Carnivore Diet: 3-Week Results – The Good, Bad, and Ugly

hi today we’re go nna talk about the good
the bad and the ugly of my first three weeks on the carnivore diet if you’re
just joining in, I started the carnivore diet
three weeks ago thinking it wasn’t gonna work at all I ended up falling in love
with it and so this is kind of what I have learned in the last three weeks so
let’s start with the good the first thing is satisfying and easy it’s so
nice to not have the questions every day of what am I gonna eat or what should I
be doing or oh well have I had too many nuts today have I had too many
polyunsaturated fatty acids today do I need more omega-3s if you’re just eating
meat you’ve got it all covered you really don’t have to track anything that
for sure is like a nice load off of this busy moms mind the second thing that has
been great on the carnivore diet as I feel less bloated I’ve had three kids
and I’ve had three pregnancies and I’ve just got a little bit of the mom belly
it’s not bad and it doesn’t really bother me but it’s really nice that I’ve
gone in a belt notch even though I haven’t lost much weight and we’ll come
back to the weight thing I’m not doing this for weight loss but there has been
some weight issues that aren’t bad at all but we’re going to talk about that
in a little bit so having less bloated which part of this is because meat is so
nutrient dense that you don’t actually have to eat a lot like a pound and a
half of ground beef and that’s all that’s going through my system so that’s
gonna have some less bloat as my body just kind of moves it along and we
talked about this in the first video that yes it does move it along just fine
I don’t need fiber to keep this going and then the second reason the bloat has
gone down is because it’s such an anti-inflammatory diet and this is when
we go into how I accidentally ate a bunch of oatmeal cookies one day when I
was on the carnivore diet and how the inflammation skyrocketed the next couple
days we’ll talk about that in a second but having the lowered inflammation just
means that like your overall body is less puffy and like even my tongue my
face my hands like my fingers and then it extends into my belly and it’s just
nice to have like a little bit flatter of a stomach when as a mom of three that
I don’t necessarily do this – I’m not like a bikini model or anything and
that’s not my goal in life I’m not really exercising much other than swimming and walking having that flatter stomach is always a confidence boost and
it just makes me feel better in my clothes the third thing and this is probably the
thing that’s most impacted my life other than the psyche issues that we talked
about in the first video is that my sleep every night is amazing and it’s
like every night I woke up for the past three weeks feeling like I got the best
sleep of my life that’s something that a lot of people will take for granted but
if you have sleep issues and you’re used to waking up every 90 minutes right like
I use a sleep cycle app and if I’m not sleeping well I’ll see that I’m waking
up for like 10 or 15 minutes every 90 minutes and it’s just not good quality
sleep so going to sleep and I was hoping kind of that the carnivore diet would
help me not need to sleep much as much I need like seven eight hours a
night to feel well rested and that stayed consistent but I wake up every
morning feeling amazing and that’s like a super nice change and then this was
definitely the biggest impact is with my mental health and that’s where most of
my struggles are we went into this a little bit more in the first carnivore
diet video that most that’s just where my problems seem to be like some people
have a hard time with weight loss some people have chronic pain some people
have like chronic fatigue and my thing is post-traumatic stress to put disorder
from domestic violence and really it kinda manifests as depression anxiety
I don’t ever look super sad and I don’t usually look super anxious but it’s just
like it’s kind of in the background of my mind and it’s really distracting the
carnivore diet got rid of the last little bit of that and so that’s just a
super nice break and that’s definitely the reason I have stayed on it for these
past three weeks is that I get to keep that mental clarity I get to keep not
being distracted by it’s called intrusive thoughts I’m still working
with a therapist and I feel like therapy will probably be even more effective now
that I’m eating this way because they’re able to do more and do more of the
processing stuff without it being so overwhelming that I have to stop and so
mental health is definitely why I do this personally and like some people
have commented on the other video you don’t look very fit I’m not really doing
this to look particularly fit I’m happy with my energy I’m happy with living in
my life I don’t even go to the gym I own kettlebells that I swing around once the
my own that’s about all I do and then this is the last thing and this is just
