Care is at the very heart of Sinai Health

care is at the very heart of Sinai health it motivates us and inspires us to relentlessly ask how we can better care for our patients and families we strive for new models of care that support people during their most critical health care moments and all the in-between times to health care is never a straight line it is a journey we are here to help navigate those twists and turns so the care experience is personalized seamless and innovative Sinai health was built to serve various ages and stages of life from bringing precious lives into the world to ensuring our patients are as healthy and active as possible this year we celebrated amazing achievements that demonstrate that we are reimagining care today and building for tomorrow accreditation Canada awarded us exemplary standing its top designation for quality and safety our fetal medicine experts delivered more extraordinary feats this year by performing a surgery on a baby before birth to repair a form of spina bifida and another one to repair a rare heart defect and just a few months ago the ministry recognized our leadership with the announcement of our Ontario fetal Center which will give pregnant women greater access to our world renowned specialists construction also began on phase 3a of our new Sinai the largest capital redevelopment project in our history that will completely transform Mount Sinai Hospital we will double the size of our Swartz Riesman Emergency Center build 19 state-of-the-art operating rooms and open a new expanded intensive care unit our world-leading stroke rehabilitation team at Bridgepoint developed a new screening tool that resulted in improved outcomes and circle of care social workers were integrated within Mount Sinai to bridge the gaps for our vulnerable patients when they returned home from a hospital stay our Lunan Feld Tannenbaum Research Institute made breathtaking discoveries that will contribute to unraveling the most important questions to prevent diagnose and treat disease like understanding how proteins interact to create new anti-cancer drugs or improving our healthcare system through the research conducted at our Bridgepoint collaboratory we invest in our people to deliver the best care possible they act with passion leadership and a determination to do more for the people we care for our philanthropic community and volunteer leadership energize and feel our ambitions and most importantly our patients and their families drive everything we do and inspire us every day contributing their own ideas about how to improve care throughout their healthcare journey Sinai Health is there every step of the way thank you for standing beside us as we continue to build Canada's leading integrated health system

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