Candidates Age, Health Questioned At Democratic Debate | MSNBC


  1. it is so sad that these 5 stooges know nothing about the candidates except age.

  2. You dems are Soooooo stupid. None of these losers will be nominated to run against Trump.

  3. Democrats are old 😂🤣

  4. Idc I still voting for Bernie

  5. BS Bernie attack, stop the smearing, stop the ageism.

  6. Biden and Sanders waaaaaaaaay too old. Elizabeth Warren cheated to get into college, so, no, way too corrupt

  7. " I haven't seen so many losers on stage since the Nuremberg trials"!

  8. I wonder what Roosevelt would think about health concerns as a president…😂🤣😂🤣👉👌

  9. " we have nothing to actually talk about until the actual election so here is just random stats and opinions!!!"

  10. Dinosaur convention

  11. 2016 all over, remember how all the MSM is focusing on Bernie's age. They make it easier for Trump to win 😠😠

  12. Heart attacks: Sure Bernie survive a minor heart attack and was fixed up by a stent. On the other hand people also do drop dead on the spot from heart attacks. Many people don’t fair well after a stroke and Bernie/Sanders could have a stroke….

  13. Booooomer msnbc go kys

  14. Imagine how lit this country will be when all the boomers die and we can finally have our Hitler

  15. Trump has 2020 in the bag. Thanks Dimocrats

  16. Um Nicole how long has sanders been around? Why do you just claim Biden which would be a horrible choice. Why is Biden get to the most about wisdom. Bernie is the hardest working 79 year old I’ve ever seen.

  17. Not one American Flag. Why? Self explanatory. But look they use the round circle of stars. This equals European Union = One World Order= Globolism. Wake up Democrates your party has sold out. No longer for America. They want power to make the United States under a one world order.

  18. pundits babble, voters decide.

  19. None of them are too old

  20. Forget age. It's irrelevant!
    This is already over!!!
    As an independent voter, when the Dems raised their hands at the earlier debate to
    support free health care for illegals – and while so many American families
    like mine are struggling to pay higher premiums and deductibles bec. of
    Obamacare – Trump was right then and there re-elected!!! The American people
    are not going to stand for free health care for illegals!!!

  21. I love Warren's enthusiasm. Such an intelligent remarkable woman. She will have my vote!

  22. Younger. We need a younger president, and younger congress. "Times" have Changed, in exponential ways. It is not 1950; this is a global, interconnected, digital century. A new age. There's no time to wait around for the past age to fade. You don't need to leap forward; we are there Now. Times changed.

  23. Bernie has a faster mind than most 20 year olds.

  24. LOVED Tulsi's response. Stop obsessing with age.

  25. This is not news

  26. Lol. So glad I cut the cord and watch The Hill’s Rising with Krystal Ball and Saagar. #SelfCare #Bernie2020

  27. This segment is gross.

  28. Hahah be very afraid of Bernie Sanders you disgusting mainstream media smear merchants. #Bernie2020 <3

  29. The fake news attacking bernie. Well he will be president 2020. MSNBC did say trump was going to loose according to polls. Lol

  30. Hey MSNBC Bernie reached a historical 1 million individual donors, only candidate to do so, fastest to reach that total ever in history. 99.5 % of those people can donate again, he has 3X the number of donors from Obama to Trump voter than the next 3 candidate combined, he's leading or tied in every single primary state, is also the top donor count in Michigan, Wisconsin, Pennsylvania. Beats Trump in 49 – 50 polls, some in double digits. Broadest most diverse coalition of any candidate. This is peoples movement. Bernie Sanders 2020

  31. I love to see how you lefties squirm when your beloved fake news false smears your favorite candidate. You're finally getting it. They've been doing this to Trump10x for the last 3 years and you wonder why we hate MSLIB,CNN etc..

  32. Tulsi is so amazing, people are really missing it. Her response was incredibly creative and intelligent with her back against the wall. Seriously, her response to this was very outstanding.

  33. Notice Tulsi does not choose John McCain

  34. Humanity has an extremely long history of revering it's elders, not sure why this is a problem. MSNBC, your biased coverage of Sen. Sanders is consistently on display. You never cover him favorably.