something that I noticed and it’s interesting to notice things when you’re
doing this is my inflammation is way down and they’re like one of the most
objective ways to see that is that when i flossed my teeth i’m something like my
teeth are pretty close together so I’ve always flossed after every meal a lot of
people will say like I don’t like to floss or I haven’t flossed in two months
no not me I always floss after every meal because I would always have stuff
in my teeth and I’ve noticed that since I’ve been on the carnivore diet probably
about a week in my gums stopped bleeding so they never bled really bad but they
would bleed like kind of here and there like three or four places just a little
bit right after I’ve lost and this isn’t because I’m flossing more often now and
it’s not because of anything else that I can think of other than inflammation has
been reduced and that’s something that’s super exciting because if your body is
inflamed it’s linked to so many chronic conditions for like chronic inflammation
we know is horrible for your body and so that my gums stop bleeding every time I
would floss my teeth that tells me that I am kind of on the right track and this
is something I want to continue with okay so now for the bad so there’s
always two sides three sides to every story day 9 all eight eaten that day was
beef stock I told you I was making that perpetual beets beef stock I just hadn’t
really planned I was kind of sick of ground beef kind of sick of ground elk
and that’s what I had most of I hadn’t really planned out my meals very well
because I’m a mom of three and you know like moms we tend to get a caught up on
dealing with all the urgent stuff packing lunches getting kids to school
all of that but I still felt really good but I knew I was hungry and I’m just
like whatever I’ll be fine I’ll eat something later for dinner but
as making my family cookies I made um really good oatmeal cookies and I ate
like four of them so I started just eating like a tiny bit of wine and I was
going to spit it out which that’s actually not something that’s
recommended that’s like a sign of an eating disorder but I was just gonna
like chew it to make sure I got this all right and then spit it out and um c’mere
bomb and so on day nine I had that quarter of Lion I didn’t spit it out I
swallowed it and then because I was so hungry I like proceeded to eat a bunch
more and um that was something that it was
totally because I didn’t plan ahead I didn’t have my meet thought I hadn’t
cooked for myself I had only cook for my family and I was just trying to eat like
stock because it was easy to reheat and but I learned some great stuff from that
and so that’s what I’m gonna share with you is that the next day I’d been
weighing myself and I know a lot of men are watching this women our weight go
all over the place but I’ve been weighing myself and I was kind of at a
consistent point in my cycle where I wouldn’t expect to gain weight I’m due
to hormones right now the next morning I gained six pounds and to me that shows
that because it was I ate probably three or four cookies and they were like you
know like medium sized cookies they weren’t huge or anything so it wasn’t
really the bulk of the cookies that was causing so much um
so much of the weight gain and it definitely wasn’t the calories like it
is 6 pounds of worth of calories is like an exorbitant amount so it definitely
wasn’t fat gain it was inflammation so it’s just like my body being off hey I
really don’t like that we’re going to inflame because we think that these
cookies are super bad for you and so I didn’t notice any digestive problems but
I did notice that the scale jumped up and six pounds of inflammation overnight
is a lot of inflammation and so then I kept weighing myself the next few days
and it did progressively go down like the day after when I went back on
carnivore for real and didn’t cheat it was down four pounds and then I lost the
last two the day afterwards so I just thought that was a really interesting
like case study eating something off carnivore and immediately jumping up six
pounds shows that there’s something your body really doesn’t like about that so
then I got more serious about meal planning for myself and not just being
like oh well kind of worked out super easy I can just throw a steak in a pan
and I’ll be fine and so I planned out what like a variety of different things
based on what I’m doing like just meat or meat and dairy or meat and dairy and
eggs and if you click down below I have this for you as well so if you need a
little bit more direction as you’re trying to do the carnivore diet even
though it’s super simple and like you could just go by
and ribeyes and cook a ribeye every day and be good to go
you might want some more variety kind of like I did and I’m having just a little
bit of planning to go along definitely help me stay on track after that whole
learning cookie experience so then on day 14 which was Valentine’s Day I mean
