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nice murder Madrid is almost always sunny actually something I really appreciate about the city actually that's why one of the main reasons why I started Madrid outdoor sports how are things going there I know you started the girl running to his franchise with the further the touristic running shoes in Valencia yeah working outside it said that loves here yeah and I'm already getting a lot of people who want to ride me yeah that's really great I didn't doubts than I the thing I thought when I heard about that I also thought but how how was renewed because i know that a year ago you had a knee injury but i never knew anything else I only knew you had the injury how that were you able to solve it yeah I was looking for a doctor and then I felt okay I'm insured yeah it's a concern yeah I called them and I asked him for for doctor but they found so like a specialist dr. coming you helped me a lot yeah there are several times during two months yes and I had to do some exercises yeah strengthen my my knees so he gave me a lot of tips to to begin to next century yeah it's so important for us to take good care of ourselves mean we our own bodies are working to I have the same thing of course because I also do the running tours here in Madrid and I do Mountain Running also for for people who want to do trail running and the paragliding in this in skydiving a mountain biking and everything is physical so I also I you really take good care of yourself too to be able to work yeah so it says cool I actually also no custom because I training with them with their employees okay i launched a new training concept which is called sit across it combines three different disciplines Parker which is like a street acrobatics cross training CrossFit and running so those three things together are combined and it's called City cross and pass or tried it with her employees and was great fun and they'll do it more and now you have to do a ver yeah I do actually I have a tour today in half an hour oh the next time we'll go together yeah of course and you're welcome in Valencia of course I will I'll call you when I get there good to go see you later see you later right you

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  1. Hi Caser, great video! Thanks for having me in Madrid. I love Madrid!!!

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