  35. Cheney had his first of FIVE heart attacks when he was 37 and he was VP for eight years. Whatever.

  36. guys, if either bernie or biden get into the the whitehouse, they can keep elizabeth with them to wipe their rear end..

  37. This is such a joke. The term "analysis" in the media should be switched with "sales pitch", because that's what they are.

  38. LOL. You guys are so sad. So pathetic. But please, PLEASE keep it up. I can’t get enough of you all, it’s the best!

  39. “Slightly younger” !!! Gosh you guys are really just…ahhh…you guys are the future

  40. "Ukrainian controversy" was created in 2014 by Comrades Obama/ Biden, Pelosi and Clinton when their Jewish Asst Secratary Victoria Nuland was secretly approved to spend $5 Billion of the US taxpayers' money “to Subvert Ukraine" back into the Jewish hands of Communists Arsen Yatzenyuk, Petro Poroshenko, Volodymir Groysman, and currently Volodymir Zalensky. Ukrainian rebels were trained in Poland (NATO member), and the military coup in Ukraine took place.
    Alcohol and drugs addicted Hunter Biden has been making US$1.2 million annually on it.

  41. this is NOT an attack on bernie. its posing valid questions about health and age for these people. NO MATTER WHO…VOTE BLUE!!!!

  42. Bernie 2020!

  43. you forgot to question their sanity

  44. 2:54, no we are NOT the "consumers" here. But that's how they see the world. That thinking is dooming us all. When I buy a soda, I'm a consumer. When I vote, I'm not a consumer. There is a difference, as much as they'd like you to believe otherwise.

  45. Perhaps there should be an age cap on news anchors as well?

    Please watch and SHARE this video
    Blatant, egregious, heinous, continuous smearing of Bernie. Why do you NEVER showcase or inform the American people of the actual legislation that he's written? Interview his supporters? Show film clips of his rallies? Well, we all know the answer. You're worse than Fox. At least they have (had) several reporters who called trump to the carpet and actually hosted a Bernie town hall. And working class republicans cheered him.

  47. MSDNC

  48. That's a demanding job. With age comes physical endurance decline. Mentally you are just as sharp as you were in your youth. I like all three top candidates. I just would like to see a 40 ish or 50 ish prez. But hey, the prez works from home so alot of people do that nowadays. 😋

  49. Mayor Pete is my favorite. He is so well spoken. He's kind and smart.

  50. I hope we'll get another President Reagan personality equivalent. He was funny and factual as a speech giver.

  51. Age is relative. How you take care of your health is a major factor. At 70 Warren is at her peak. Biden shows clear signs of brain senility, Bernies brain seems fully capable but his physique looks pretty run down. Just my opinions based on what I see with my own eyes.

  52. MSNBC is disgusting and has been attempting to smear Bernie from day one. Pathetic news source

  53. butigege for the rich

  54. I dont care about age.

  55. Peddle this Ageist bs elsewhere

  56. I bet they polled people over the age of 50 to skew the results.

  57. I think these polls crystallize how stupid Americans are.

  58. they talk about a poll – but never says how many ppl were asked, are they rich or poor, are urban or rural, how many from each age bracket.
    how the polls were done online / phone/ face to face
    thus these polls sounds bs. thus these news reports mentioning polls which supports that channel's political position – they do not like sandars – it is clear from their previous reporting – can not be taken with any kind of trust. and news ppl are not fools. they are educated. but they are lowering their own status in society by going with these corruption. and also contributing in the culture of distrust. come clean state everything clearly, a little biasedness is not wrong, is only human, but do not be shameless like trump – shamelessness destroys faith in humanity.

