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Hey, Munchies! I really hope you guys enjoyed that video,
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inspired to make this content, so thank you all so so much. To celebrate, we thought we’d go a little
bit crazy for this one. Cauliflower is really one of my FAVORITE ingredients
because of how versatile it is, so I hope that you are feeling inspired. If you do like these kind of EPIC videos,
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  1. This was amazing! Who knew cauliflower was such a badass?! I appreciate your hard work on this gem of a video. Thanks for sharing your awesome knowledge in such a creative way (for free! Bonus!!). Cheers!

  2. Hehehe loved the video editing so cool

  3. 5:25 Cauliflower steak

  4. These meals are delicious. I’ve already made your breadsticks and pudding 😋 recipes. For the pudding – is the serving size 1/4 cup or the yield of 1 1/4 cup – wasn’t sure which to enter into carb manager for tracking and how to enter the latter to save. Thanks in advance!!!

  5. I want to do the sliders but the website for not showing it to me , am i doing something wrong ?

  6. Interesting! I have never seen green and purple cauliflower but ok!

  7. I dare you to contact the BBC about doing some programmes very similar to this! An idea whose time has come. You can contact them online to suggest new programmes via Iplayer. Massively different to anything we have seen yet on TV.

  8. Great! Very inspiring. Cant quite beleive the dessert though. Cauliflower & tropical fruit???!

  9. How do you not have a million yet? It's happening in 2019 I can feel it. Relatively new viewer, so I'm not as familiar with older content. That was amazing. Putting these recipes into my weekly meal plan rotation asap. First up : cauliflower tots and the burger patties. Thank you!

  10. This video is Perfect!

  11. Too bad I can't like again

  12. You guys just changed my life with this video

  13. Thanks you for this video.

  14. I love the presentation of this video!!

  15. Easily the coolest cooking channel ever ❤️

    Freedom units are fun, but a footnote with Celsius and Dl will make following the recipe so much easier for everyone else 😊

    Loved everything about this video!

  16. Very interested in the sliders. Thanks for posting.

  17. I can’t believe anyone could give this a thumbs down! What a great video! So creative! I need to make that rice pudding!

  18. How to replace eggs in all the recipes??

  19. Thank you!

  20. I need your book! Where can i get these recipes are these in the e-book too

  21. thank you

  22. I had no idea that green and purple cauliflower was a thing

  23. The Superman music themes were amusing but really and truly unnecessary! Actually more distracting than anything else. The content was really good enough without the frills. Many times in life Less is More.

  24. Epic

  25. Wow so helpful!! And I love the production value!! Thanks!!

  26. I’m subscribing just for the intro! Well done!

  27. Wow such an amazing video and very fun presentation!! I would give it a tons of like if I could.

  28. So excited to try these recipes. They look delicious as everything else you make. Thanks!

  29. I have never had green and purple Cauliflower because I am afraid if it cause me an allergic, I wonder how it taste ? 🤔😕

  30. I don’t know why the 225 people don’t like the video! I’ve been watching YouTube trying to learn how to cook healthier for myself and kids. This is by far the most entertaining and best laid out. I loved the Epic theme of this and you should do more, really engaging!

  31. YUM!!!! We need a cauliflower emoji!

  32. does the symbol that looks like the cent symbol mean net carbs?? i can't tell and its probably important lol

  33. Your salt and pepper design! So creative!

  34. Unfuckin believable

  35. As usual, Alyssia's recipes inspire. I will be trying them soon

  36. Please!!! The music is horrendous and stressful

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