no this is probably my favorite stand look at that fixed and you know picture my favorite so yeah I'm gonna get some blue fix it is prettiest market I've seen and someone's taste and definitely gonna come back here stuck-up unless a fridge and veggies and hope I can carry it all home good morning guys and welcome back to my channel so I am in Hector I just super early like 6:30 I got up early because I'm gonna go on a little hike with a friend so yeah I came here for ten days to explore the place and meet new people I actually came all by myself and rented a little Airbnb right here in clifton beach so yeah i am super excited because I've been wanting to come here for so long so it happened on my bucket list and I'm man I finally made this or you could tip it noisy with the cars but yeah I'm super excited to show you guys I'm a bit of brown and what I get up to here and I also want to show you what I eat in a day care in Cape Town so come along with me and enjoy the video so this is my hiking outfit very casual I have a big sweater because it's actually getting quite cold here in the morning and at night yes since we're gonna go to the hike I want to be nice and comfy and I have my shorts and running shoes we got to our last spot Chatman speak and this place is service I mean like the views are incredible going to show you in a second and I hope you guys enjoy just lose to around Cape Town saw some good spots so you know where to go when you come visit your free recommend you guys good Cape Town on your bucket list it is so beautiful I'm so happy I came so yeah what a great morning yeah only salary cameras lemon and Korean artists so I'm having an acai bowl for lunch something super refreshing on a hot day so I just got back from the beach had a nice little swim and got some sunshine I really loved that the water is super cold here like some people find it too cold but I find it so refreshing so many so yeah I'm quickly gonna exchange and then I'm actually gonna meet a girl I met on Instagram and we gonna go food shopping and do a little beach picnic I'm traveling alone this time and I every recommend you guys to at least do like one trip alone in your life ones is you are forced to meet people you're more open to get to know other people and it's just teaches you a lot about yourself too so I really enjoyed it I was actually not gonna lie I was a bit unsure if I should go here no and also because everyone in Europe tells you like a tourist so unsafe it is like not the same space but you just need to be careful in certain areas and avoid certain areas at night and stuff so yeah if you if you keep that in mind and stay in a safe occasionally I feel really safe and I thought I'd give you a quick tour off the Airbnb I rented so yeah sometimes I prefer to stay on Airbnb because you get more of a local experience and you don't live like a tourist so I really love that and sometimes I collaborate with hotels so depending on what I do but right now so in Cape Town I just came like more as an adventure trip not so much for work but I always like work on the side so you do my videos I do my Instagram I do my collaborations with brands for Instagram and things like that so the lucky thing about my work is that I can do it from anywhere so yeah I'm really really grateful for that because I think it's just the best thing that you can literally work from anywhere give you a quick tour of my every beat so here is my cozy bed it's not super big but it's just perfect for what I needed so okay excuse the mess but it's actually an organized mess so I yeah my boyfriend would hate to see that oh okay here we have a little kitchen table a little kitchen er what do we have in the fridge we've got some cute little pineapples some watermelon and some veggies and oh my god those days are anything I already had some it was so good and yeah here is the entrance and here is my little bathroom so super excited to meet a new friend now basically everyone I hang out with here I didn't know before except like one person so yeah this is weird so this is my view on the way to see point how nice is it just met my lovely friend I was talking about and she said something super sweet so we've got to do this well thank you so one mango is literally 40 cents so those are the purpose food potatoes I eat here there's so and what did you get for dinner fortunately everything's right here and the perfect end to the day we are doing a little picnic on the beach brought some fruits just a little pre-dinner snack I loved Tiffani's it's such a dream – that's right here so my dinner tonight is very simple I was craving a Big Sandy salad so ya got lots of greens the avocados avocados here are amazing like I don't know if you can really see but they're so rich in flavor and cherry tomatoes bell peppers you know as always roasting some sweet potatoes incredible I feel like you've seen my salad most so many times but I just wanna be like you know very transparent and honest and so you want to eat and I just love to have at least like one super central meal of the day and you know it'll be like a nice dinner and sentence so my dinner is ready I made a big salad and then I also made those really nice shiitake mushrooms with cherry tomatoes and asparagus and they just sauteed them in a bit of vegetable stock those are the mushrooms I used their sun-dried from Capetown they look really nice got everything at the farmers market I love to have a candle actually wherever I go so yeah I bought this the first day arrived to make it a little more cozy and it's really relaxing so when I join you do not know and what I love to do I take the salad like this and make a little salad boat wrap and football it ingredients and sage and eat it like this so tasty yummy and those are my roasted sweet potatoes very generous my bad there is so good oh my god and yeah I roast them with nothing edit and they turn out so so soft and sweet and super yummy I always need something sweet after dinner so so having some dates as my post dinner snack having a cheese bone and uploading a new youtuber those are really good they like got a green juice after my workout this is only celery cucumber and I'm gonna I already had the quarter of a big watermelon and now I'm having some golden Kiwis they're so yummy and compared to Europe they're so cheap here as well and one more smoothie go before a least hick town this is a berry Bowl though make strawberries banana raspberry steak salmon mousse this is so tasty so refreshing and oh my god I could just eat some of your bows forever so good I also ordered an avocado toast my favorite things and they have fresh soda bread here which you know favorite friends having a vegan Snickers so I really tried just couple of times here it's so good so and in other creatures this seriously tastes like a really curse if not even better I just got back from my meet up on the beach and one girl brought me a present so sweet so she made some dates energy ball and said here thanks for the integration so I thought it was really cute and so nice and I had so much fun meeting them so I'm gonna try this out and it was really nice meeting them I had so much fun I always loved to meet you guys so yeah whenever you see me please come and say hi I really love to connect with you guys and like this is the best advantage of social media so gonna try those now Thank You Kim mm-hmm okay shout out to Kim for your amazing big balls it's my second one already so they're really good hmm maybe wanna send me a recipe


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