cupcakes for my family and I had no problem skipping those so it really
wasn’t it wasn’t that I was craving sugar or craving carbs or anything like
that it’s really just that I was hungry and they were there and of course
everyone knows that cookies and cupcakes are good but seeing that I had way more
willpower to resist when I was well-fed kind of confirmed that all I’m to do is
be eating enough and I’ll be fine and some other symptoms that I had seen of
me not eating enough is that I was getting hangnails and usually those are
correlated with not having enough protein which I’m definitely having
enough protein I like 60% of my calories come from protein I’m getting a ton of
protein every day but I wasn’t quite eating enough calories and I think it
was showing up as hangnails and then again when I was since I’ve been meal
planning and like making sure my meat is thought and making sure I’m cooking for
myself and eating like I’ll just kind of spot check to see make sure I’m eating
enough calories just because I get distracted it’s not that I’m not hungry
it’s just that I’ll be hungry and I’ll be like whatever I’ll be fine I’ll eat
later but if I spot check and make sure I’m
getting enough calories every day I noticed that later in the month when I
got PMSing which is when I usually want chocolate and like Oh eat like keto
choc’late like lilies or sometimes I’ll just drive to the gas station and grab
Ben and Jerry’s and it’s usually only once or twice a month but that I’d had
pretty strong PMS cravings those completely went away on carnivore so
that was really nice to kind of have the freedom from the cravings for food that
I know isn’t good for me and again it just tells me that carnivore is
completely nourishing the way that I’m doing it my body seems to really
appreciate and of course this can vary like it’s not because I’m saying that
this is going to work for everyone it just happened to work for me and it was
really nice to not have those chocolate cravings around that time of the month
and then they associated like I’ll always get three or four pimples which I
wasn’t sure if it was hormones or it was chocolate I’m pretty sure it was
chocolate so the
those both went away from kind of art and that’s kind of a nice break to have
other things that we’re kind of bad and not my favorite on the diet is that I
guess sake of ground beef like I don’t want like just brown ground beef in a
bowl like it’s very utilitarian and it works and it fills me up but I’m just
not a huge fan so I started making meatballs and I like those a lot more
they’re just kind of like little truffles of meat and I also purchased
smoked smoked cod liver you can get it on Amazon and I’ll link down below it’s
super good it’s just cod liver it’s a wild cut its kin so it’s already made
and easy to eat it’s in the cod liver oil which is super high in those omega-3
fatty acids that we all need for our brain health so having those and then I
also bought pork cracklins which are they’re from sustainably raised pork and
so those come in a package also so just having like two options at our package
which isn’t my favorite and it’s not what I would recommend is the best but
having packaged options of something help me stop relying on cheese so much
so when I first started I was eating probably more cheese than I thought I
should be it wasn’t a ton but it was like if I needed some sort if I was
still hungry after dinner or I needed something without having time to cook I
was eating cheese and I really wanted to just try eating meat and see how my body
did with that and once I had been on only me for about a week I just know my
skin started clearing up so my skin’s never been super bad but I’ve always had
like the bumps on the back of my arms and the bumps would go away when I was
pregnant so I’ve been pregnant three times and they’d always go away when I
was pregnant so I knew it wasn’t something that was like permanent and I
think it might be sign of a dairy allergy I’m not sure so pulling dairy
I’ve noticed those have started to go away in the past week and again just
having the organization and like the prepping and the planning and actually
saying hey you need to prioritize feeding yourself not just your family
has definitely helped with that and the ugly part of the carnivore diet this is
like the really gross um I’ve been looking through the ads online over
there we have a bunch of different grocery stores around here and I’ve been
looking a lot of them carry fed grass-finished lamb and so I’ve been
looking for sales and pretty much one grocery store every week has been having
a sale on lamb so it’s a really easy way to get different cuts of meat different
varieties of meat either lamb or wild cut like scallops and shrimp and so I
was at Safeway because I thought they had lamb that was
grass-finished for $5.99 a pound maybe $4.99 a pound I don’t know it was pretty
inexpensive and I got there and the sale it ended the day before and this is
again my planning thing that I’ve been kinda that’s been my biggest hang-up
