Cat Health & Medical Problems : Cat Health: Obesity

hi this is ace and aces here today to help me talk to you about obesity ace is a not only a big cat he's also overweight and we can tell that he's overweight by some extra fat that I can get here behind his shoulders ace wants to look at the camera right over here and we can also see underneath ace has this big Poochie belly here that's actually filled with fat it's not just skin he also has a very large abdomen if you can get a look from him at him from above he is quite wide instead of being narrow and sleek like a normal weight cat would be this body condition scoring chart shows you that a little bit better if you can see it come over here ace with this being an ideal weight cat you can see how there's a little bit of a waste that goes in in front of the hind legs there and that they don't have a dangling belly underneath ace is more in this overweight category where he has a kind of a rounded shape and this no no Lina sore talk in front of his front legs some dangers of obesity can be that cats have trouble with their limbs and they can also be more prone to getting diseases such as hepatic lipid OSIS and diabetes

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