love all the drugs so thank you very much sorry Viloria confirm camara novella gambhira so happy to sir well definitely crucial Guinea you really have to consult your coach oddities kale Argentina technology began ecologist and in our generation now sudden epigram eaten food supplements it will help a lot all those indications have been right away Allison come at them in and doctor no but rather my food supplements can help a lot particularly another proper lifestyle napa hai proper astronomy moon well capital a camera Manami number odd oh no common interim and the nothing canon impatient mapping I think he was advice for angioplasty para ho I'll tell you one time compassion and again you know I'll give you something marijuana chasm a socket Cebu so no Apple side maraming in the case that he didn't appear on how Saddam is gonna give it like apple cider vinegar like a tapas made of honey and then calamansi or name on and one cup of warm water every day but by design after one year it is that you know better hang in perspective not very convinced the diagnose maybe you can expire expounded on our poppin taco soccer geologist Gamow I noticed a nice after go up or to determine element Filipino that Balan Saket Cindy Alistair Papa Chicopee and yes I do believe Papa Tesco parama confirm once and for all let me pull em out of solution okay you have to differentiate an ECG and creating mania I couldn't enough to so okay onto da koat eating menu bar Assad to assume or supporting to the echo yes red definite dismal and a perturbation angiogram nominating and who in Lanham para at the patient nanovirus abusive which means your angiogram cuckoo remoulade confirm none pero Casa means and a mastectomy a major Mahalo underground so this they stopped on the Vita 2d echo and they try to do something how ok what about you must stress test cuz I'm meeting Adam parody Tamara contentions I mean activity depending on the level then mijita even even market purpose knocking solution presented initially we began in a minor existing I said accompanied or not my mother natural in the Quran oh boy people you want son you old bug Papa said the one and and you pour Mon Papa just having a lot marrow option so you can football the exercise with rapid lifestyle podcast economy okay and a pen and supplement supplement very buckets the no doubt proper Pina canina keep on decorating made an olfactory receptors Asakusa which is vasoconstriction but keep it and analytical at five lap attend ago so as I varies complete in the sense management of anthocyanin at polyphenols which produces nitric oxide the neck Papa Vasu deleted map a palapa dental indigo so in essence bungalow a mansion component and and Papa Lebanon ago as a very very rich in vitamins yet essential fatty acid then I broke very non cholesterol a descending buzzer constriction at Pagla patent okay echo bike way this'll happen about well uh oh I give it to everybody I may be paid a hundred math on that pay the pedal and no for example mr. pencil-pusher definitely you have to continue findability gain under precise in I've been aluminium know you do born so pretty baby those similar clotting problem the Manasa I would say the paint is a van Paganica for example tell me something case suppose I give as much as one third cup two to three times a day landowner who at that time in Arab democracy did that we take a cat I hope I cannot impossibly big ego it means it can affect me enough various services I mean you can take 2 tbsp once a day well I'm a socket elder Islam are some it means 2 tbsp one so they can help they see Rodolfo in study not in a diagnosis and Amira knee support American and a visit on Canada mode the in Manipuri me own class aside video got more you know I didn't recommend that then particularly a focus again a guava yeah in Anoka munition in the object for example after one to two weeks gain Saddam in listen and gamma tavini began and doctor judge Wendy Bubba Watson for dependency response efficient talk about business of its upon sir but somebody said give me Merrill they are there are actually legitimate solution even the Mozart I even commit seppuku come there are female 15 at all the cumulative effect meaning and a guy humility Murdock since it takes time bottom of the time so I prefer accumulative been Alanna metallic aluminium than as I baby ideally I would recommend if you want in who like okay they can say it's very rich in no nourishment particularly topic naugahyde the kokino Putin fan assistance a dancer internet I mean they just you know stop something funny name but amidst us and in Torito diminutive image Mesa believe me yes Lhasa so palpable de Herrera was I for the Shilka it it has proposed an angle in supports not so there's a difference between suppose you suppose are you white suit a on a procession tomato salad Sugarman Parenthood those pants Kentuckiana okay Seca – because I'm a pastor I come into the school and I sugar and this come on contact or a partner may go Brazil alone somewhere yes I know para muchos a team of IOC Bahama me about Busan tailor or a small I know gagawin MO Palmeiro gonna suck it's official oh no some people you have to file the opposition I've been ecologist more and then lifestyle is not that anything is over Alex together in your pool yet particularly needy maganda even sudden change of temperature glad only or not like a mate and paint this scene and suppose you know can too big number yet oh that's very bad for your heart yeah haha Gina who are you that's what we think the camera anything in that office of on you know why I guess a complete come up a submission what proportion mean gosh not to be suitable it's not good and that patibob assignment Bob an oppressor or that thermoregulation up at Sababa say Bob an episode about one minute then after that's occurring with their own every never well new gag reel and Ocampo yet and efficient yo we know a number beside without exactly snowpack idea it should be look one more what you Bellamy even the Mickey Mantle user but I realized a llama pocket dr. Sonney Gloria maraming salamat mama Yamanaka do mean yours are people on a team a Nutella viewers and apart you

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