with carnivores not planning well enough but next to the lamb was conventional
ribs and I mostly eat all grass-fed like not a hundred percent but pretty darn
close is all grass-fed grass-finished sustainably raised but I saw those ribs
and I’m like oh my gosh I’m hungry the lamb is like now jump back up to $12.99
a pound I’m not buying that and so I grabbed those ribs I eat them and I have
like and I cooked them in some pot they were super good I ate a bunch because I
was hungry that night I’ve never been that sick like from food in my life and
it was just it was still me but it was conventionally raised me and I’m not
sure if it was like a psychosomatic thing like it’s all in my head because I
really don’t like conventionally raised beef I think it’s gross I think it’s bad
for the environment I think it’s like carries all sorts of stuff like they’re
just not healthy animals or if it was there’s actually something in it like
the because the cows are eating corn or they’re eating soy if enough of that was
in it that upset my system but I woke up with indigestion which I don’t usually
have indigestion I took at times that didn’t work so I took like three more
times because I have absolutely no self-control and that still don’t work
so I grabbed like a teaspoon of baking soda baking soda yeah baking soda like
the orange box and then I chugged water and that finally went away like I burped
up and then I was fine but that kind of like taught me my lesson for impulsively
choosing conventional meat conventional me and I just might not get along and
that’s not to say that everyone’s not going to be able to use conventional
meat or that it might like that you should only do carnivore if you can only
do grass-fed but for me I think because I’m used to wild game and I’m used to
grass-fed beef that I get honest description from a local farm and I’m
used to like wild caught fish the conventional ribs just did not go over
well for me so that was kind of like the ugly part is just your system becomes
really sensitive when you’ve taken away everything that it’s sort of built a
tolerance up to and then I put that in and it just didn’t go well at all and then one other thing that’s kind of
another way to show that my system is it getting more sensitive as I told you in
the last video is doing perpetual broth which means I’m just adding water
I had my instant pot onto the slow cooker function and I’m adding water and
I’m adding like beef bones as I had them or just like fatty pieces of meat and
I’m just cooking broth over and over again that’s actually really high in
histamine and I thought I didn’t have a histamine issue but I started getting
itchy like right around I don’t know a day ten or so of the carnivore diet and
I thought like oh well maybe it’s just like a temporary thing and I kept eating
my broth and then it kept getting worse and so I stopped the whole perpetual
broth thing and so now I’m still eating beef stock but what I do is I put like
osso bucco I think that’s how you say it fatty meat marrow bones in the instant
pot with filtered water and then I just cook it under pressure for 75 minutes
instead of having it running on low heat I’m cooking at high heat for a shorter
amount of time and that should make the histamine a lot lower and that’s
something that’s kind of interesting it’s also sort of like a side effect of
an elimination diet as you might find yourself becoming more sensitive and
it’s really tempting to be like oh that stinks no I can’t even have that but
instead like rejoice and be like hey my body’s seen this isn’t working for me
right now and I do think that has to mean something that it’s kind of present
in all foods unless they’re very fresh but our body should be able to process
them if it can’t it means that something’s up and something needs to
repair and that’s something that’s really exciting about our bodies and
sort of I come from a conventional like I was raised completely conventional
standard American diet low fat margarine all of that I came into it until I had
my kids and I started researching stuff for myself I thought that modern
medicine nukes it was doing follow the food pyramid
complete faith and modern medicine and like our bodies are broken and we need
pills and stuff to prop us up and since I am coming at this from we did autism
recovery because they’ve got nothing for autism and I was desperate and I’m like
hey I’ll try anything for 30 days we ended up doing the gaps diet for my
daughter and I have a link down below but so I kind of add this from a
understanding now that your body knows how to heal itself if you take away the
stuff that’s bothering it you put in the building blocks that needs which in this
case is protein and fats like healthy fats from meat and you take away the
stuff that’s causing it problems your body can probably heal itself to where
in a little bit you’re not gonna be allergic to everything so I doubt that
the histamine thing is going to be something that’s lifelong for me just