  59. #NeverVoteDemokratAgain

  60. Berniiiieeeee ❤️❤️❤️

  61. YANG 2020.

  62. Bernie did great for the amount of time they gave him. I don’t understand how people continue to support Biden. He’s a mumbling mess most of the time he speaks

  63. bernie2020

  64. We want Joe Biden! Joe is the man! Down with Bernie!

  65. I remember this guy from the 2016 polls. He did such a good job predicting the Hillary landslide lol. Trump 2020

  66. Bernie is too old.

  67. BERNIE/TULSI 2020!!!

  68. Bernie should be old enough to know socialism doesn't work. So he is either senile or stupid. Hidden is an out and out fool who is senile and Warren is a liar who thinks she is Cherokee. All of the candidates want to not help the American people but give away our tax dollars and rights to foreign invaders.

  69. There needs to be an age requirement, 65 and up should need not apply.

  70. Hands down, Trump won this debate.

  71. What's with these Democratic bums? everything they oversee, in charge of, run or manage is junk. Look at this Butt…something…whatever his name is….Look at his city in Indiana…the death toll with crimes and murder has doubled since he took over. Do your job, do it well and then get promoted like the rest of us. They all stink!!! every single Democrap running for office! They're so oblivious to reality they think they can just go about life doing absolutely nothing and using their big fat mouths cashing in on empty promises. Those days are over and while the general public has been ignorant…a little uneducated and overall a bit stupid…c'mon let's admit it folks…most of you are still a bit dim witted…Thankfully, those days have come to an end! Show us the skills, successes, accomplishments and the awesome things you have "done" not "could do" …We as voters should have difficulty sifting through awesomeness, not 5h1t! You all stink…good bye

  72. Every MSNBC segment devolves into a Biden endorsement.

  73. After the debate last night, all the candidates got a participation trophy

  74. Lol you guys are pathetic- can you talk about his support from small donors? Popularity among all demographics? Policy positions? Nope. You are going to give us trump again.

  75. Ignorant people are obsessed with beating Donald Trump. Smart people are obsessed with what and whom is best for our future, our families, our children, and our grandchildrens well being. "Andrew Yang".

  76. Bernie or bust the working poor the real working class doesn't care about age

  77. Lol Biden is speaking in Tongues and MSNBC thinks Bernie can't do the job. I'm so surprised!

  78. Stop. Being. Ageist.

  79. This is a good reminder that any attack on Bernie’s age is bs because Biden is only a year younger.

  80. If there’s not a law for an age limit then it shouldn’t be a factor.

  81. Why is Brian Williams still on TV?

  82. Ok… thank u for proving that media loves to smear Bernie. Now I will unsubscribe and stopwatching MSNBC ever again. Fake news

  83. I trust Bernie to select a more than competent running mate, come of this crap. Bernie is the most genuine by far.

  84. So wise that he didn’t understand his son making $50,000 a month in a foreign country that he looked over while Vice President wasn’t a good look.. 🙄🙄 that woman that said that is out there.

  85. MSNBC are liars
    Fake news fake polls

  86. Have they polled their creepiness yet?

  87. Why didn't they speak Spanish. They lost my vote

  88. That tie or glasses or something about this guy makes this guy look like a gameshow host

  89. Get down were taking sniper fire on set…….

  90. Vote for Trump or vote for communism. …

  91. Just came here to give a middle finger to msnbc

  92. VP of MSNBC held fundraiser for Biden and helped him get millions. He is using MSNBC to promote Biden and smear the other candidates.

  93. The reason the numbers is inflated bc of constant corporate media smearing about his age and making a big issue where this isn't one. I'm voting for Bernie because of his policies, VP, cabinet selection, and most important power in which it is Commander of Chief.

  94. Wow at last MNSCB find a poll where Bernie leads, fascinating stuff. Also Bernie gets a warm welcome from Erin in the debate. Are you up to the job. You can also say. Wow mr Sanders, you,looking good after two weeks and condolence with your daughter in law.
    Maybe anyone can do a nice polling which network mention heart atack ths most in a topic.

  95. Does anyone else remember how excited they were for the polls that showed Hillary winning by a landslide? 😒

  96. Wheres the news about the squad endorsing Bernie ???

  97. ya just gotta get a young VP for that just in case 😉

  98. BERNIE ALL THE WAY 2020 screw these shills.

  99. Go Bernie!

  100. Age?! WTF! Not a word about policy on a news channel. MSNBC is disgusting 🤢

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