Caring for Parakeets : Health Problems in Parakeets

one of the fantastic things about parakeets and particularly budgies is that they've been kept in captivity for about 200 years now but one of the bad things about it as well as it means that these guys have also been inbred a great deal there's lots of different color varieties you can get them in greens and blues and as you know with domestic animals such as dogs you know Rottweilers and golden retrievers have problems with hip dysplasia and some of the bug-eyed dogs have dental problems and you know eye problems because of inbreeding and these birds do as well what has come out from these birds is they're much more prone to cancers than many other species of birds they are both prone to reproductive cancers and fatty tumor cancers and the type of fatty tumor cancers that these birds get can be stimulated by a high-fat diet so if you're feeding your parakeet a bunch of commercial birdseed you can almost guarantee that that bird at some point is life is it going to end up with a fatty tumor you know somewhere it could show up underneath their wings it can show up in their neck you can show up on their face it gets you up on their beaks it can show up inside of their body cavity where you can't even see it and it causes organ damage and pushes on their body organs and eventually causes death in these birds so even if they outwardly look fine it can make them very sick so you want to keep make sure that you feed these guys a proper diet the other thing that these guys are very prone to is mites why the species is more prone to mites than other other species the only thing I can think of is because most of these guys are bred and very high-density facilities there's just so many birds coming in and out that they're bringing in mites with them you don't see it a lot in a many of the bigger citizens species like african greys and Amazon so it's not unheard of and a lot of times these birds will have them at when you get them from the pet store or the breeder and they won't manifest themselves as babies because it takes the mites some time to do some damage to these birds and so it'll be 2 3 4 years down the line when you start noticing they have a lot of scale enos and the beak scale enos on their leg their nails are overgrown they basically just start looking very dingy and you might just think that the birds getting old but a lot of times it's just a hyper growth of their skin trying to you know deal with the irritation these mites are causing if you suspect that your bird has mites I recommend taking them to a veterinarian to get evaluated for it where they can get proper medication most of the over counter medications to these birds for mites are if not toxic than useless so if it's toxic enough to kill the mites it's likely to kill the bird if it's not toxic enough to kill the mites then it's generally not going to do anything at all so most of us can do proper dosing for your bird and make sure that it actually takes care of the problem and if it's not mites a veterinary can also you know tell if it's not mites and make sure that it treats for while your bird is starting to look sickly and dingy around you know its beak and legs as far as the reproductive problems that these birds get they're very very high reproductive Birds the females are constantly trying to lay eggs sometimes even without a partner they can get egg bounce if you notice that your bird is sitting on the perch bobbing its tail straining looks fat there's something protruding from you know the event region of your bird please take it to a vet it could have an egg stuck inside especially if you know that you have a female parakeet it's something to watch out for it's not very preventable the biggest thing you can help do to prevent reproductive problems in these birds is make sure that they get 10 to 12 hours of sleep at night so you want to reproduce a constantly winter environment if these guys get you know 15 16 hours of daylight and that that can include artificial lights you coming home and leaving your lights on until you go to sleep and you know 10 o'clock at night those extended hours make the birds think that it's summertime all the time and can make them reproductively active more so so if you think that you know you want to avoid these sort of things you know either keep them covered until 10 o'clock you know in the day and then uncover them or after you know it gets dark outside at 6 7 o'clock at night you got to put your birds to sleep


  1. Nd he is very sleepy not active at all he is eat nd drinking but not active very sleepy stucks his head under its wings plsss help me plss

  2. My bird is sick plss help their r no good dr here plss help

  3. Thanks for the info! It was very clear and direct. Thanks! ๐Ÿ™‚

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  5. If I am in work from 8:00 AM to 4:00 PM and I have to finish work papers till 10:00 PM How can I get parakeets to sleep?

  6. Are seeds healthy for parakeets?

  7. Hey could you help me . my parakeet voodoo ย he got out of his cage yesterday and he hit a fan. he didn't hit it hard but he hurt his leg. at first he was able to use it and was bending it . but then i woke up the next ย day and he won't even try to use it. he just leaves it limp . do you think it paralyzed or broken .

  8. Please, Could you help my parakeet after being around the cucoroach spray that my sister applied around his food? He started chirping weirdly sounds like complaining something. I notice a little volume growth in his throat. I think he got intoxicated with the spray. How can I detox my little birdie ?

  9. Yours looks like he`s sick!!!

  10. Have to say, best Expert Village video I've seen yet. Actually an expert, great job!

  11. i have four budgie ….. they are sleepy and silent all time …..i have purchased them one week before…… plz tell me ย  what should i do …

  12. this girl (Elizabeth?) should do more video series on specific birds. this one and the parrot one are REALLY good and well done! thanks so much for making them! but please DO MORE!!!

  13. Why her parakeet is so fluffy looking while mine is sleek and shiny and its a white female parakeet.

  14. Is Flaxseed ok?

  15. I have a question, well Im actually needing some help. I lost one of my parakeets last week she just all of the sudden got sick and wouldn't eat or drink. My other parakeet still seems to be doing ok but i noticed his beak is white and so are his the top part of his beak ( it use to be blue) not really sure why but there are no vets for birds unless I drive over 50 miles.. Can you tell me what you think the cause may be?

  16. Is Vitacraft Parakeet Food okay?

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  18. thanks

  19. I think my bird has mites! Some help please! My bird has this little patch on the bridge of his nose. There feet look kinda wite. They do keep pecking at there feathers. What should I do. Who should I see. I am not sure what vet to take them to HELP!

  20. I have parakeets just like hers

  21. how do you tell if your parakeet is pregg.

  22. My bird keeps on bringing his tail up wats up with that? Female?

  23. Nervous or just trying to remember and get all her information ou!!! Lol. I too am a budgie expert ๐Ÿ™‚

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  25. That bird is sitting there thinking 'why are you telling me all these awful things?!'

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  32. have you tried talking to someone who has a bird?
    They probably run from you bcuz of the amount of time you spend w/ them.

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