like my daughter didn’t have to be on the gaps diet forever we needed her to
heal her gut she lost a lot of her autism sometimes it’s like super
exciting and that’s what I’m passionate about now is kind of helping you guys
and will helping myself helping my own family but also then sharing my
experiences with you so that you can see that your body does know what it’s doing
a little bit of direction a little bit of intention a little bit of planning
you’re probably gonna be able to heal as well and so that’s what I’m doing the
carnivore diet for I don’t I know a lot of people have done this for years and
years and feel great and that might be great for them I don’t intend to do this
for years and years but it looks like my body’s really enjoying it right now so
three weeks in I don’t see stopping it anytime soon but I also don’t want to
preach that everybody has to be on carnivore a hundred percent of the time
no it’s just a super helpful and easy and life-changing reset for me and I’m
hoping that my body can just kind of sort out its issues and heal itself and
then I’ll be able to go back to maybe a more varied diet that has less
restrictions in the carnivore diet does so a few other things I wanted to
mention and the questions that I have gotten what do I pack for lunch so I
don’t pack lunch I work from home and I’m always home but I we do go out of
town pretty often like almost every weekend we go out somewhere and so what
I’ve been doing is making a big roast and then I shred it and I bring my jar
of salt and I bring my jar of tallow and then I bring a couple a couple of those
cans of the cod livers that the cod liver is super good I didn’t think it
would be it’s it’s super good it tastes almost sweet it’s easy to eat like I’ve
even stuck it in my kids food and they don’t even notice it there but I’ll
bring a couple of cans of those so shredded meat I found is a lot easier to
reheat I do use a microwave and that’s I know that super controversial you could
saute it in a pan if you want with your tallow and then just salt it but the
shredded meat or pre-made meatballs I found reheat a lot better than steak
like steak is just it’s really good fresh steaks amazing but it’s not
awesome reheated it just kind of loses all of the awesomeness of steak when you
reheat it if I’m gonna be gone all day I’ll just pack a bunch of food and a
thermos because me super nutrient-dense so you don’t actually need a lot I’ve
got these thermoses that I’ve been using since we did gaps diet when my daughter
was 3 and now she’s 12 so I last a long time they’re kind of
expensive but they keep food hot and then that much meat is definitely enough
for most people and then I just add my tallow which is a super concentrated
easy source of fat and add my a salt in for those electrolytes and so that’s
what I’ve been doing at night I had to switch from herbal tea I was just
curious because I really wanted to use this as an elimination diet and I’ve
just been drinking hot water which is weird and it sounds kind of sad but I
like it and so those are kind of the things and a lot of people are used to
me and my weirdness and they don’t care I don’t talk about it like I’m not I’m
talking about it here but I don’t preach how I eat to my friends that kind of
heat my nutrition life and my friend life pretty separate and if people want
help and they want to ask like it seems like everyone wants to do the keto diet
I’m super happy to help them do the keto diet right now but it’s not something
that I’m talking about and so people just see that I’m just eating meat or
they see that I’m drinking hot water and nobody really cares and that’s that’s
kind of what I do for that and then one more thing and that this is something I
was looking up the whole itchy and the histamine thing that might be tied to
small intestinal bowel overgrowth si Bo and so that’s where a lot of histamine
imbalances come from and that’s actually having too many probiotics so
I’d mentioned or that your probiotics are too high in your digestive system
like they’re supposed to be low and they’ve kind of gotten up too high and
so I’d mentioned in the first video that I was a little concerned about
microbiome and all that stuff where the histamine intolerance might be a sign
that I actually have too many probiotics so I’m definitely not doing any
probiotics right now the histamine thing went away as soon as I stopped doing
that broth I stopped being itchy like within 24 hours and so and then I was
also looking and that’s tied to oral allergy syndrome which is something I’ve
always had is like when the pollen count gets high and or and or my stress levels
get high I’m allergic to fresh fruits and vegetables and that might also be a
sign of si Bo and I never knew that I never really looked into it it’s like I
get a swollen tongue and like it itchy mouth from eating like fresh peaches
fresh plums like even if it’s really bad and I’m really stressed like even
lettuce I’ll do it but in general I know I knew before that I just needed to cook
fruits and vegetables to kill the enzymes and I wouldn’t get itchy and it
was something and I never really looked into much because I knew what to do with
it it’s kind of annoying but um yeah so I had that and that’s just another kind
of sign that maybe my particular body doesn’t love plants as much as other
people’s body does because I’m having that like itchy response to fresh plants
anyway and so I I’m curious to see especially this summer because it’s
always worse for me in the summer if maybe doing a temporary reset on the
carnivore diet can reset that so that’s that that’s my last three weeks on the
carnivore diet I’m really excited about it and like once again it’s not
something that I’m thinking everyone has to do it those are my experiences as
someone doing this mostly for mental health and then a little bit of physical
health it’s just mostly an interesting experiment to do on myself I feel great
on it I have energy I’m sleeping great so I see no reason why not to continue
so as I keep going I will keep updating you thanks for joining me and I will see
you back soon


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  33. I've been three weeks off and on carnivore. (I am a keto fan) Now, I actually don't want to make another salad ever. And when I did make a small salad I puffed out. Also better off with less cheese, (which I love). But I am so bored with just meat. I eat food cold at my office, I can do cold eggs, but not cold meat. I may have to bring a small crockpot to the office so I can warm up left over meat. But I did feel a different level of calm on carnivore. Maria Emmerich talks about pure protein days, and that might me the stage I am at. Not full carnivore.

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  35. Guys you know what gets me about all of this. I have had a weight problem for years!!! And I would not even take pics because of it.
    Anyhoo back in 2002; I had ran across one of the Dr Akins books at a yard sale. So yes I got it for .25 cent (hell yea); anyway I ended up reading the whole book in a few days. I made a big mistake telling people I read the book. Everyone was telling me that — oh that doctor does not know what he saying. Me being stubborn minded; I put this book to work —
    I lost 125 pounds in 11 months — down to a size 8/9. I had not seen that size since High School —- so people SUGAR is a killer and very addictive —almost like a drug.
    I did put good carbs back in "veggies" and fruit — after I went 5 days no sugar at all..

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  48. Carbs cause cells to hold onto more water. Water retention is not the same as inflammation. That water is used to carry water soluble nutrients throughout the body and nourish cells. In low or no carb, we're still learning whether or not all nutrients are required. However, fluctuations in water weight based on minimal carb consumption isn't necessarily something to be worried about. If you are metabolically flexible, that water weight will reduce soon after you burn the carbs you ate and return to fat burning.

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  65. Thanks for sharing your personal experience with family violence and your resulting PTSD. I've lived with it all my life from the same reasons. I hope you keep us up to date on how your your carnivore diet affects your PTSD. I wish you the greatest success. On mentioning too much pro-biotic intake, I heard on another video something similar where flora from the deeper part of the gut somehow are in the small intestines and effect the epithelial cells which in result can cause leaky gut.

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    A normal diet is also fine as long as it doesn't increase my weight. Please suggest a balanced diet (normal) for me
    I am okay with doing this diet forever but everyone's saying it's not safe long-term
    Please please someone respond
    Please Don't skip this message!!

  95. I drink hot water every morning! I eat OMAD late afternoon, so the hot water takes the place of coffee or tea! Very informative video. Honest testimonials are the best. Thank you.

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  98. Your good results will not last long. You get no nutrients in dead flesh, it is highly acidic, purifies when killed and continues but refrigeration slows it down, really purifies with the temperatures inside the body until elimination, no electromagnetic energy, cancer causing and too much to waste my time listing. Beware of fads.

  99. I went to the local butcher shop yesterday and asked if they had grass finished beef, he told me the fat is yellow and the meat is strong, he recommended using ground and he'd cut the yellow fat off and mix in white fat, I thought it sounded peculiar since I've been eating grass fed a couple years now and thought it was fine.

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